Custom Web Design for Entertainment: Music

Custom Web Design for Music: Marketing your Music to the Rest of the World

Custom Web Design for Music

Aside from food, close friends and family, one certain thing on earth that helps people overcome their problems and forget their worries is music. Even if the music, especially its lyrics, does not necessarily relate with what our present circumstances are right now, it still has the capability to help us feel lighter. It is not a person who can be with us and tell us to stop doing dramatic acts and try to be positive and blah… blah…, but it has the power to allow us to feel such.

The effects of music is certainly compelling and as if a spellbinding thing. That is why, most people engage on music. They listen and admire songs or otherwise create them. But according to study, a lot of artists in the whole wide world are undiscovered, only a few are recognized for their talent and only a chosen few among the “few” get an exceptional fame. Imagine that!

Talents in music are gifts. They deserve to be shared to everybody. However, many artists could not do that. Why? It is likely because they are amateurs. They may use social media and a lot of other sites to gain more exposure, but they may possibly fail in the end. How?

If you are someone building a music career who does not like wasting such penny for costly and unnecessary failures in social media and video-sharing websites, then you may avoid these possible mistakes most artists have done, otherwise known as the 3S:

  1. Starving themselves and not giving their health enough credit
  2. Selling all of their possessions to get famous
  3. Sacrificing relationships for the recognition

What you need to consider are these three necessary components:

  • Strategy

    Social media and video-sharing websites are definitely the good means of telling the world what you have got. But a website of your own can help you market your love for music to the world and profit off from it. With a custom web design in music, you can:

    • Let the world know you for your passion and interest in music
    • Sell your records online
    • Profit from merchandises your fans are dying to have
    • Go on a tour, even a world tour for that matter!

A lot of professional musical artists and even those who are aspiring to have a name in the music industry and become famous have made it through the music industry using the internet as their springboard to success. They have all done that through the use of social media and collaborations with co-artists. And do you know what they all did in order to reach out to their fans more? They all made a website. Why you ask? Because they can modify the website according to their own needs. This is the use of our custom web designs in music. Not only will you be able to sell your music in your website but you will also reach out to your fans and they can also reach you back through emails.

Your website will also help you in announcing for your tours and it will also help you sell your merchandises. It is a win-win situation for both you and your fans.

  • Direction

    When you are in the music industry, you need to set a direction, your goal for that matter. With your own website crafted by our custom web design in music, it allows you to keep on track on all of your musical dreams. We make a custom web designs that enables you to continue doing your best at your worst and at your best and one that reminds you to do the best in everything you can think of. With your own website, you will be able to chase your dreams to success.

  • Foresight

    We all know your goal is to become famous but how? What is your one year plan? Your five years plan? How do you see yourself from now after achieving all of those you have planned for? Engaging in the music industry is like a business and at the same time, a profession. It is your profession, your walk of life and at the same time, you earn money for your daily living in this trade. With Proweaver‘s custom web design in music, you can create a website that allows you to track your performance as a musician form the albums you sold to the demographics that your music targets. Yes, you read it right. With Proweaver, you can have a slice of a custom web design that reports you on your progress.

Proweaver is not your typical web designing company for we help you market your music to the world.

Custom Web Design for Music: The Secret in Succeeding in the Music Industry

Custom Web Design for Music

Being in the music industry is a very tough job. It requires effort, perseverance, dedication, talent and of course, passion. Though sticking with playing music and composing songs and lyrics may require a lot of exertions, the passion of playing one single song that will make the crowd go wild or jump in rhythm with your beat is priceless. And this experience will double if the song you shared with the raging audience is one that you have composed yourself or with your band and peers.

Have you been getting your name in the crowd, performing in front of the right people, making a lot of connections just get your foot in the door, waiting for someone to give you your big break, trying your best, getting yourself broke in order to succeed, or risking everything and everyone to become successful in the music industry? Or do you think you need to experience the things mentioned above in order to do well in your career as a musician? Well friend, if you have been doing those things these years, you are on the wrong path. But if you, friend, are in doubt of whether or not you should be in the music industry because of your “perceived” imagery about the journey of a musician, then you should know that because of the digital age today and because of the widespread use of the internet, making a living as a musician can be attained without selling your soul to the devil.

One great way of making your way to earning your living in the music industry is through making your own website. As we have mentioned earlier, the world today is on its digital age. Financial transactions and entertainment can be pulled through with the use of the internet.

How can you improve your musical career? With a website, you will be able to become a star with just a click of the button. And with the partnership of people who knows how to make the website that will make you rise to fame, you can share your music to the world without anything blocking your way. You can do that with the aid of Proweaver.

