5 Productivity Hacks for Online Digital Marketers

5 Productivity Hacks for Online Digital Marketers

5 Productivity Hacks for Online Digital Marketers

How can you be any busier? Online digital marketers like you can surely feel the weight of that question. The online world, after all, is a busy world. There’s a netizen from the ends of the earth who goes online every passing second – and that’s just an understatement. Furthermore, online marketers have to find effective ways and techniques to convert these users into a client and regular customer. Is there a way to achieve your marketing goals in the midst of a busy day?

Aside from having a truly efficient custom ecommerce website, the online digital marketer can go above their daily challenges with the personal sense of productivity. That’s right. Be productive. To be productive is a personal decision, with such decision turned by consistent self-discipline.

In our immersed experience as professional web designers for more than a decade now, we’re not privy to the terms and demands of the online market, and still, we come out profitable. Hence, we share the following productivity hacks so your online digital marketing can go a long way:

Time management
Whether you’re on a 9-5 cycle or doing home-based, you only have 24 hours in a day just like everybody else. Arrange your time in the suitable way for your schedule. The key principle is to find the best time of your day and dedicate that to accomplishing urgent and work-related tasks. For instance, if the most active part of your functionality is every morning, get up earlier to take a bath, have breakfast, and prepare for work. By then, you will have a work-ready mindset so that when you face your computer, you’re geared up to finishing the prioritized tasks. Apply similar principle if you’re an afternoon or evening person, or even a midnight person.

Task management
To be productive, you have to be able to accomplish your self-imposed tasks in the designated time frame. Organize a list of tasks according to urgency, priority, and ease. Write the tasks as simple and as achievable as possible. It’s ideal to work on easier and quicker tasks first so that the sense of accomplishment can fuel your motivation to proceed. If you can, put the tasks on a physical notepad which you can actually tick off your list. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for every little accomplishment you do. Are you already making a mental picture of this scene? Good.

E-mail management
It’s a Monday morning and you feel so ready to get many jobs done. Then, you turned on your laptop and clicked on your mailbox. You just received 300 new messages. Is this a familiar scene? Unfortunately, to truly productive people, the bulk of emails don’t just come on Monday mornings. They arrive EVERY morning. And this can be overwhelming. To some people even, this sight can already drain their strength out. That’s why your e-mail needs management so it can’t rob you of productive times. Manage your inbox by using e-mail filters to sift your messages according to your preference (by sender, by topic, or however you prefer). This way, you can read and reply only to those you need to answer back. If you can, get a virtual assistant to do the filtering for you. These assistants can even reply on your behalf and get you to answer only the ones which really need your personal thoughts.

Social media management
As a digital marketer, your social media life has to be alive. However, social media can also be so engaging and time-consuming that if you’re not strong-willed, you can end up just scrolling updates the whole day, achieving practically nothing. Can you relate with this already? Thankfully, there are online social media managers which you can utilize so that you’ll just check on updates in one application. The app can also assist you in doing scheduled posts or automatic replies, as necessary. This way, you can still have online presence but at the same time achieve productivity in your actual marketing tasks.

Personal management
You have no other person to take charge of but yourself. With all the work you do, no matter how much you’re earning, if your body is left unattended, you will lose all your productivity. Then all your effort comes to nothing. Manage yourself, too. Take a break, go eat your lunch, have some coffee, get a power nap. Do the things that will keep you from being sucked into the overwhelming force of busyness. More importantly, don’t lose your connections with your significant relationships. Call up your parents, spouse, children, or whoever is making your heart beat at that moment. Stay inspired because you’re a human after all. Your emotional health is also a requisite in the work you do.

So you see, productivity is not really a walk in the park nor an overnight lottery win. It’s a consistent process of self-discipline until the management needs have become so embedded in your system that these become like the air you breathe. But productivity is a rewarding throne for online digital marketers like you. Your expertise and caliber in the field is depended upon by many businesses. When you’re able to manage your time, tasks, and your life as a whole, many business owners can thrive online. Of course, you benefit the reward as well.

Productivity is also our life-blood at Proweaver. As planners and creators of ecommerce website design, a lot of businesses online rely on the dynamism and efficiency of our custom websites. We’re helping businesses thrive online. We’re empowering enterprises to be more profitable to their online customers. We’re assisting online services to find relevance in the modern requirements of the generation and technology. We know and understand what productivity is. And we believe you can be productive, too. Just keep on believing you can, and don’t quit in every tempting opportunity.

If your online marketing needs website design for ecommerce, you know how to approach us.

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