Website usability pertains to the ease with which users use or navigate through the website. In much simpler terms, website usability is about making your website as ‘user-friendly’ as possible. A website’s user-friendliness is gauged with how easily it is for users to find information, read content and engage with the website through clicks and shares. Furthermore, good usability is magnified with how every nook and corner is optimized for usage – CTAs are obvious and clickable, content is relevant, and paging and sub paging are structured to not put users in a goose-chase all over the website searching for whatever it is they expect the website to provide them.

It is crucial for every web developer, and designer to improve on website usability as it is a good predictor of the website’s survival amidst all similar available resources online. As an owner or developer of a website or a business with a company website, here are five (5) reasons to take note of on why you should improve your website’s usability:

1. Users no longer tolerate poorly structured websites.

As there are so many websites from which users can scour information, they will never waste their time on waiting for a certain website to fully load, nor figuring out how they can get from point A to point B while navigating the site. If your website looks so ugly or confusing to the eyes, expect users to leave the website and search off and go to a new source. Improving usability means knowing and understanding what the users need and making sure these needs are addressed by the website. Therefore, structure your website to fit the needs and tastes of your target market.

2. Users benefit from usability.

When your website has optimal usability, there is a lesser chance for users to get frustrated. They will find engaging with your website a good use of time. They tend to get what they came for – information, details, a good time, etc. Furthermore, they will have another site to add on their list of websites they trust.

3. Businesses benefit from usability.

Businesses or website owners also benefit from usability. When the site is structured for great website usability, there will be lesser time and costs spent over redesign and other kinds of changes. User errors are reduced as well and there is a Return on Investment (ROI) expected.

4. Usability establishes credibility and builds trust for the brand.

There are various levels of risk involved whenever one engages with the internet. This results to apprehensions from the side of the users whenever they encounter a new website. A poorly structured website increases these apprehensions especially if there are error messages and broken links all over the site or if they seem to get lost with every click they make. Users consider a well-structured and beautifully crafted website as credible and worthy of trust. If they get what they came for right away, all their doubts about possible scams and phishing will melt away.

5. Usability + Visual elements = User Experience (UX)

What makes a website click among users is their ability to provide users with great user experience. Make your website standout with divine aesthetics, or simply a design that fits the taste of your chosen market, and a structure that gives them the information they need in just a few clicks without getting caught up in between pages and bothersome ads. This user experience will result in people revisiting your site every now and then.

With the five points above, we can therefore establish the huge importance of usability in the creation of websites. There are so many factors you need to consider in order to arrive at a ‘user-friendly’ website for your audience. Proweaver is a web development company whose authority is in custom web design, online marketing, and social media marketing. We guarantee usability in every website design and provide continued support to every client that comes our way.

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