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Did you know that the first McDonald’s restaurant opened in Des Plaines, Illinois? More than that, did you know Illinois is also the home of Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, Sears, Walgreen and Motorola?

affordable website!

for small businesses in Illinois

  • By professional web designers
  • Free mock-ups, no commitment
  • Free logo design with revisions
  • Very fast, you get daily updates
  • Affordable service rates
  • Research and copywriting included
  • Non-recurring fee, website is all yours

Because of all this and more, Illinois metropolitan cities such as Chicago, Springfield, Aurora, Rockford and Joliet experience an economic boom. There are job opportunities to be had in manufacturing, information technology, agriculture, import and export, and even the arts. And where there is efficient circulation of finances, citizens are willing to spend and businesses big and small continue to thrive.

Business opportunities await in Illinois, but for newcomers, difficulties lie ahead. Even with established businesses and agencies, there is still competition to deal with. You will have to battle it out when it comes to quality goods and services, and of course, gathering attention towards your company or establishment. You will have to convince a fickle populace to buy your wares or hire your services. You will need to get your company the exposure it deserves.

Advertising is a form of promotion in which you call attention to your products or services in order to encourage sales. If you see the neon sign telling you to “Eat at Joe’s”, or a poster announcing a concert in town, that’s advertising.

Conventional forms of advertising include print advertising, such as those you see in newspapers, magazines and classified ads; radio advertising, such as announcements and commercials heard on the radio; TV advertising, such as TV commercials and infomercials; and more recently, Online Advertising, which is using the Internet or the World Wide Web to promote a product or service.

Online advertising has become all the rage with companies and businesses in Illinois, as well as the rest of the world. Practically all of the Fortune 500 companies in Illinois have their own custom website developed, which is the most recommended form of online advertising. Advantages of having a custom web design include:

  • Easy access to and from potential customers and clients. People can easily view your products through a website customized for your business. Customers will know more about your company, and even send feedback and messages. Traditional advertising can’t do the same since it only produces one-way communication – giving a message. A custom web design does more by opening an avenue to exchange messages with your customer; and you don’t even have to meet them in person.
  • Wider exposure. With so many people logging into the internet every day, it’s impossible not to get in touch with a potential customer through your custom web design. You might even acquire a client outside of Illinois! The exposure you can achieve through a website is a multifold of possibilities.
  • Added credibility. If you present your company on the website using the notable reputation you already hold in the real world, you give out contact information and other pertaining facts regarding your business. This makes your customers (and future customers) trust you.

Now that you know the advantages of having a custom website designed for your Illinois business, the problem is creating one. You probably think that something that is so diverse and brings so many advantages should cost you a lot. You might be thinking you can develop your own custom web design on your own. Unless you have a thorough knowledge in website development, your best option would be to hire professional services. This will save you time, energy and resources. The faster you can get your custom web design online, the better you can expand your market range. So where do you begin?

Illinois Custom Web Design

This is where Proweaver can help you. We are a custom web design company specializing in the creation of business, company and organization websites. We have had years of experience developing websites for several companies, not just in Illinois. From businesses and companies big and small, we provide service at reasonable and affordable prices. Our quality is maintained and we take pleasure in satisfying one client after another with every new custom designed website launched into the World Wide Web.

Proweaver offers a cost-effective custom web design package, which includes:

  • A unique website domain name (
  • Well-written content and articles for the different web pages
  • Graphics, website layout, and color scheme which reflects your company
  • A fully functional, SEO Compatible website

Unlike other web development service providers, Proweaver does not charge an upfront fee. We make everything transparent for you so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for the value you invest.

We guarantee that there are no hidden charges or monthly fees. For your Company in Illinois, we offer purely custom web development services.

However, if you wish to make changes every now and then, we have maintenance services for your website at low monthly rates.

Jump into the website bandwagon for your Illinois business with Proweaver. We’re just a call away.

Proweaver and the power of a custom-built website

Proweaver is home to an experienced team of web content writers, layout and graphics designers, as well as web programmers who have worked together in the creation of custom-designed websites for small and medium-sized businesses all over the state.

Come and forge a partnership with us as we move on to the new dawn of a digital era. Advertise online with Proweaver. Every city you conquer online with your custom designed website will be yours!
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