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Custom Web Design for College Institutions

College Institution Website: 7 Web Design Pointers To Know

College institutions offer opportunities for the public to get education or training in various fields. These institutions are on demand, especially with numerous people needing degrees to gain employment or further advance their career.

Finding College Institutions: A Potential Enrollee’s Perspective

There are different ways potential enrollees can find college institutions they wish to enroll in. They can:

  • gather recommendations from family members and close friends who have attended the same college.
  • look at community boards for institutions offering college courses.
  • search the Internet.

Getting word-of-mouth referrals is most likely the best way to find reputable college institutions to enroll in. This helps them get an idea of what to expect from the colleges right from the experiences of the people they trust.

The Importance of Custom Web Design For College Institutions

However, when referrals are scarce, the Internet is the go-to resource for most people. Through the Internet, it is easier and more convenient for them to locate nearby college institutions that might be offering the courses they may be interested in.

Are you taking advantage of the Internet to market your own college institution? Putting your business out there entails the use of a good custom web design. This enables you to create a visual online representation where potential students can get crucial info on your course offerings, your campus, your faculty and your contact details, among others.

This does not mean that you should immediately go to your computer and start coding. Designing a webpage for your college institution requires great planning. You have to take into consideration design trends and other factors.

The entire process can be a challenge for business owners with no experience in custom web design. So, here are a couple of pointers to help guide you in the designing of your college’s website.

  • 1 – User Interface and Navigation

    It is important for custom web design for college institutions to have an easy-to-use interface. Parents, students, faculty members, and online guests should have no troubles navigating through the whole website Design your college institution’s website in a way that online visitors can obtain the info they need or get to page they need to go to in the least amount of clicks possible.

    Additionally, your menu and navigation options should be straightforward. Try to use words that users can easily understand and lead them to the pages or information they need. The words should also be clear and legible. As much as possible, limit the menu options.

  • 2 – Grid Layouts

    Newspapers follow a certain grid format that usually results to eye-pleasing alignment of the articles. If you want your website to capture the same eye-pleasing effect, you have to take grid layouts into great consideration. It will be best to follow a structured format or layout.

    Do not just divide the page into boxes of various sizes. Don’t put boxes just anywhere you want. If you are going for a professional-looking custom web design for college institutions, having a structured page is surely one of the things to look into.

  • 3 – Color Scheme

    A colorful page can be attractive. But, if you are going for a professional look, 10 or more colors may be too much. You surely don’t want your page to look like a nightclub or bar with multiple flashy colors.

    Find the right color scheme to use in your custom web design. Why not tap into your institution’s colors? They can be a good starting point.

  • 4 – Forms

    Forms such as enrollment forms and contact forms should have their own pages. But, it is important that these forms should be kept as simple and as short as possible. Most people do not like having to answer a lot of questions or fill out long forms. See to it that your forms only include items that are truly necessary.

  • 5 – Concise Content

    Most people do not want to read long blocks of words and paragraphs. As much as possible, they want the information they need to be right under their noses, easily seen. You can’t give them that if you do not watch out for the content you put up on your website.

    Make sure to keep the content concise. But, this does not mean that you will omit important information, especially those that can affect the guests’ decision-making. If there is a need to provide a lot of info, try to break down a long paragraph to several blocks of words.

  • 6 – Relevant Images

    Obviously, only relevant images should be found on your webpage. These could include photos of your campus or faculty members as well as table of enrollment fees.

    Avoid using a lot of images that may be relevant at first glance but are redundant in meaning or content. Try to keep your design simple yet appealing, informative yet concise.

  • 7 – Page Load Times

    One of the many things that annoy online guests is long page load time. They hate having to wait for a couple of minutes just to wait for the entire page to display its content. They want everything to be viewed instantly.

    Reducing page load times can be the difference between potential enrollees signing up for your courses offered at your college institution and searching for another provider. Some of tips you can use include using lesser images and removing non-working codes.

At Proweaver, we appreciate the effort of college institutions to educate students in various fields. We help you promote your institution by providing you with quality web design services. For your inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us online!