Accessible Web Designs: The Key to Online Success

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Accessible Web Designs: The Key to Online Success

You may have the most excellently designed website—functional, attractive, and persuasive. But is that enough? In a cut-throat digital market, having great website features can only take you so far. You need an accessible web design to get the views you need.

Why Accessible Web Designs Matter

The barrier to online access continues to drop as mobile and desktop technology advances. More and more people rely on the Internet to perform many tasks or supplement common activities like shopping, making inquiries, and setting appointments.

This also means that people with varying levels of ability will go online. People with advanced age and physical or cognitive limitations need to be considered.

And this has not been ignored. Many case studies reveal that accessibility ranks among the highest factors for online best practices. It’s among device compatibility, navigability, and search engine optimization. Therefore, it makes sense for you to aim for accessible web designs.

The Benefits of Accessibility for Web Design

Some persons believe that web accessibility is too tricky to invest time on. However, current research shows that accessible web designs improve online access. In fact, it offers the following benefits:

  1. Low maintenance costs
  2. Better SERP rankings
  3. Greater audience reach
  4. Improved user experience

Considering these facts, it’s a good idea to invest in accessible web designs. Proweaver is an expert in web development and design. Thus, we have the tools you need to have a website that meets the requirements for web accessibility.

Examples of Best Practices for Web Accessibility

Here are some of the best ways to have accessible web designs:

  1. Formatting layouts for maximum navigability
  2. Burger menus
  3. Diversifying content (i.e. audio and video)
  4. Alternate text
  5. Formatting color schemes

Now, these are hard to achieve if you have little experience with achieving these. But with Proweaver, you don’t have to worry too much. 

We work with teams of designers, programmers, marketing experts, and content managers who can design websites that not only broadcast your brand but also meet the needs of people from different walks of life. Count on us to create your ideal accessible web design.

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