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5 Web Design Trends You Should Adapt For Your College Website

The Internet makes it easier for people to find different things that they need. From personal items to even college programs they can enroll in, most individuals will rely on the resources they can find on the Internet. With this capability, a lot of individuals go online every day, even multiple times daily.

Most colleges and universities have already taken advantage of this important info. There is no question that your college should do to. The best way to go about this is to make your presence known in the Internet world by creating a website for your college.

One of the most important phase for creating a college website is its custom web design. As a college, there is an expectation from people for you to conduct your business in a professional manner. This entails that your college website must be professional, high-functioning, and appealing.

Faculty members should have an easy time navigating through the website. On the other hand, current and prospective students should find the website fun and modern. Parents should find it beneficial to them in terms of being informative.

When thinking of a custom web design for colleges, it is important to take a look at the latest trends. These trends will help you get an idea as to what your website should look like. Consider the web design trends listed below.

  • 1 – Mobile compatibility

    People do not only access the Internet through their desktop computers or laptops. They also use their phones when visiting websites. Most individuals will even prefer mobile phones when going online due to their being compact and handy.

    It is important to acknowledge this situation. Your custom web design must be compatible with any format, most especially with mobile phones. Compatibility, in this case, means that the website remains to be responsive and functional no matter which gadget online visitors use to view the page from. Small changes may probably be necessary, such as the placement of the buttons or general view to accommodate the screen size of mobile phones.

  • 2 – Incorporation of digital assistants

    Along with the preference of most people to use mobile phones, custom web design for colleges must begin to be responsive to digital assistants. Siri, Cortana or Google Now, among others, should be interlinked with your website.

    This basically means that, when visitors give commands to digital assistants surrounding the access to your webpage, your website should respond accurately. Incorporating this feature can help modernize the way people log on to your page, thereby increasing visitors’ convenience and your site’s functionality.

  • 3 – Use of online videos

    Most students are curious as to what they can expect from your college environment-wise. At the same time, most parents would want to know who runs the operations in your college. Using online videos can be the answer.

    You can put up videos depicting college life or a tour of the campus. You can also include videos of you, the business owner, or the school president welcoming students. Videos of faculty members informing parents of various class regulations can also be included.

    Make sure the videos are in good high-definition quality. No one wants to watch a video they cannot visually enjoy. Also think about the content of the videos. See to it that they are relevant and beneficial to your target market.

  • 4 – Lesser number of webpages

    Parents and students want to get information they need as quickly as possible. Most of them do not want the details to be cut and spread across the website in multiple pages. If they are to choose, they will most likely want to get all the info they need in just one single page.

    In this case, your college website may benefit from using a lesser number of webpages. Each webpage must be filled with important details which online visitors can use. Do not be afraid of a long scroll. Many individuals are most likely to prefer scrolling up and down rather than clicking on a link and wait for the page to load just to get the info they need.

  • 5 – Bigger images

    For your website to be enticing, it must be appealing to the eyes. Online guests often have better reactions to images that tickle their sense of sight rather than words. That is why you may notice companies to include pictures on their websites.

    For your college website, a big image of your campus will most likely appeal to prospective students and their parents. If bigger images are compiled and set into a rotating motion, they can give online guests a better picture and idea of what your campus is like. As a result, they will most likely inquire about your programs and even sign up for enrollment.

    Don’t be afraid to use bigger images. Just make sure that they are not overcrowding the website. Additionally, you can use infographics to show data and explain your services further. People will get a better and clearer overall picture when they can see images, not read lots of words.

At Proweaver, we always make sure that our entire team is up to date with the latest trends when it comes to designing websites. We understand how web design can affect the success of your business, in this case your college.

Our team uses our expertise as well as our experiences in designing custom websites that reflect a variety of businesses. To talk to our team about your need for your own college’s website, please do not hesitate to contact us online.