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5 Simple Rules for Web Design

5 Simple Rules for Web Design

Your website makes up most of your customers’ first impressions since in most cases, it is the first thing they look into when they want to know more about your products and services. The look and feel of your website influence these first impressions the most. But there are also other factors that should be put into consideration when it comes to your web design. There are five (5) factors that you must consider in coming up with your web design. Altogether, these factors will determine the performance of your site. Read these rules below:

1. Make sure your web design is simple yet visually appealing.

Initially, your website’s aesthetics will decide the probability of users to engage with your website or not. First impressions of a site are always design-related. When a website’s design comes off as too complex for the brain to take into, users will discard your site. Strive for simplicity yet make sure it is still visually appealing.

2. Make sure all elements are in harmony.

Clashing elements are difficult to take in. Make sure your colors, images and graphics, text, divisions, etc. are in harmony with one another. The arrangement of the objects makes a huge impact on the site’s ability to convey a message. If your site is too messy and distracting to the eyes, users will certainly leave your site right away.

3. Make sure it is easy for users to navigate in your site.

How can one say that a site is performing well? That is if users are able to navigate through the site without encountering any problems. Make sure all your buttons are visible and placed in strategic locations on the page. We do not want users to flip the page inside out just because the NEXT button is not there.

4. Make sure that your site’s overall look and feel is consistent in all pages.

You do not want your users to think that they have been routed to a different page right? If you are aiming for a corporate yet relaxing feel for your homepage, make sure the same feel is felt for the rest of your site’s pages. Do not introduce drastic changes from page to page.

5. Make sure your site is made for your USERS and NOT for YOU.

Whatever you decide on how your website should look, the bottom line would always be the users’ feedbacks on your site – will they receive it well? Or will they never use it again? When you are still at the planning stages, always put into consideration your users’ preferences and needs before your personal or business goals.
5 Simple Rules for Web Design
Web design is more of an art than a science. A website’s showcase of creativity in simplicity is a hard feat to master yet very possible. As a medium of representation for the brand and your company’s primary image, certain rules must be followed. By following the pointers above, you will be able to create a simple yet visually appealing website which will help the company reach its goals.

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