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Digital Age: Why Having Your Own Website Matters

Art has come a long way since man started molding them from earth and painting them in cave walls.  In this day and age, where almost everything is digital and the entire world interconnected through a network of computers we know as the internet, art has found a new playground as well as a new medium.

Software has been and is still being developed to bring digital art to new and even greater heights.  While this is considered most to be a hobby, what most don’t realize is that digital art can be used to help improve your website.

Art and Web Design

As business owners, we want potential customers to know that we exist.  Though we still dabble in traditional advertising mediums such as print, TV and radio, we can reach even a wider set of audiences through the internet, and the best way to do that is through the creation of your own website.

The advantages of having a website for your company include:

  • Accessibility to potential clients
  • Your company, product or service information at your potential customer’s fingertips
  • Credibility for your company (especially if you have your own domain name

However, you can’t just go out and create a website without considering design principles such as:

  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Rhythm
  • Repetition
  • White Space

While these may sound foreign to non-artists, these principles are followed by artists the world over to ensure their artworks are pleasant to the eyes, and are therefore, widely accepted by a great number of audiences and critics.  In fact, these principles are also followed by layout and design editors of newspapers and magazines to make their material not only attractive to look at, but also easy to read.

From print, these techniques have been transported to the creation of websites.  Web layout designers have to make sure that the graphics used match what the site is all about.  They also have to make sure the color schemes are just right, and that readability is effective.

Web Design with Proweaver

Proweaver hires only the best web designers, layout artists and graphic artists.  These professionals work as a team in the creation of your site.  They will make sure that the graphics, templates, and texts used will match your business.  They arrange the elements so that your business will attract a wider audience, and with it, possible clients.

With Proweaver, you are given a choice of a wide array of professional and customizable layouts.  You can even choose the color scheme as well as the graphics to be added to your site.  All these and more, you can get at affordable and reasonable prices.  You will work closely with our customer service representatives who will keep you posted on the progress of your website and cater to all your needs when it comes to design options and content modifications.