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5 Ways to Boom Your Business over the Web

5 Ways to Boom Your Business over the Web

From 700 million in the year 2007, internet users in the world have already ballooned up to 3.4 billion in 2016. About 40% of the world’s population is visiting the world wide web! And a part of that fraction is your target clients.

Do not be an outcast and lose from your competitors by failing to recognize the big bounty that the virtual world proposes. If you have not thought of gaining online presence yet, now is the best time to consider that option and decide to do it.

What’s in it for you?

Marketing, selling and/or distributing products and services can be done online- whatever your business is. True, achieving success online would require a lot of effort and a little part of your capital but it will surely create a healthy buzz about your company.

Do you know a Forbes 500 company which does not have online marketing schemes? Can you name an establishment which is not ‘searchable’ in the internet?

We bet you don’t and you can’t. Big and popular companies have already recognized the importance of being readily accessible online. In fact, even small and local shops have Facebook accounts and everybody can get information about their products or services through simply reading over their profile in social media.

This is true because marketing has also evolved with technology. For example, the traditional word-of-mouth method of advertising could not only be possible through personal interactions. Every internet user can already spread both positive and negative testimonials about any service they get from any establishment they have visited.

So, how will you get your business online?

1. Get your own website.

Today, everyone NEEDS a website. No matter how small you think your business is, how ancient the services you offer are or how antique your products are, it is no longer relevant.

Whenever a person needs an item and does not specifically know where to find it, that individual will open Google and look for it there. What if that item belongs to the pool of products you are selling? Without your own website, you will not belong to the options of your customers and you lose an opportunity to gain profit.

Creating your own website is easier now. You can either create it by yourself or hire a custom web design specialist like Proweaver. Admittedly, making the website design on your own is cheaper but having it crafted by an expert would make it look more like what you actually imagined it to be.

2. Be visible in social media.

Social media marketing is becoming famous through the benefits it gives to both businesses and their clients. Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other media, the gap between an establishment and a probable customer is filled in.

For instance, a loving husband, who is always required to be at the office, would want to surprise his faithful wife on Valentine’s day with a romantic dinner. He could not go out and look around for a good venue.

On the other hand, there are several restaurants which offer a scenic view and quixotic ambiance- some have resorted to advertising their Valentine treats through social media while others did not have online accounts at the very least.

Which restaurants do you think will land on the husband’s shortlist? If you think its the former group, then you should start creating a buzz on social media.

3. Have LinkedIn for business professionalism.

LinkedIn is an online site which connects businesses with other businesses, businesses with their customers, and customers with other customers. Through this network, individuals get to interact with each other creating a medium for advertising your business.

Once you decide to get LinkedIn, make sure to write your contact details and a short narrative of what resolution you can bring to your clients. The narrative should give readers or viewers a bird’s eye view of your business.

4. Use a location-based service.

Numerous businesses serve a geographic specific services or products and if you are one of them, you should decide to have a presence on location-based services.

This location-based services or LBS is a tool to filter information regarding business establishments in a specified area. It generally allows a business to register and put one’s establishment on the map. Some allow clients and consumers to check in to shops, stores and other places.

You have to be more accessible to your customers to be able to reach them first. This can be possible if you use location-based service.

5. Contribute to a blog in your industry.

For people to patronize you, you have to be, or at least appear credible. But, how will you look credible to your customers?

One easy way to build credibility in the world wide web is through contributing to a blog in the same industry your business belongs to. And you can do it through these simple ways:

  • Leave comments on blog posts.
  • Answer questions in online forums.
  • Start your own blog and write about your industry.

There’s no uniform rule to make your business boom. But with persistence, good research, helpful staff and online presence, it would be easier to gain more profits.

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