Custom Web Design for Religious Organizations

Improve Your Religious Organization’s Website in 10 Ways

Do you already have an existing website for your religious organization but think that it can still be made better? Making improvements to your webpage is definitely possible through the following ways.

  1. Reduce page load times.

    Nobody wants to stare at a blank page trying to load. A member of your religious organization or someone interested in becoming part of the group would want to get the website fast.

    While slow Internet connection can also cause a page to load slowly, how your custom web design operates is also a factor. Page load times can be reduced by making sure that the codes used are clean and correct. Additionally, optimizing the images you use for each page can help.

  2. Improve website navigation.

    A good custom web design for religious organizations is easily navigable. Every user should have an easy time finding the information they need each time they visit your website. Navigation within the page and between the pages of the website should be simple and easy.

    The number of clicks it takes for users to find what they need should be limited to 2 to 3 at most. Details with the most weight in terms of relevance should be at the top page and prominently featured.

  3. Ensure clear messaging in the landing page.

    When your users reach the landing page of your website, do they know that they are in a religious organization’s page? Do they know what you do just by looking at the website?

    See to it that the message of your website is clear. The landing page should already give the users an idea as to where they are. The use of legible fonts and font sizes will also help keep the message clear.

  4. Use descriptive headings or buttons.

    Personalize the headings. Let your visitors know what you want them to do. For instance, if you want them to submit a prayer request, use a heading or button that says so. As much as possible, do not give the users a hard time trying to figure out what a button is for or what is included in a certain page.

  5. Opt for galleries instead of carousels.

    Photos and images portraying group activities and more are typically included in a custom web design for religious organizations. You might be among those that use carousels to display these photos. While using a carousel is good aesthetic-wise, its functionality and effectiveness in keeping the interest of your users may not be that good.

    The problem with carousels is that most users will only get to see the first image. They most likely won’t spend time to click through the images up until the last one. As a result, those images with great impact which are arranged last will be missed.

    Instead of carousels, why not opt for galleries? A gallery places all images in one page. Users just have to scroll up or down to check the photos out.

  6. Set up a team page.

    Many users want to know who the team behind the religious organization is. It will be great to include a team page in the custom web design. The page can just include photos of the team, what they do in relation to organizational activities and how potential members can contact them.

  7. Make it compatible with mobile phones.

    Nowadays, phones have already become a necessity. Most people access the Internet using their phones. It makes sense to make your website compatible with mobile phones. This way, users will not have to go to their laptops or desktop computers just to check for religious events or due dates for tithes. They can easily view them on their phones anywhere, anytime.

  8. Invite others to sign up to your newsletter.

    A newsletter helps you spread your religious beliefs and teachings to your members. You can send out monthly newsletters detailing how the members can strengthen their faith, making the organization strong in unity.

    Do not forget to invite others to sign up to your newsletter. The form should be short, only asking for a few info from the users. Help make signing up easy, not time-consuming. See to it that you will create newsletters and send them out on a regular basis. Otherwise, if your users think that you are not active, they may opt out of the newsletters.

  9. Make your content concise.

    Online users want instant access to the information they need. They do not want to go through a long paragraph. They usually just skim through the content to find important details.

    A long paragraph can turn your visitors off. Make your website’s content as short and as concise as possible. If there is a need to put a lot of information, make sure to break long paragraphs into short ones.

  10. Don’t forget about SEO.

    Search engine optimization or SEO is also a crucial part of custom web design. SEO helps current and potential members find your religious organization’s website online. Use keywords that are relevant to what you do. Put these keywords into the site’s content.

  11. Proweaver is experienced in handling requests for custom web design for religious organizations. We understand how you wish to fulfill your mission of evangelizing to other people. We help you out through the establishment of your organization’s presence on the Internet. Call us to get started!