Proweaver has been designing and crafting custom web designs that have been a huge help to a lot of people and professions from all across the United States of America, including the United Kingdom. With our experience as our backup, you can trust on us on making a custom web design for music that allows you to sell all of your musical capabilities.

In this day and age, being a musician is different years ago. Today, you earn more with the use of your merchandise, interviews, collaborating and promotions rather than with your music alone. Promotions are very important in keeping up with your career. You need to keep up with your social media accounts and everything under the sun to make your daily earnings as a musician. But with a professionally crafted website to help you promote yourself, your musical talent and your merchandise, you can be able to make “music money” with convenience.

They say that the internet have caused the musical industry’s failure. That is not, in fact, true. With the internet, you may not be able to sell your albums but you can give it to your listeners for free. When you have given a piece of music that is worth the money of people, your fans will indubitably support you through buying your own merchandise, attending your concerts even though how small it is still, allowing and encouraging you to go on a tour and many more. When you believe in your music and when the crowd has seen your desire and passion to share your musical talent, they will without a doubt, support you in any way.

As a summary, the secret to rising on your musical career is promoting yourself. You need not spend a fortune just to advertise and share your musical pieces to the world. Proweaver is always here to help you promote yourself through making custom web design in music for your musical career.

So scream out, rock on, sing along, and play your passion to the top with the aid of Proweaver‘s custom web design for music.

Music is one form of entertainment. Today, there are many types that people can enjoy listening. Different artists also use different kinds of instruments to create wonderful songs. Music has always been called the universal language, not a lot of people know that it is also a common link that bridges any type of gap that exists between each individual. These individuals can appreciate good music no matter what type of language it is based on. It also bridges people regardless of race, color or preference.

If you made a decision that you need a website with a custom web design for your music entertainment or maybe you have decided that it is time for a web redesign, then you should choose a design for your website which ultimately reflects your taste and the image you wish to convey. Selecting a custom web design is an important step in creating a new website or upgrading your existing site.

Custom Web Design for Music

Owning a website for music entertainment will help you become well-known in the music world. There are various benefits that you can get in owning a website with a Custom Web Design such as popularity, appreciation, acknowledgement, saves your time, a wider audience, and a lot more.

How does a Custom Web Design produce a loud sound to get people’s attention?

  • A website helps you being appreciated by people. If people can see that your Custom Web Design is a professional-looking one and your music soothes into the soul, then you will surely be admired.
  • By owning a website, you have a competitive edge over the other music artists.
  • While you are busy with your schedule or if you don’t have time to promote your music, your website can be a representative and will do the talking to the people.
  • Your Custom Web Design will help you market your products (Cds, mp3s, posters, tshirts, etc.).
  • Your music entertainment website helps you bring impact to the world through your composed songs, it could be about the government, happenings in your area, or the happenings on the other side of the world.
  • Your music entertainment website will help you gain acknowledgement from people all over the world.

Entertainment Web Design: Why It’s Important for an Artist to be Searchable on the Internet

The Internet has allowed us to connect and communicate with people all over the world. It has helped old friends find one another, relatives stay in touch, and sometimes even help people find love.
But an online presence can do so much more; it can help you create a name for yourself and provide you with endless networking and career opportunities.

Nowadays, more and more people are going online due to the vast opportunities that the new media provides for businesses as well as for individuals such as an artist. As the world wide web or internet is designed to be an ever-changing landscape, the new media continuously provides new effective communication tools to users. In this manner, a website with a good custom web design helps an artist reach far more audiences and revenues for their music or masterpieces than traditional offline strategies.

According to, “One in five employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, and close to 59% of them are influenced by your online presence.” This is the new age of career building. Social media platforms are the new resumes, and you need to be able to “sell” yourself.

Why Have Online Presence?

  • Enables prospective clients to find your website.
  • Gives you the ultimate platform to engage with existing and potential followers, thus strengthening relationship with your advocates
  • Provides value to your name, helps build reputation and compete with other competitors
  • Enables you to find new career opportunities, without requiring much time and effort
  • Establishing credibility and visibility in your field
  • Powerful, fast and efficient marketing, communication tool, and medium
  • Global presence 24/7
  • A sign of professionalism

Increasing your online presence as an artist through a website with a good custom web design is one of the best way to improve your visibility and popularity in your field. Experts suggest in having a strong reputation management, in order to track what is being said about you and to separate factual opinion from the hater’s angst, but as the famous quote I’ve read online once said that “Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves; because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be.”

