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Custom Web Design for Bakery and Pastry Shops

The Right Ingredients For Your Online Pastry Shop

If you have got the baking skill that is ready for the hungry world, then why not bake up your online pastry shop? With just a few more revisions to your recipe for success, let Proweaver whip up your custom web design for bakery and pastry shops to set you on the right degree and launch your web presence.

Here are the ingredients you need:

  • Your Identity
    This is what will give your sweet confections their own brand that people will identify you for. Your signature taste and creations deserve to be recognized as well as how you want to be recognized when you open up shop.

    Determine how your business will be:
    -specialty cakes and sweets shop with an actual establishment
    -a pick-up counter pastry shop (with or without specialty cakes)
    -an online pastry seller without a physical pastry shop
    -an actual pastry shop with a custom web design

    With all of these and more options to choose from, your online presence will still be of great value to how you can increase your sales. Your custom web design for bakery and pastry shops plays an integral role on how your future clients can see your work.

    • Business Name
      A lot of business owners say the first business struggle they put so much of their time on was for their business name. Your goods and your business deserve to be branded. It is only natural that you would want to take your time, but not too much time, in coming up with your business name. Some marketing experts suggest that with a play on words, you can come up with a more striking business name. For instance, you can incorporate at least two different words that are related to anything about baking, perhaps about an action, place, or thing, and then another word that is about food or your products.

      For example: Dunkin’ Doughnuts or Krispy Kreme. But definitely something more that speaks about who you are and what you want your brand to be.

    • Business Logo
      Just like your business name, take your time in creating your own logo that you can add on your custom web design for bakery and pastry shops and on your packaging when you send out your creations to your clients. The logo will stand as your non-verbal identifier that will also represent your brand. Or simply have a Proweaver graphic designer help you out on this mission.
    • Name Your Creations
      Another interesting way for you to attract more patrons to try your baking goods is by creating playful names for your creations that will describe the flavor and what these are made of. Squeeze out your creative juices to come up with catchy names your customers will surely remember them for.
  • Model Your Products
    A lot of the world’s great eaters have visual images in their heads on how they see the food they want to eat. Create this possibility by showing off your baking prowess with professionally taken pictures of your goods presented on your custom web design for bakery and pastry shops.
  • Your shop
    If you decide to have an actual café or pastry shop, hire a professional photographer to take pictures or to save up on this investment, learn how professionals take great photos so you can put up an inviting image of your space where people can find your sweet creations. Make the custom web design of your pastry shop appealing by using these pictures.
  • Create your portfolio/ watermark your photos
    Document events you have created cakes for so you can add this to your portfolio of cakes you are capable of making. Most of all make sure that you add a watermark on your pictures so other people who intend on claiming them for their own benefit will be deterred from doing so. Your watermark on your pictures will serve as your business signature for the cake or cupcakes you have made and served.
  • Include a freebee
    For every time a client gets your baking services, create a thank you freebee which you can add to their package (and your website) to entice customers that they can get a little token from you when they choose your baking services.
  • Provide Online Order Forms
    To seal the deal with an online customer, provide a floating order form or a separate menu page where you can accept online orders.
  • SEO Friendly Site
    When your Proweaver powered website is up and running, you can also ask us how you can make your site more SEO friendly with our Search Engine Optimization services.
  • Use Social Media
    Proweaver also offers Social Media Management so you can easily share your website onto different social media platforms to have an even wider reach and online presence. These social media accounts for your business are also platforms where your customers can reach you and order cakes from you. Keep your connection lines open and varied.
  • Ask your clients to leave reviews
    On your custom web design for bakery and pastry shops, make sure to ask your clients to leave a review of their flavor experience after trying your baked goods.

They say that: “baking is an exact science.” With these ingredients added to your list, you are sure to make the most fabulous online pastry shop of your dreams.

Get ready with your design ideas. Our Proweaver online representatives are always ready to take on your instructions.