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5 Common Misconceptions About Web Design

5 Common Misconceptions About Web Design
People have so many misconceptions about web design. Such misconceptions arise due to the lack of knowledge on how things work or could be because of the seemingly dynamic developments in technology and the internet. Web developers and designers start out positive and excited as they’re about to begin making a website yet end up frustrated and annoyed when they encounter clients who insist on things that go against their principles and skills as developers and designers. What are the five (5) common misconceptions about web design? How crucial is it to know about these misconceptions? Read them below:

1. Good Results are Instant

Usually, once a website is already deployed and running, business owners think that it will start generating loads of visits and countless of hits online. As business owners consider having a website a means of entering a market with tough competition, they expect it to be a viral among consumers. Getting thousands of visits overnight is impossible. The only way for website owners not to expect such figures is if the development side has set their expectations for them. After all, making a website go viral is a whole new level and a completely different service from website design. Explain to them the process as most of these owners do not have any idea about how website design and development work.

2. Space is Bad

You are now in a meeting with the people who requested for a website to be made by your team. You show them the staging version of the site and hear someone ask out loud, “Can’t we place more pictures or words in that space over there?” Too familiar, right? Most people think that space is bad and that whatever space there is, it should be utilized. Explain to them the concept of minimalism. Usually, they think that the website was rushed as there are so much spaces. Whenever such remarks arise, tell people how the age of glittering, flashy and cluttered websites have gone off the face of the earth. Let them understand the need for websites to go with the latest trend, in this case minimalism, in order for the website to stand out and to perform well.

3. We pay, we call the shots.

As much as we want to avoid people who think that they own us as they paid us to do something, we just can’t even in website development. They paid for it so they’d think they have the right to dictate our every move. Web developers have spent years to equip themselves with the right skills for web development and web design. Business owners have the right to lay out what is it they expect from the website – the visions they have for it, but when it comes to what’s best for the website in terms of best practices and design, the developer team has the last say.

4. It looks easy.

Yes, anyone can create a basic website with online resources made available but not everyone can do it well. There are websites that may look simple but it does not mean that no great amount of work was given to it. More than a decade ago, static websites were the in thing. At present, websites need to be responsive which means twice as much work is needed to develop them. From design and conception to creation and deployment, developers need to consider so many things for the website – the company culture, the company’s vision, the business type, and so many more. Not at all easy, right?

5. Having a Splash Page is Cool.

What are splash pages? Splash pages refer to that initial page users are directed to prior to reaching the actual website. They are sometimes known as flash intro pages. There are still people who think that such pages are cool. We only have 15 seconds to get the attention of our users and the only way we can encourage them to go on and look through the pages of the site is through a captivating content. Instead of wasting people’s time with a splash page, work on a great content instead.

It is very crucial for clients to know about these misconceptions or for developers to be able to explain these misconceptions to their clients in order to keep by the terms of the contract and to establish a harmonious yet professional relationship during the project. On the developer’s side, it is best to understand where your clients are coming from – they only want what’s best for their business. For clients on the other hand, keep in mind that the reason why you’re outsourcing the development of the website is because you lack the manpower, resources and the skills to do so.

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