Custom Web Designs to Promote Your Musical Style

How well do you wish to be part of the mainstream music industry? Do you have the worthy talent to be part of the band? And if so, how do you plan to make your music known?

Music stops.

Let us rekindle your long-buried dreams. Start your music with us and let your unique style be known to the world through the virtual voice of your custom web design.

The Melodious Harmony of Design and Music, Now Online!

Custom Web Design for Music

We are all aware of the current mix of 21st century music. The tune of songs and the ears of customers perk up to just almost anything, without reconsidering the message, the sense, and the true character of an innate talent. A lot of musical enthusiasts are just out there, waiting to be discovered. The real problem is –those with the ability continue to compete with the backlash of false tune-technology fused to songs to trickly enhance their quality.

Yes. The reality is, our music today is a bash, and the audience are left sort out among those who are worth listening to. You still have your chance! All you need is to find the right way to step foot on that stadium and rock the world with your musical prowess.

In this light, Proweaver is here to help you in our most unique way — to create your own custom web design.

The internet is a convergence of different people, with different interests. It is also the global village for business lines – insurance, home care, colleges and basic education institutions, transportation services, legal services, organizations, and most importantly, MUSIC industries. In fact, YouTube belongs to the top five most viewed websites in the world. And, among its various content, music videos account for 40% of its percentage viewers. Just imagine how many people go to music sites everyday, looking for ear-catching sounds that’s new and distinctive.

So for your best advantage, Proweaver offers you rock and roll solutions. We incorporate design to your genre of music, whatever it may be – ballad, classical, folk, religious, country, rock, alternative, RnB, pop, etc. You get the depiction according to your specifications.

Proweaver is your trusted design partner. Our services are reliable, dependable, and fast. In no time, your website is fully yours, just the way you want it.

The harmony is in the adequacy. As the owner, you have the authority to customize your site features from the color scheme, the tab features, the navigation tools and the content. You are free to design it as much as you want. Take the lead and we’ll do the job.

Your website is not just an ordinary site. It’s you. So never let your talent waste away. Stand up and promote your style online through a reliable custom web design.

Choose from free layouts! and start your music the Proweaver way now.

Make melody in the world with Proweaver

Music today is ever-dynamic and thoroughly praised. Everyone has at least one favorite artist to snuggle loyally beside them inside mp3 players almost every instance in a day.

Custom Web Design for Music

Music comes from artistry, passion and a constant longing to voice it out to anyone who is willing to listen. And people who have enough of that, surely decide to share their talent with the rest of the world. And how better to do this than engage custom web design on one’s journey toward super-stardom? Think about it, music speaks to people, and the more people you can touch, the more you have inspired the world with your melody of truth through beat and lyric. What could be greater than that? You see, if you haven’t thought about it yet, the only way to explore for a wider range of listeners is through the internet. Can you think of anywhere else? With the help of custom web design, you can showcase your talent in a very captivating, and personalized manner, reaching out to audiences not only in your own neck of the woods, but further onto deeper forests. Let’s talk international.

Proweaver dreams of being side by side with soulful and talented singer-songwriters, bands, vocalists, ensembles, instrumentalists, composers and countless other musicians in special their music fields. Our ambition is to project the artist’s enchanting, and genuine ideas and musical style with the help of the web. More than that, we will add fun and entertaining features where your fans can discuss your talents through easy navigation and functions. It will in turn, garner a bigger audience. With your specifications, we will create a design that you feel most connected with, and that will continue to develop you without you even noticing it. We want your website to reflect every side of you as an artist – your style, your music and your message, a medley of a unique scheme that is paired by your personal edge.

Proweaver will get your compositions heard, drawing not only listeners, but big men in the music industry. You will gain credibility and genuine impact for that talent you always wanted to let shine. As an artist, you will end up reaching brighter firmaments than you ever hoped for in the start. It is Proweaver‘s vow to create an original, and highly-engaging custom web design for talents from all walks of life. We want their websites to be presented in an alluring, and expressive manner that will only obtain for more listeners. We will create aspects for interaction, mailing lists, commentaries, artwork & multimedia features, promotional tactics, and sales models paired with enhanced music and video players or widgets to fully realize the artist’s personality and calling.

Proweaver’s oath is to create a high-quality custom web design that matches your high-quality music. We want you to acquire that dream novelty through our wise marketing solutions despite several others competing in the music industry. We will give you a name.

Being in the music industry may take baby step by baby step, but through our expert skills in creating a custom web design with great feel and presence, your artistic vision will be fully recognized along the way.

