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The Next Big Thing in Video Production


If you go way back to when televisions were made, you would find that over the years, people have increasingly enjoyed watching television show productions at home and on the big screen. Even if televisions were deemed to make people dull because of the shows that had no content, we technically still do this until today. We just call it binge watching. After all, they are categorized under entertainment because it lives up to what it was simply made for.

Fast forward to 2018, the next big thing in video production are great video contents for marketing and advertising because people have come to accept videos to be more convenient and much easier to consume without having to worry about holding their phone and scrolling through the screen. Videos can have settings where you can automatically play a list you are on, like on one prominent video-sharing site.

  • Video production has been in existence from the time motion cameras were first invented. It just was not a thing back then. Historically, the first kind of “videos” were the ones in a spindle viewer where you had different pictures that depicted movement placed in a hollow big tube. And when you spun the circular viewer with thin slots on its sides, it gave a visual effect that the pictures were actually alive and moving, thus became the inspiration for motion pictures. Now, with great technology at hand, video production has really come along way from its humble beginnings.
  • Most advertising companies have videos up and ready for just about any brand and product that have consulted them for an increase in sales. People have willingly accepted the presence of these video commercial shorts in their social media accounts because, videos are much easier to sit through and because advertising agencies have all stepped up to making entertaining and witty ads especially when it comes to introducing a product.
  • Consider the following perks of the modern-day video production:

    Videos Are Instructional
    One type of video is an instructional video when it teaches consumers how to ideally use a product. As an instructional video, consumers can be given clear instructions on how they are supposed to use the product as compared to reading it off a long instruction label that can potentially be misunderstood. Instructional videos are also used in organizations and facilities where they have made their handouts into digital or online videos that have their instructions for fire escape routes or earthquake drill protocols.

    Video Contents Are Flexible
    With all the new startup companies sprouting here and there, the challenge to get noticed has become more and more competitive resulting to enjoyable ads that were ingeniously thought of by creative teams. Commercial ads have greatly evolved from how there were in the past, but we still make use of them up to this day. Proweaver also offers video production to clients who need videos for awareness campaigns and product launches.

    Videos Are Engaging
    Why video contents are the next big thing in marketing and advertising video productions is because they are fun and engaging to watch. When one person watches a hilarious ad, they tend to share or talk about it with their friends and family, and this is what companies want. They want people talking about their cost-effective ad to help increase their sales and brand reach. Videos interest people to buy products because of its believability and the saying “to see is to believe” still holds true.

    Videos Are Easy To Share
    Since videos are engaging, people like to share the emotions they get out of the short video clips they have seen, and by clicking the play button they can even put their phones on a phone mount and watch the video effortlessly. If they too, enjoyed the video, they can even replay the video to their heart’s content, and hopefully, have the time to share it again. That is the beauty of videos. Since they are shorter and easier to go through, people are more confident to share it.

    Videos Are Mobile Friendly
    Companies have started shifting their marketing and advertising to mobile friendly video productions because a lot of consumers have mobile phones and social media accounts, which they use for communicating as well as for watching videos. Because video ads are mobile friendly, people now get a portable viewing experience of watching great video content.

    Sound and Visual Media
    Because sound and visual media play tremendous roles in video production, they can make or break the impact of videos. That is reason for the success of videos with great sound effects because people respond well to videos when their senses are triggered and they can relate well to the humorous or emotional message that great 15-30-second videos convey.

    Search Engines Fancy Videos
    When you have videos added on your website or blog, you are more likely to end up having great search engine ranking and excellent backlinks because of the times your video has been talked about.

    In great summation, the next big thing in video production is the great video content that companies need for their marketing and advertising needs. These great ideas can go a long way with the help of social media management and SEO blogging.

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