8 Reasons to Have Responsive Web Design

8 Reasons to Have Responsive Web Design

8 Reasons to Have Responsive Web Design

When clients look for products or services that they need on the Internet, they want to get the relevant information on these items as quickly as they can. As much as possible, they want to get the information on the same websites that specifically offer these services. Whether they get to visit a certain website and take advantage of the company’s offerings or not depends on a couple of main factors. One of which is its compatibility to the mobile gadgets that the clients are using.

In a business owner’s perspective, this means that you have to get your website out there to showcase what you can do for these potential clients. More and more people are surfing the Internet through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and the likes nowadays. If you wish for your clients to easily locate the information that they are looking for from you, your website must be responsive and compatible with any kind of device that they will most likely be using.

A good digital marketing strategy includes the use of a responsive web design. This increases lead generation which can result in an increase in sales conversions, as well, thus giving your company an advantage. No matter what nature of business you may be operating in, a web design that is responsive can give you a lot of benefits. Here are eight reasons why you should invest in a responsive web design starting today:

  1. Many people own and use mobile phones.
    A lot of individuals own at least one mobile phone that they use to call or text others. In most cases, such phone is a smart phone capable of connecting to the Internet. Since users own smart phones already, they are inclined to go online and check your website through these devices.
  2. People carry their phones wherever they go.
    Since phones are handy, users can easily carry and use them anytime and anywhere. Even when they are going to the toilet, there are many users who go online on their phones while relieving themselves. There is a high probability that your page will be visited by users especially when they are in physical areas that are related to the services you are providing.
  3. Most users access social media through their phones.
    Social media allows various people to connect and interact with each other. Many, if not most, users typically check their feeds through their phones. They also tend to share links via social media more through these gadgets. With a responsive website, you are increasing the probability of your contents being shared across social media thereby increasing your reach.
  4. Shopping online via mobile devices is becoming a hot trend.
    A lot of mobile phone users nowadays go online shopping through their devices. This is because it is much more convenient for them to shop without really having to go to a physical store. So, if your website design for ecommerce is not responsive, you are missing out on potential customers and sales conversion.
  5. 8 Reasons to Have Responsive Web Design

  6. A responsive page can adapt to any mobile device.
    Different mobile devices vary in size. As a result, their screens also vary in dimensions. Users definitely do want to go through the trouble of zooming in or out just to clearly make out the contents of the website. You will end up losing leads in that situation. A responsive website will adapt, retract and fit accordingly.
  7. You will only have to manage one site instead of two.
    In the past, website owners will have to manage two sites, one that is compatible with a desktop and one for the mobile version. Managing two websites can be a handful. It will surely be a lot easier if there is only one version to manage but, at the same time, compatible with any device. A responsive custom website design can help your own company achieve this.
  8. A responsive website can improve your company’s SEO ranking.
    Most search engines typically give higher rankings to those websites that are considered mobile-friendly or compatible with mobile phones. As an owner, you surely want your own company website to have a high SEO ranking to increase lead generation. Having a responsive website helps you improve such ranking since your website will be compatible to both desktop and mobile versions.
  9. A responsive website gives a better user experience.
    Any client wants a good user experience and that is what any good website should provide. A responsive website gives a better user experience in the sense that zooming in or out is minimized. The page will adapt accordingly for viewing as to what specific device the client is using.

What are you still waiting for? Make your website as responsive as it can be as it will definitely give your business a boost. If you need help from professional web designers, you can count on Proweaver to deliver. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us and take advantage of our web services.

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