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3 Ways on How to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

3 Ways on How to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Majority of consumers trust brands that have been the talk of the town – brands that have been recommended by people themselves as trustworthy and of quality. ‘Word-of-mouth’ or sometimes considered as people’s testimonials is quite a stronger form of advertisement compared to others which is why you see snippets of testimonials in a section of various websites usually from current clients. But testimonials have to be from people who are considered as thought leaders – people who are influential and who have amassed a huge following in their personal social media or online accounts. These thought leaders are more commonly tagged as influencers. If you have noticed, various brands take on artists or celebrities as main models or campaign ambassadors for their brand. This is a form of influencer marketing – using a celebrity’s or famous personality’s influence to market a certain brand. But influencers need not to be celebrities at all times. Sometimes, it is much better to have an influencer that already has built a reputation of that someone who has a reliable say on things – in this case, a say on the market or industry you are in. There are various ways in creating a successful influencer marketing campaign depending on the market and the established goals of the company for a certain campaign. Regardless of the market and the goals though, these 3 steps should be the way to go to deploy a successful influencer marketing strategy as a product or service campaign:

1. Identify and Know Your Key Influencers

There are so many influencers out there that you have to take note of them in a list. Determine which influencers have a say in the market you are targeting. If you already have the list, engage with these influencers – know the various ways in which they roll. Do they do blogs, vlogs, social media postings, or editorials in newspapers and magazines?

2. Trim Down Your List of Key Influencers – Get the best one!

In this case, you can’t have them all. You have to choose the best voice there is to tell people about your brand. You have already spoken with them and have seen them in action. Pick out the person who can best represent you and your business. Pick someone who already has shown so much potential to be your brand ambassador. It may seem better to have various people to be the voices of the company but it is actually a great strategy to only have one voice.

3. Organize your new campaign around your key influencer.

You already know everything about your key influencer. Your main task now is to organize a campaign that reflects the voice and tone of the influencer. Make use of the type of content they usually use or engage with. The campaign is more effective if it seems legit enough to really have come from the influencer rather than forcing a campaign that is not the influencer’s thing at all.

3 Ways on How to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing may seem quite fun to do yet there are so many other things you have to consider aside from getting an influencer to market your brand – there is a need to come up with additional online marketing and social media marketing tactics that will support your influencer marketing. For existing website designs, there may be a need of a custom web design to include the influencer in the website itself. It is not an easy task but you need not do it alone – let Proweaver, a web development company help you out.

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