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The Creation of an Appealing Website

With today’s digital age, art has reached new and soaring heights.  From the creation of website banners to the animation of digitally-rendered graphics, art has taken a new form, and the designing of a website is no exception.

There is no question that it takes an artist to create the attractive and readable layouts we see in newspapers and magazines.  Today, these layout artists have found a new canvas: the internet.

This canvas is a shared canvas.  Many digital media artists (and some who hope to be artists) have found the internet to be a vast playground where they can test their skills and get reviewed for it.  At Proweaver, we make affordable yet appealing websites for any business – every single time without miss. Your company, regardless the type of industry you participate in, can definitely benefit from our unending streak of appealing websites in our continuously growing portfolio. Having deployed hundreds of websites, bank on our experience, ride on our expertise and prepare to have an excellent representation of your own company online.  A website of your own exclusively built for you by Proweaver at warp speed!

Learn the Basic Parts that your Future Website will have

Some elements of a website layout include:

  • Web graphics (includes site banners, logo, images, animated graphics, etc.)
  • Color scheme
  • Web Text Contents
  • Background of your Webpage
  • Online Website Forms (if applicable to your company)

As with print media, websites have to have a layout that both appeals and informs the viewers of what the site is all about.  Whether its celebrity, personal, fandom, or a business website, the elements should all be cohesive enough to allow the site’s message to come across to its audience. If you create confusion, consider redoing your website layout.  At the first look, your website layout should immediately denote a specific message to your customer.  It should answer this one question: “What can this company do for me?”

When your website can effectively communicate this message, the rest of the benefits will follow.  The least you want to happen is for prospective clients to start inquiring about a service that you don’t do.  It will take time to respond to misled customers inquiring about a product or service that is remotely related to your business.  When you can zero-in on your target market by making the basic website layout elements clearly speak out what your company does, you eliminate the task of having to sort out confusion – and more time responding to your real customers.

Proweaver and Web Design

Proweaver is one of the leading web development service providers: a company which provides business owners, professionals and organizations with a quick and easy way to build their own official company website.  Not to mention affordable – we only charge a minimal amount for maximum benefits.  We invite you to speak to a customer care representative.  When you phone in, you can get the best deals on our website design services.

You can expect:

  • Professionally made website layout of your choice
  • Website launched in a matter of days (estimated maximum timeframe of 2 weeks)
  • Own domain ( for life!
  • No ads
  • No monthly fees – the website design is yours for a lifetime!
  • Monthly Website Maintenance Services are available too at very affordable rates.
  • Content thoroughly researched and your current company information will be strategically distributed on your website.

Each and every member of the Proweaver team plays an integral role in the creation of your website.  We are not content with a mediocre looking website or a set of forms that “bug-out” when over-used.  No! We give you your money’s worth – a fully functioning website that will make you proud of your business!  We consider it our responsibility to make sure your company website does not turn down potential clients or customers.

But what exactly makes for an appealing website? Depending on the nature of your business, this may actually vary.  However, there are general tips in the creation of attractive web layouts such as those provided by Proweaver:

  • Make sure your content is relevant to the nature of your website.
    This isn’t just limited to the text on your website. You have to make sure that the images, animation, and media used in the website relates to your business, or whatever your website is all about. Using the proper color scheme is also very helpful.
  • Use media wisely.
    Though providing videos, audio, or music on your website can entertain your viewers, it might overpower the entire website and pull the audience away from what your company website is really about.  A website with too much media may also cause web browsers to crash, which may then turn off potential clients.
  • Make your website user-friendly.
    Avoid using complicated layouts.  The quicker the readers see the links without having to click on a button to show a drop down menu, the easier it is for them to navigate.  Make sure important links are either in bold font or displayed prominently on your website.
  • Make your text readable.
    Not everyone has good eyesight.  Make sure the text arrangement as well as colors (both for the background and the text itself) are easy on the eyes.  Don’t make the body text too big because it can overpower the site and ruin the layout.  Use simple fonts.

The website designers here are Proweaver apply these tips and more in developing websites for a number of satisfied clientele over the years.  You can become our client too and expect nothing but your highest level of satisfaction with a website specially developed for your company!

Come and experience our expertise.  We are just a phone call away, and you could just be days away from setting up your very own online home.