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10 Web Design Pointers That Construction Firms Should Take Note Of

A lot of construction companies are already creating their own websites. Why wouldn’t they? The Internet gets millions, even hundreds of millions, of visitors probably every second. Having a website will help them become more accessible to their potential clients.

But, creating a website should not be done in a haste. There are pointers to take note of.

1 – Descriptive Headlines

If they are looking for a construction firm they wish to team up with for their projects, people would surely want to access the firm’s website. Any online guest visiting your website wants to know if they have opened the right page.

Your challenge is to answer this question once they land to your firm’s homepage. To do so, your headlines should be descriptive. They should give out an indication that they are on the homepage of a construction firm. Additionally, once they navigate to the different pages in the website, the headlines should pretty much give them an indication that they will be getting the answers they need on there.

2 – Content and Clutter

Your firm’s website should not just be all about the custom web design. Take a good look at the content, too! The content must be informative, answering all the questions of the visitors who are visiting your website.

At the same time, watch out for clutter. There are many individuals who often mistake the use of numerous styles, colors, fonts and more in custom web design for construction to be attractive and eye-catching. It’s definitely eye-catching, but for the wrong reason. It can be too overwhelming. Guests don’t like clutter. Everything should be organized, from content to the layout.

3 – Photo Carousels

Photo carousels are popularly used by numerous companies. They enable the owners to show photos pertaining to their operations in one, rotating page. However, the first slide is most likely the only page that the visitors will see.

In this case, you might want to avoid the use of photo carousels. Instead, stack them up. Organize them according to each picture’s impact. Have guests scroll down to all of the pictures. These photos will have better visibility.

4 – The Right Images

Talking about photos, make sure to choose the right images for your website. Use images with people in it. A lot, if not most, guests are drawn to people images. Limit the use of stock photos, though. Real company images that give a glimpse on how you operate will most likely attract clients.

Furthermore, custom web design for construction should exude a professional vibe. Use appropriate and high quality photos for your page.

5 – Arrows

When visiting your website, you want clients to do what you want them to do which is to engage your construction services. It is important to lead online visitors, especially their eyes, to the areas where they can proceed with the required action.

Arrows can help in this situation. An arrow pointing towards a specific area clearly guides any online visitor to the next step. Even a simple arrow will do.

6 – Call-to-Action

Always have a call-to-action in your custom web design. This will eventually help increase potential clients and potential conversions for your firm. A call-to-action can be a button or a line, anything that will invite the guests to do something or contact you.

7 – Paragraphs

Have you tried reading through a long paragraph? It’s tiring, isn’t it? This also goes the same for your website. Online guests do not want to read through a long paragraph. It tires them out. At times, even just taking a single glance at a long paragraph will make them close out the entire page. As a result, you miss the opportunity for conversion.

Keep your paragraphs short. Break a long paragraph into several short ones. It will be easier for your readers to digest the info presented in short paragraphs. Try limiting one paragraph to 3 or 4 sentences. Make your message clear, short and concise, too.

8 – Simplicity

Readers like simple messages. Not all of your visitors may understand jargons and highly technical terms involved in construction. At the same time, not everyone wants to work their brains hard when reading your website’s content

Be simple. Write simple. Use common, everyday language and words to reach out to your potential clients. Even technical professionals prefer reading common words.

9 – Portfolio

Clients want to know the quality of your firm’s work. They want to see it with their own eyes. But, it might be inconvenient and impractical for them to visit each structure that your company has built.

In any custom web design for construction, the portfolio is something that should not be left out. A portfolio is a collection of projects which potential clients can use as basis for evaluating your work. Make sure to have a portfolio section on your website. Add photos taken of your past and current projects.

10 – Answers

All in all, your website should be able to answer the questions of potential clients. They visited your website to get an answer so give it to them. When their questions go unanswered, they will most likely leave. You missed your opportunity.

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