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5 Tools Everyone in the Web Industry Should Be Using

5 Tools Everyone in the Web Industry Should Be Using

In the web industry, there are various tools that can be utilized in order to assist developers and designers in creating new websites and evaluating newly built ones or current ones in need of a revamp. As the competition is rather stiff, various developers and designers maximize the use of such tools to help them improve on their skills and to increase their efficiency. The absence of these tools will cripple anyone who is in the web industry or will limit their abilities.

There are so many tools to choose which can be used online or offline and majority of them are made available for free. There may be tools that need to be purchased but spending on such resources are worth every penny as they contribute to processes involved with websites. Even with outstanding and commendable skills in web design and creation, such tools are still necessary and this is true for other industries as well.

For purposes of creation and evaluation, there are five (5) tools that everyone in the web industry should be using. These are Google Analytics, Heat Maps, Page Speed Insights, Wireframes, and Photoshop. What are these tools and how important are they?

1. Google Analytics

For websites that need to be redesigned, it is necessary to know which pages are performing well and which are not. It is also important to know which pages lead to the most conversions and bounces. With Google Analytics, we are able to get these details. For newly deployed sites, we can keep track of the daily stats such as the kinds of traffic, the demographics of users visiting the site, goals reached, and so on.

2. Heat Maps

For purposes of redesign or revamp, heat maps are helpful in determining which links and buttons people are clicking to get information. Heat maps can even help you understand the behaviour of users in order to be able to structure the site better. With Google Analytics, you will have an idea which pages users usually exit from and using heat maps, you can check their activities in that page and analyze what made them click ‘x’.

3. Page Speed Insights

The web design, templates used, images and videos, even the content, can cause your site to load for ages. With the use of Speed Test tools such as Page Speed Insights, you are given figures and suggestions on which elements of the site you need to adjust, change or remove in order to shorten the time it takes for the site to load. This is a very important tool as load time affects the first impressions of users about the website.

4. Wireframes

In order to properly structure a website, wireframes are a must. Wireframes are considered to be the bones or foundation of websites. Through wireframes, developers, designers, and content writers can brainstorm and have an idea of what sort of website they should build. Wireframes are like what blueprints are to a house. With wireframes, everyone will get an idea on how the site will work and meet goals.

5. Photoshop

For web designers, it helps to make a mock-up of the pages of the site first in order to balance out all the aesthetics with the visions the client has for the site. With the help of Photoshop or similar website layout tools, mock-up pages are no sweat at all. Furthermore, mock-up pages give developers an idea on how to program or build the website. The mock-ups work as a guide for them.

5 Tools Everyone in the Web Industry Should Be Using

As a contributor in the web industry, Proweaver utilizes these tools on order to meet clients’ expectations and to create quality yet affordable websites. If you wish to learn more of our services today, check us out at here.

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