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5 Steps – How To Choose A Web Design That Suits Your Business

5 Steps – How To Choose A Web Design That Suits Your Business
Nowadays, having a functional website is important for any kind of business. Whether you’re selling products or offering services, reaching out to a massive number of potential customers online will ensure a significant return. Even if you’re already engaging in social media management, having a website will add to the credibility of your brand and enables your business to reach a wider market. When a customer discovers a certain product or service, whether in social media or one of the online search engines, they will most likely check out the product seller’s website first to confirm its legitimacy before purchasing. However, simply having a website isn’t enough. You need to make sure your website design is also attractive enough to gain the attention and trust of the customers.

Your web design is basically the presentation of your website and contains all the elements required to persuade potential customers to convert to your brand. Professional web designers, like us, at Proweaver, are knowledgeable in combining elements and strategies to improve your online visibility and gain more customers. This is why having a great web design is an effective investment for your company. Because you’re targeting a specific demographic, your web design should also be customized according to the type of business you have. Whether you’re planning to design your own website or considering hiring professional web designing services, here are the 5 steps in choosing a web design for your business:

  1. Type of website
    The web design will be based mostly on the type of business you’re running. Are you selling or allowing your customers to order your products online? If that’s the case, then you’ll need to have multiple pages dedicated for displaying your products, sorted according to their categories. Otherwise, having a website with enough pages to display the relevant information about your company and a way for the customers to contact you will suffice.
  2. Layout and style
    This determines how the information, whether they’re text or images, are displayed and structured in your website. Would you like the trendy one-page layout, where viewers can just continually scroll down for more information, or the classic multi-page website wherein the viewers can directly find the page they need, which is more effective when you are selling products on your site?
  3. Communication
    It’s not just about having a page wherein customers can contact you. An effectively communicating web design has the ability to send your company’s message to the website viewers, through contents and styling. Does your company need a website filled with written contents or you prefer to inform customers by showing more relevant images?
  4. Typeface and Colors
    Typography is one of the major elements of a website design. You need to choose a font that matches your style and readable font sizes for every section of your website. A good color combination enhances the viewer’s experience as well as creates balance and harmony in your site. You may also use your brand color to give your site a sense of uniqueness and identity.
  5. Navigation
    Users wouldn’t like complex navigations and would definitely abandon your site if they can’t find the information they need in just a few clicks. Especially when it comes to a business website, you should choose a website design with clickable buttons, logical page hierarchy, and noticeable links to specific information.

5 Steps – How To Choose A Web Design That Suits Your Business

When it comes to business websites, you don’t need to cram your pages with trendy and stylish elements to attract viewers as it may end up intimidating your customers. All you need is to incorporate simple design elements that will keep your website beautiful and functional. Are you in need of an engaging, functional, budget-friendly, and visually pleasing website for your company?Let us, at Proweaver, develop a custom web design that’s tailor-fit for your company. Visit our homepage and fill out our online form to get 2 web layouts from our experienced team of developers for free.

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