Custom Templates VS Free Templates: Which Is Better?

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Custom Templates VS Free Templates: Which Is Better?

Free template websites seem so convenient. You just click here and there to find the color, layout, font, and graphics you like. And presto, you have the website you want! But if you want to succeed online, you should choose from custom templates.

Sometimes, Free Isn’t Great

Many template website designers offer lots of choices for designs. Furthermore, they’re cheap! It’s only natural for many first-time business owners to go for free templates.

But there’s a catch. Free templates may offer a lot of freedom of choice at great rates, but they don’t get as much branding power as custom templates.

Free templates can give you as much freedom to choose themes and layouts, but that is all. You don’t get to fine-tune your website to meet Google’s ever-changing standards for searchability. That means, your brand won’t be there for your market when they need it the most.

Thankfully, you don’t get this problem with websites made from custom templates.

If you want quality custom templates, then call Proweaver

A free template website is fun to make. However, Proweaver’s designs mean business. 

Here are some of the advantages of getting a custom design from Proweaver:

  • Attractive Web Graphic Design. Our design team uses the latest software to craft designs that fit the newest trends. From logos to thumbnails, every pixel is honed to catch the eyes of modern Internet users.
  • Powerful Copywriting. What’s a website without content? Our SEO, SMM, and content teams work together to produce copywriting that’s relevant, persuasive, and helpful for online visitors. Using modern marketing research tools, we cover all bases in keeping your content fresh, useful, and helpful.
  • High-Quality Authoring. Next, we don’t take even codes lightly. Our developers and maintenance team follow IT industry standards to keep your custom template’s code secure, functional, and free from common problems. Now, you have actual professionals keeping your website running!
  • Responsive Development and Maintenance Processes. Finally, we come to the best part. Before and after launching, you can still check on your custom template’s performance and make the right tweaks to suit your needs. Our friendly customer representatives provide quick solutions to your problems. And with all our expert teams in tow, we can solve them with no sweat!

 The Choice Is Clear

Considering all those advantages, it’s safe to say that getting a custom template is the better choice, especially when Proweaver makes it. You can see your investment pay off with our web solutions.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our growing portfolio of brands that achieved success with our custom templates. Call now and get yours!