7 Mind-Blowing Ways Digital Marketing is More Refreshing than New Socks

7 Mind-Blowing Ways Digital Marketing is More Refreshing than New Socks


If you want to roll how the big leagues roll, you need to keep up with how they do their marketing and advertising schemes. The latest strategies in getting your brand and company noticed is a varied application of marketing and advertising techniques and these days, both online and offline tactics are integrated with each other to have better target audience reach.

Print media can be considered as one of the old school methods that will successfully get you noticed by your consumers. Living in the digital age with all the technological advancements within reach, there are results-focused explanations to why digital marketing has become the forefront commander in marketing and advertising for companies innovating ways to get results for their brand and service.

Here are 7 of them.

  1. SEO and SMM
    Search Engine Optimization and
    Social Media Marketing
    are the two most valuable players to consider when going for online media. Whatever the nature of your business, having a custom website design may not be enough to get noticed by your consumers.
    • For SEO
      The best approach to having better SEO ranking is to apply the requirements that search engines prefer in a website like providing an SEO friendly blog with responsive custom web design that will let mobile users greatly enjoy while being on your website. SEO friendly blogs get more traffic because the topics that get discussed here have chances of getting shared to other websites, which creates backlinks, and backlinks are important since they provide the credibility and interest towards your website.
    • For SMM
      When you go for web design services, study your options by choosing a company and service that let you enjoy more online presence by having social media marketing management. Proweaver offers SMM management so you can have a worry-free social media account that informs and updates users about health and safety tips that need to be considered. On your website, have share buttons ready to make it easy for social media sharing.
  2. Content Writing
    Going back to the importance of SEOs, having an SEO friendly blog will not only drive more traffic to your website; it also adds to the points that will give you a better SEO ranking. Quality contents and write-ups on a website make it worthwhile for visitors when they get the information they need find meaning in your mission and service. This gives a good impression on people and it will generally have a positive feedback on them, some
    will even make time to give you a positive comment or feedback which they can share and talk about with their family and friends which can create a network of people talking and recommending your brand or service.
  3. Artificial Intelligence
    One of the most developed technologies that still keeps on evolving is artificial intelligence. On a custom e-commerce website, this studies the consumer’s buying and search behaviors that will suggest products on their social media accounts to lead them back to their website. This smart and adaptive function drives traffic back to a company website without the need of a human coming from their end since it can be programmed to gather specific information on its own.
  4. Chatbots
    Depending on the requirements of your website, Proweaver can help you get started with an affordable custom web design that features real-time chats or instant messaging with an online representative or program that can give urgent answers to website visitors. This cuts the time between an inquiry and a reply exchanged by the company’s representativesand the curious individual.
  5. Brand Influencers
    Are people who are either locals or famous celebrities who value the importance of sharing their opinion with others to make great use of their social contributions to inform, to warn or to inspire the young and old. These companies or non-government organizations in return also help them become influencers with a cause.
  6. Mobile Ads
    The modern version of your TV commercial ads has now taken over your mobile. Mobile ads can either be infographics or short video marketing ads that are brief enough to catch an online user’s attention. These ads can be cleverly inserted in the middle of a video or right before the ending to further ensure viewership of the ad.
  7. Web Analytics
    This places a script or code on a particular website and works in the background to gather data on website visitor count and origin. It can even determine a visitor’s age and gender when it can pick up information on public links and accounts that they have declared their age and gender on. This helps companies get an evaluation of whether their advertising and marketing expenses have translated into viewership and popularity in mentions.

Digital marketing has changed the way people and companies approach getting noticed by consumers and with the way, it is now and how it is changing consumer behaviors because of its influences, will only keep on innovating to match the consumer’s ever-changing trends. To get on with the big leagues, get on with the same strategies.

If you’re interested to know how your start-up business can benefit from a custom web design, get in touch with Proweaver for a chance to get a free layout!

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