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Catching the Attention of your Customers through Social Media: A How-To Guide

Catching the Attention of your Customers through Social Media: A How-To Guide

Have you ever realized how social media affects the daily life of individuals today?

At present, there are at least 2.51 billion social media users around the globe. A portion of this substantial number is your target customers and clients. And they are just there- lurking through the confines of their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts, waiting for you to catch their attention.

If you already get the picture, you should very well imagine that thousands of people await you. The advent of new technological advancements poses new and big opportunities, you just need to grab them and be known to your clients. You only need a single strategy to reach them, and that is through social media marketing.

The first thing you need to do is to open a social media account. But if you already have one, you need to re-evaluate it.

Here is a simple guide for you to remember when you decide to pursue online marketing through social media. When doing so, you should imagine yourself creating a map for a long journey to success and this is the process to do it.

First: Identify business goals.
You will never know where you are going to without specifying your goals. Just like a map, you won’t get to anywhere without knowing where you want to go in the first place. And this should be your first step- to set your goals and visualize where you are heading to.

Your objectives shall align to your company’s mission and vision. It should also be compatible with your present marketing strategies. You have to ask, “What are your company’s overall needs?”

But addressing the needs of your company isn’t the end of identifying your goals. When doing so, you should focus on advanced metrics like leads generated, web referrals and conversion rates. Using the SMART (Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Relevent-Time-Bound) framework could also help you set clear goals.

Second: Audit your current social media use.

Audit your current social media use.

Companies which already have social media accounts, as well as running custom web designs, should assess the current status of these marketing media. This is like looking into your backpack and checking whether everything you need in your trip is already packed in it. This step could also be synonymous to checking if the engine of the car is up and running before going on the trip.

When you hire agencies like Proweaver, they can help you track the number of visitors who came to your website and give you live updates about how your current social media accounts are working for you.

Once you have conducted the audit, you will already know which accounts to continue, revamp or delete.

Third: Pinpoint ideal customers.
The third step is like forecasting how your ride will be. Will you encounter heavy traffic along the way? Will you get to your destination smoothly and without hassle? Are there gas stations along the road you will traverse?

In planning how to catch the attention of your customers through social media, you should be able to pinpoint which portion of the population you want to attract to your company. In fact, most businesses suffering from low engagement in their marketing plans are those which do not have accurate and well-defined target markets.

You have to identify the characteristics of your market including their age, occupation, interests, habits, likes, motivations, dislikes, objections and most importantly, their income. The more specific your pieces of information are, the higher probability of getting conversions.

Fourth: Determine and investigate competitors.
A company is at a greater advantage if one can foresee every move of its competitor. Just like a traveler who knows the issues he might meet along his journey and beats them once faced with them, a company who has a forecast of how his competitors will act can effectively craft solutions to counter these adversaries even before they come.

Start researching about your competitors by keeping a list of five main companies which offer the same products or services as you do. Find out how they are doing by looking at the number of their followers, their posting frequency, as well as reviews from their customers. Then analyze how they use social media to their advantage.

Once you grasp the general picture of how social media will work out for companies in your industry, you could already start with the next step.

Fifth: Create media and craft tactics.
An expert traveler uses paths which would get them to their destination safer and faster. And companies planning to market their offerings through social media should do so, too.

Companies often commit this common mistake: using a social media avenue which is not compatible to the product they sell or to the service they offer. Without researching which platform would work for you best, you would just be wasting your time, effort and money.

Some choose to create polls and surveys to accurately measure the time their target audience spend on different social media platforms. If you choose to do this, you would know which specific network your clients are and that is where you are supposed to be too.

Your tactics will now depend on which media channel you use. Whether you would use Facebook advertising or any other promotion campaigns would also be determined by your identified goals and objectives.

Sixth: Generate content strategy.

content strategy

Now, here’s another pivotal step. The contents of your posts, infographics, tweets and advertisements could be associated to the cargoes which the traveler consented to be transported and delivered. The travel will be fruitless if the traveler was not able to bring that item or object.

And in the world of social media, every word you say would be used for or against you. You should be critical enough in choosing which type of content you should use, the proper time of posting and the frequency of the posting.

Contents that fit with your company goals and platforms are an essential factor to social media marketing success.

Seventh: Hire Proweaver.
Proweaver is not just an expert of creating website designs. It has also been hired by numerous thriving companies to help them with their social media platforms.

If you want to become one of our flourishing clients, make sure to contact us today.

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