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How to make a compelling home page to increase website clicks

Have you been on a blind date before? Do you still remember how you started scouting for the new person whom you will be dating with? Were you laying standards? Can you still recall how much you wished for the … read more

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3 Must-Have Plugins to Keep your WordPress Site On-trend

Companies, organizations, groups and individual enthusiasts have already followed the trend. They have gone online and this started creating a big buzz about what they can offer to their target markets or audience. They have reached more people and they … read more

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Infographic: The Web Development Process

The website of your company is an important marketing tool. Why? Your website is the first thing that your prospective clients will see. Most often, these clients will eventually decide to purchase your products or avail of your services if … read more

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The Benefits of Hiring a Web Design company

An enterprise’s web design is the face of the company that it presents to its online audience. When a prospective customer hears about your product from another marketing media, he or she would normally search and explore your website in … read more

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Tips to Consider on the Usability of Your Web Design

As much as the users and prospective customers or clients of the company appreciates a visually-pleasing website, a web design’s overall aesthetics still holds the top priority in the qualities that a website must have. It really would not mean … read more

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How to Find a Great Team to Perfect the Design of Your Website

Finding a great team of web developers and designers to perfect your website design is highly critical. After all, they are the ones who will be creating the online face of your company, and they are responsible for creating your … read more

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Website usability pertains to the ease with which users use or navigate through the website. In much simpler terms, website usability is about making your website as ‘user-friendly’ as possible. A website’s user-friendliness is gauged with how easily it is … read more

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Colors demand an effect over people’s emotions and behaviors. When picking out clothes, a certain color gets our attention right away in contrast to rather flashy and eccentric ones – unless they’re the colors we roll with. When we purchase … read more

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5 Common Misconceptions About Web Design

People have so many misconceptions about web design. Such misconceptions arise due to the lack of knowledge on how things work or could be because of the seemingly dynamic developments in technology and the internet. Web developers and designers start … read more

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How Web Design Affects Your SEO Campaign

The moment we click on a link and are diverted to a website, the first thing we usually notice is the aesthetics of the web design. As lay persons, we often think that web design is intended only to beautify … read more

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