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3 Must-Have Plugins to Keep your WordPress Site On-trend

3 Must-Have Plugins to Keep your WordPress Site On-trend

Companies, organizations, groups and individual enthusiasts have already followed the trend. They have gone online and this started creating a big buzz about what they can offer to their target markets or audience. They have reached more people and they have become accessible to any person all over the world. All thanks to WordPress.

But the buzz shall not end at the mere fact of making your information available to the whole humanity. You should touch their lives, serve the purpose you committed to and make the change you have aimed for. So you should upgrade your website users’ experience through leveling up the whole of your website design.

And you can successfully do this with the help of Proweaver.

Let’s know the basics about Plugins.

The core essence of WordPress to its clients is to provide them with lean and lightweight designs for a navigable website- one which has great flexibility but less code bloat. This is made possible through the use of Plugins.

Plugins are methods to increase and enhance the functionality that already exists in WordPress. These can oftentimes be easily downloaded through several sources in the internet; some are for free but others are for fee. Default plugins are also included in WordPress core like Akismet which helps a client stave off comment spam and automatically deletes junk comments.

What plugins should you have?

Honestly, you can apply numerous plugins for your website as different types of such improves the performance of your website in a particular sphere. Nevertheless, the following plugins are the most essential ones which every WordPress owner has to remember- may you be engaged in business or not.

1.Social Sharing

Social media marketing is in. In fact, it has proven to be effective and efficient to every organization which adopts this advertising strategy. If you are observant enough, you would be conscious that every person, natural or artificial, has social media accounts, especially a Facebook account.

This specific type of marketing has demonstrated benefits to both the business owner and its social media accounts visitors. For business owners, social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are easy means to announce promos, discounts or other special events. On the other hand, clients get readily informed and guided through following the posts of these business owners on social media.

Using WordPress can be tricky. Yes, it will enable you to put a link of your social media accounts on your website for convenience of visitors and further marketing; but sometimes, it just doesn’t work out the way you have actually imagined it to work. Thus, you would need a plugin which would enhance your WordPress’ social sharing.

There is a suitable social sharing plugin for every WordPress client. Among the hundreds of plugins over the internet, the following have already proven their worth and are strongly recommended by successful website owners.

  • Social Warfare
  • Monarch
  • Sumo Share
  • WP Social Sharing
  • Sumo Image Sharer
  • Simple Share Buttons Adder


Websites need to be clean and neat to look at. This is the key to catch the attention of your page visitors and to guide them to whatever page you want them to land.
But how will you make it clean-looking when you need to infuse as much information about you as possible within a single page to accurately brief your users of what you can offer to them?
The answer is through the use of various bar plugins. The top action bar plugins recommended by WordPress experts in making your website on trend are:

  • Notification Bar
  • Easy Heads Up Bar
  • Speed Contact Bar
  • Mail Contact Bar
  • Duplicate Post
  • Floating Social Bar
  • Popups, Welcome Bar, Optins and Lead Generation Plugins- Icegram

3.Video and Image

How else can you relay your message to your website visitors than through brief, concise and accurate contents?
Expressing what you have to offer through your website could be tricky. Contents shall never be flawed or insufficient. You always have to share everything you have that can immediately pique the interest of your target audience. And this is possible not just through words but also through images and videos.

Although pictures are easier to understand, these may also be the reasons why code bloat occurs- which further results to slow loading. So image and video plugins like the ones listed below exist:

  • Media Grid
  • Video Gallery WordPress Plugin with YouTube and Vimeo
  • Fancy Gallery
  • Thumbnail Gallery
  • Easy Rotator
  • Meteor Slides
  • Soliloquy Lite
  • WOW Slider
  • Captain Slider
  • PhotoMosaic
  • Justified Image Grid
  • Fluid Video Embeds

Now that you already have a grasp of the opportunities which you can easily grab for your expansion and growth, when are you going to create your own custom web design? When will you begin to touch the lives of people through online marketing whom you have not even imagined to reach before? Ask us how!

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