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The Crabby Designer: 5 Annoying Web Design Marketing Tactics You Should Avoid


You know that one friend you want to talk to but who always seems to go overboard and makes things awkward? This is the exact same thing that also happens to websites without marketing strategies. Their websites would look so attractive and appear to as if comprise contents that you need but then it infuses annoying ads and pop-ups that get in the way of your search, disturbing you and eventually turning you off from continuing your search.

Small-time businesses make these marketing slip-ups too often than necessary that it draws away potential clients who initially wanted to check out their services. Even individuals who pass up a good custom website design offer do not get exempted from web marketing no-no’s.
So avoid these 5 web design tactics that turn away any good paying potential clients.

  1. Poor Website Navigation
    Online users initially click on website link suggestions from search engines because of the relevant content they hold, but once they are on the website and have a hard time looking for the needed content, they will without a doubt leave the website and look for a more convenient one. Imagine yourself in a kitchen with all the baking ingredients and tools in disarray. Would you have an easy time or a frustrating and prolonged time just trying to get things in order? That basically happens to online users who cannot easily make their way to the needed content on a website. Menus and submenus need to be organized to keep things in order because your future website viewers will highly appreciate the extent you would go for them and that will surely leave a lasting impression on anyone who views your custom website design.
  2. Confusing Overall Design
    This happens when a company has too many ideas incorporated into one page of their website and sometimes, it can be because of the lack of imagination and better images that move across the background. It could also be because of effects that are too unnecessary like when you hover your mouse over a link or menu or just the poor choice of content and text fonts. Instead of having everything available to click on, some website designs overlook the importance of an organized menu which could compartmentalize contents into submenus to provide a neat look for the homepage. Isn’t this a preferable option rather than having all the menu buttons all sprawled out on the main page of the custom web design?
  3. Non-Mobile-Friendly
    Using our mobile phones to go online is more convenient than having to open our laptops and scroll through pages just for a few clicks. Websites that are not mobile-friendly generally have people leaving their website to save time, if it loads slower than most websites and when it opens in desktop view on their mobile phones, because they want rapid and clear answers to know about certain topics. Non-mobile-friendly websites also have lower search engine rankings since they do not meet the requirements and one of which is being mobile friendly.
  4. Registration Before Usage
    Another way to gain a “never again” visit from online users is a mandatory sign up or registration on a website which they only need for a particular source of information. If they have to sign up just for a tiny bit of information, the concern of getting their privacy compromised starts when they have to type in any personal data because this spells a level of unwanted anxiety when websites ask them to leave any kind of information like their valid email address. The effort of signing up outweighs the process of just reading a line from the website. Some visitors get ticked off by this and would just instantly leave a website and search for a more interesting and convenient one. Leaving the company lesser interaction on new website traffic.
  5. Pop-ups and Ads
    In life, there are great surprises and then there are pop-ups. These floating windows that pop-up on your screen, in the middle of your surfing enjoyment, can sometimes be a sign-up window but mostly they are ads that help the company earn through the website. But the question remains: Is it really worth having pop-up ads and ads on blank areas on your website for a few bucks when it can potentially ward off website users in the process?
    The solution to that would be to have a well-planned custom web design that accommodates ads without having any of it getting too in the way of a user’s experience.

Online users technically want to have a smooth experience on any website, and by acknowledging the above tips and points, you can avoid having to replicate current web design blunders created by less-informed parties. Make a difference and always go for professional
web design services

Get in touch with our team at Proweaver and let our web design team walk you through how you can avoid web design marketing mistakes.

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