7 Video Production Ideas for Your Business

7 Video Production Ideas for Your Business

In the last decade, videos have sky rocketed in terms of viewership and creativity. Businesses and companies have greatly relied on marketing and advertising agencies to bring their companies out into the playing field of competitive markets and startup companies. Video contents have also evolved on how they present ideas and concepts to continue catching the attention of viewers and the company’s target markets. Video production has come a long way in the presentation of ideas and stories and it has definitely reached an all time high in the acceptance of how people have been consuming videos.

Get noticed with style when you get in touch with agencies that know their stuff and can make great video productions happen. Getting enough leverage often gives companies the break they are looking for to increase sales and consumer awareness for their products and services.

Sit down with creative teams like Proweaver who can help endorse your business through simple yet direct promotional video productions and get started with these ideas:

  1. Getting On-board Videos
    These videos are the moving versions of your About Us page on your website. You can utilize these videos when you have an event, an orientation or when you are welcoming guests and visitors to your organization. This will give them a bird’s-eye-view of your company, history, and services. These on-boarding videos can also be presented to newly hired employees for a brief summary of what they need to know about the new company and the services they do.
  2. The People Behind The Scenes
    For these types of videos, you can feature your company’s greatest assets: your workforce. When you feature the people behind what makes your company great, it eases your audience in putting their trust in your company and your services when they can relate with how happy your employees are over the years: for staying with you and for loyally making your company even better. People relate well with stories when they can see employees staying with companies because their needs are met and recognized. Expose these heartwarming stories in your company profile messages and touch people’s lives in return.
  3. Highlighted Tour Of Your Company
    The purpose of this video production is to give emphasis on what gives your company or business its service or brand trademark that people have learned to love. It can focus on any of these things: your people’s energy, their work ethics, your high-quality ingredients, the state-of-the-art equipment that you have recently provided your company’s operations and practically just about anything that makes your services great and sought after.
  4. Product Reviews and Testimonials
    When you feature testimonials from your clients or product reviews from your customers, it greatly adds to the credibility and value of your product or service when they can see people getting genuine results for trusting in your brand and quality. The review type of video production is great for consumers who want to know whether they should even buy your brand and test it out. People like to be assured of what they will invest their money on and by providing them this testimonial or product review, they get the answers they need. Authentic testimonials happen when people get great product and service quality.
  5. Animation Entry
    Make use of animated characters as guest stars of your video production without having a single real person being featured on the video. This playfully gets the attention of viewers from all ages when the narrator explains the video with cartoon characters and colorful drawings. This creates diversity to the videos you normally see since these are animations were designed to deliver business and professional content to inform and entertain.
  6. Instructional Videos
    These types of videos have been a great kind of outlet that has helped families and individuals in getting low-cost equivalents of products and DIY home projects. Making this kind of video production for product usage, promotes the appreciation of your brand, and your thoughtfulness in teaching people how to correctly mix your products for DIY projects at home. These how-to videos have often greatly made people more independent and capable of doing things on their own. With your how-to video teaching them how to use your products, you have just sealed the trust of your patrons in your brand and service.
  7. Non-Categorical Ones
    This is one of the best and probably the most enjoyable type of video production to make when you can experiment with the presentation of your service or company. It does not need to have any formal or strict theme in terms of presentation and you can add just about anything pleasing and presentable onto this kind of video content. This can be suitable for your company events and community gatherings when you want to present a short video of who you are along with the preparation that was needed to make the event happen.

Companies now aim for more engaging types of marketing, and advertising agencies have really stepped up to the plate to bring on the best ideas and the latest innovative ways they can present their client’s needs to the world at large. Having a great team behind your business’ success is economically important, because this too can become a wonderful source of inspiration where you can get ideas from for your video production.

Talk to us and let us show you how you can get your business noticed with promotional videos when you have Proweaver to power up your site. 

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