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5 Awesome Ways to do SEO

5 Awesome Ways to do SEO

We’re almost through 2016. We’ve been given one whole year to work on our online strategies and we’ve amassed knowledge on various ways on how we can place our brand on top. But have we really made a huge difference online? We might have been able to tweak the stats a little bit upscale but we all know that as the online world is dynamic, we need to step up our game more on the web.

Before we meet the New Year, let us all expect a whole new set of changes in how digital marketers will put on their A-game in doing what they are best at – online marketing. As more and more online platforms become bigger each year and other strategies start to keep pace, digital marketers have worked their brains out to not stay behind.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO remains to be every marketer’s number one priority in order to make it big on the web. There are billions of searches made online and with proper SEO techniques backing your site; you will find a surge of relevant traffic coming in, your brand getting known all for the good reasons, and a growing huge following for your business.
SEO’s value in the world of online marketing and social media marketing will remain to be on top for many years to come. To be able to meet 2017 with a bang, here are five (5) awesome ways to do SEO:

1. Mobile Optimization

It is very crucial for every business or organization website to be mobile-friendly. The online population is now everywhere, on their desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, phablets and mobile phones. As majority is on the go, mobile phones have become the device commonly used to access the World Wide Web. If your websites are not optimized for mobile usage, you will further be pulled down the ranks as Google now has considered mobile-friendliness as a factor in ranking searches. Try accessing your website on your mobile phone. Is your website design mobile-friendly?

2. Make Use of Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools are a set of tools provided by both Google and Bing in order for developers and SEO specialists to check whether the technical aspects of the site contribute to its on-site-optimization or is it dragging it down the drain instead. Register now to be able to use these tools. They’re absolutely free! By using these tools, you’ll be able to check your site’s speed, and have access to suggestions that will optimize your website’s pages.

3. Create Relevant and Amazing Content

How will you transform unique visits into regular visits? Regularly update your website with astounding articles. Give your visitors a reason to keep on coming back to your website. Create content which they find useful and which they would love to read more of. Your content should be one that is of relevance to your business, a recognized need by your traffic, and that which simply stands out from similar content found in competitor websites. Present your content in various ways. Do not rely on blog articles too much. Put your content in videos, infographics, comics, posters, and so on. If you change the way you’ve been doing content marketing, expect loads of visits coming in and out of your website in no time.

4. Benefit-Focused Content

When you type in a search, how do you usually formulate your words? When it comes to acne, do you type in “Medicine for Acne” or is more quite similar to “How to lose/treat acne overnight?” Searches are usually outcome focused as we are looking for answers online. Considering this idea on how searches are made by users, make your content ‘benefit-focused’ or ‘outcome-centered’. This type of content is what your audience actually needs or wants. People go over a list of content and see which content really gives them something – tips, techniques, strategies, and so on. When your content is organized based on outcomes, benefits and advantages, they will definitely read it and bookmark it.

5. Make Site Share-friendly

Don’t forget to put share buttons on your pages. Make sure they are highly visible to encourage sharing across various social media platforms. With great and astounding content, they become worth every share made generating more likes, tweets, shares, comments and following. The more presence you have on various online platforms, the higher your rank in search is. An urgent reminder for content marketers though, make sure your meta descriptions are filled in and optimized so that they appear neat, concise, and complete once shared. A content shared with lacking meta descriptions looks awkward and unprofessional.

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