10 WordPress Plugins That Are Essential to SEO

10 WordPress Plugins That Are Essential to SEO

10 WordPress Plugins That Are Essential to SEO

Having custom designed websites for various businesses is considered to be essential in today’s world. Due to technological advancements, business owners are able to market their products or services online. Going this route of marketing proves to be less of a hassle as well as cost-effective than opting for traditional marketing.

Designing a website can be tricky. Web designers study and use their expertise to be able to complete a website that is both functional and appealing. Most business owners hire these designers to create their website. But, not all business owners are financially capable to do so.

As such, they resort to WordPress, a content management system or CMS. WordPress allows individuals, especially the beginners, to build their websites on their own. They do not require to learn coding in a very technical way. Doing so will only mean spending a lot of time learning the fundamental basics of coding up to the complicated ones.

Plugins make the work even easier for those who opt to use WordPress in creating their web pages. There are also a lot of available WordPress plugins that individuals can make use of to make website building as easy as possible. These plugins have different features and offer different advantages. Listed below are the 10 essential WordPress plugins which can be used to build and improve your company’s website. Check out which of these plugins you have been using or the ones you have been missing out and should be using from now on.

  1. Yoast SEO

    Yoast SEO is a comprehensive plugin and tool that offers a comprehensive solution for the SEO concerns of business owners, most especially for beginners in SEO. No wonder this is a popular plugin that many users download. With this plugin, studying in-depth SEO is not really necessary. It gives you analytics, keyword usage, meta tags, descriptions, and more.

  2. Constant Contact

    This plugin is best for those who need to come up with a mailing list in an easy manner. This plugin enables you to send emails to the subscribers of your mailing list. Setting Constant Contact up is relatively easy and quick. At the same time, it also features a user-friendly platform which makes it an easy tool to navigate for beginners.

  3. BackupBuddy

    One of the many important things that you should do for your website is to have a backup. You surely do not want all of your data, which you may have tirelessly worked on for several months, to be lost in an instant just because of a software attack or human error. BackupBuddy serves as the perfect solution for a security plugin. You can restore files in just a few clicks with this plugin.

  4. MaxCDN

    You should always take a look at the page load time of your website. This affects the traffic to your page. Most visitors are not patient enough to wait for the whole page to load. So, to shorten the page load time, you can use the plugin MaxCDN. This is most especially beneficial for those websites with images as well as static content.

  5. Buffer

    Social media is a crucial part of online marketing. If you have a website for your company, it will be best to link it with your social media accounts. In this case, you need to post contents to update these accounts. Buffer allows you to do just that with pre-determined schedules for posting which you can modify according to your own time schedules.

  6. CSS Hero

    The visual appearance of any website that uses WordPress is heavily dependent on CSS. Learning how to use CSS just to change the themes for your own company’s visual appearance can be tedious. CSS Hero can help you modify your chosen theme with ease. It also takes a shorter period of time since you do not have to write codes.

  7. SEMRush

    Knowing how your competitors are faring with regards to keywords, the SEO will give you an advantage over them. Using SEMRush enables you to determine which keywords your competitors are using and how these words are doing in terms of ranking. Organic traffic and even paid keywords can even be checked.

  8. BirchPress

    BirchPress is a useful plugin for those business owners who require appointments to be scheduled easily by the page visitors. This plugin gives your website visitors to easily schedule their appointments and pays for them. The BirchPress plugin will be essential for those with businesses where personal consultations or face-to-face interactions may be necessary.

  9. Broken Link Checker

    The Broken Link Checker plugin allows you to manage the content of your website easily. Most of the time, these broken links can affect the SEO rankings of your page so minimizing, if not eliminating, them will surely result to a great boost to such rankings. This plugin easily detects links that are broken which you can then modify or delete.

  10. MonsterInsights

    For any website that uses WordPress, the best plugin tool that you can use for Google Analytics is MonsterInsights. This plugin helps you know the type of people who visit your website. It will also give you an idea as to their preferences and purpose of visiting your website. As a result, you can improve your page accordingly.

10 WordPress Plugins That Are Essential to SEO

WordPress is the easiest and most popular CMS or content management system available. Plugins make it even easier for beginners to create a website design for e-commerce and more. While the 10 plugins listed above are essential for SEO, there are also other tools available on the Internet that can help you in improving your website, increasing your online traffic, and giving you an effective outcome for your digital marketing strategy.

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