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Custom Web Design for Entertainment

Color Your World With Beauty and Entertainment

Simply capture what you love and all your latest works of art then feature them on a custom web design for entertainment. Whether you are on your way to becoming a great gamer, or whether you are into miniature cooking and sculpting or a budding make-up artist who finally wants to establish themselves on the internet, having your own website will help fans find you faster and easier.

Stock up on videos and a whole lot of time to talk about what you do or what you are about to make because surprisingly, there will always be a fan out there, young or old, who will be rooting for you. It is now just a matter of getting recognized.

As much as video-sharing is possible on a popular and dominating website is, sometimes, some people cannot fully interact because they have to create an account just to leave comments on your video. By having your own custom web design for entertainment purposes, fans and visitors can easily leave their comments on your comments section. This also puts your videos and blogs all in one platform where you do not need an account for videos and another for your blogs. You also make it faster for your fans since they do not have to leave the current website they are on, just to check out your other work. Your website can have different menu buttons which you can use to organize your videos from your blogs.

If you are a makeup artist who is looking for a great way to establish your work online, you need a solid foundation for your website where your previous makeup events and stints can be featured on. Here are other ways that a custom website can add color to your entertainment world:

  • Name Game
    Apart from building your own name, you can also go for a nickname that will make your website easier to remember and associate with. You can make use of the word playfulness such as “bella elleana”, which you will also employ to dub the website name. In this case, Bella means beautiful in Italian or Spanish, and by adding your name to it, makes for a unique website and domain name. Plus, you get to keep your identity on your website name itself. Fun, is it not?
  • Expose Your Beautiful Work
    Every chance you get with a client, make sure to take photos of your work so you can add it to your portfolio for different makeup styles and techniques that you are capable of. You can even add videos of how you do your client’s makeup so there will be a step-by-step view on how well you do your craft. All your clients will want to have a look they want to achieve for their event and occasion, whether it is for a wedding or for a themed office party that needs your groovy 70s styling expertise. All these work “evidence” so to say, will greatly help future clients who would want to have their makeup done by you.
  • Make It More About You
    A more detailed version of your portfolio, your “About You” menu would ideally need to contain your work history and how you got to become the wonderful makeup artist that you are now. Make this menu more about you so you can also wow clients about your makeup trainings and certificates, which will add to your advantage to proudly show what you can offer your clients.
  • Have Online Booking
    To make it easier for your website visitors, you can partner up with a reliable online booking resource. This way, your clients will have a more efficient chance of booking makeup sessions with you. This also makes you easier to get hold of since you can clearly provide booking schedules that you are available for and have been booked for. Clients will know your available dates and they can adjust accordingly.
  • Sharing On Social Media
    The ultimate way for your network to expand to an even wider reach is to have easy link sharing options of your website onto different social media platforms. This way, when your future clients or fans want to recommend your service to their friends or families, they can quickly share your website to their social media accounts. By also having your own custom web design, you can gain the confidence of your clients when they can see that your website is secure.
  • Blog It Out
    The most important thing you can do to create traffic on your website is to have efficient SEO blogs. These will lead people, who are looking for excellent makeup artists nearby, to land on your website. By having SEO targeted blogs that will contain keywords leading to your website, your chances of having future fans and patrons will definitely be higher.
  • Provide Your Information
    To enhance the legitimacy of your makeup service, provide the areas you can cover for makeup sessions so that your client will have expectations. You can also add your business phone number, which they can contact you for. If they are within the area, you can also add directions or a Google map section they can scroll on so they can see the location of your studio, if you have any.

Establishing your own custom web design for entertainment can lead you to bigger opportunities that you can ever imagine. A lot of individuals have become “cyberlebrities” or cyber-celebrities because of their craft that viewers have come to enjoy and want to get more of. Through your website, you can personally update fans with your techniques and services, because your website is your identity. It shows your ownership. Build this world of beauty through entertainment that will keep your fans waiting for more.

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