Showcase Your Unique Talents with Proweaver

What makes your music stand out? Just two things really, catchy individuality, and one that leaves a lasting beat to the ears. Music is a delicate form of style. If you want to capture a good audience, you have to think cleverly and out of the box. You have to be unique, and not be a replication of already hard-earning artists. Custom web design by Proweaver can help you with that.

What could be the better alternative to showcasing your talents in music than through the web? The internet itself already contains hundreds of thousands of spectators, who are in it almost everyday for fun, interaction, and a great amount of them, free music. With the help of custom web design Proweaver makes, you can show the world how much fulfillment it gives you when you tell a story through music & lyrics. We will even make it better for you through custom web design. Your website will be paired with song samples, easy-to-use media players, a portfolio or scrapbook of your journey towards success, interesting photo galleries, blog entries, fan boards, anything uniquely you to attract music-minded folks who without knowing, dream to one day become like you too, inspiring and one of a kind.

Proweaver promotes a fast stream and browse experience for listeners to enjoy your thoughts & sounds. We are a very affordable custom web design company compared to most. Trust us as you work your way to the music industry, and we promise our custom web design will take you places. Place your heart in Proweaver like you do with your music, and in time your individuality and soulful spirit will spark and captivate others sooner than you ever thought it could.

Open Your Ears To A Promising Future In Song

Music speaks. It captivates many and inspires more. If you believe in this, we want you to believe in a promising opportunity – to expand your dream in a network of boundless chance, the imaginative world of custom web design.

Custom web design for talented and driven musicians is the ultimate opening to grasp audiences from small towns and big cities. The age of the internet through whimsical websites has rendered countless hypnotized, so we think it’s wise to open your palm and shake hands with an occasion ready and more than eager to welcome you to hopeful perspectives.

With web technology that surpasses ordinary standard these days, why not make use of it all? Music players, podcast, lyrics, self-reflection, the depiction of your rare talent – these representations are groundbreaking. For sure people in gradual time would come to admire your bold and refreshing identity and will learn to admire a ton of you. It gives you an instrument to play and master your tunes in an organized manner, and capture for wide-eyed talent management agencies.

Custom web design like music is steadily progressing, creating for the world an unsurpassable arena for chance and interest. We want you to reach your destination with contentment and pride. Choose to be a patron in custom web design and Proweaver is generous enough to give you 2 free layouts today.

Custom Web Design: A Hopeful Getaway For Dreamers and Musical Aspirants Alike

Do you want your voice to be heard? Is there a melody you’ve longed to share? Lyrics to give inspiration for? What about a talent to be accredited or greatly look upon?

Custom Web Design for Music

Custom web design can give you all the exposure your thriving young dreams have always aspired for. You can reach heights, attain incomparable contentment, and accomplish bigger horizons with custom web design as your ally as you slowly build your dreams step by step with a driven, hopeful state of mind.

Proweaver wants to help you reach your ambitions from being a sprouting, ready-to-conquer-the-world dreamer to a truly remarkable and inspirational symbol of meaning in song. With a custom web design, your seeking, sanguine desires to be a maker or music will be echoed in a world wide web where the possibilities of fame and its rewards are endless.

Custom web design is a getaway of combined inspiration and hard-earned efforts you’ve molded from heart and mind. People will be drawn and inspired by your message through a custom web design, and most of all, will be uplifted through your creativity for making wonderful pieces of lyrics in song. The beauty in your message will be resonated through a transparent world where the promise and embodiment of your talent is almost unbelievably auspicious.

Have somebody as your guide while you slowly start to fulfill your wist and desires to creating impression with every unique song. Let Proweaver take that talent and spread its wings like an aspirant bird alight. A custom web design can envelop an all-ears crowd that will reward you praise and cheer you’ve longed for deep inside that willful heart.

Custom Web Design: Makings Behind Your Music

Custom Web Design for Music

Music is an element of life that many lean towards to make a pleasant day. Music keeps people smiling, relieves them of worry and makes them look forward for events to come.

Music is something that should be shared for others to take part of, to find fulfillment from, and hope for joy. If you are a music enthusiast and happen to be performing it with grace, using an instrument that brings melody to the ears, then your voice ought to be heard by tens, hundreds, and thousands of onlookers from all across regions and continents!

A custom web design helps you get there as quick as you could ever hope. YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and all other social-networking sources help give you the limelight you righteously deserve, but a custom web design is the widest platform that can only tell your unique and refreshing artistry of song.

With a custom web design, you can accomplish:

  • Custom media players that soundtracks your recordings
  • Picture galleries that display your works and behind-the-scenes
  • Video blog or podcasts that feature live video or recorded clips
  • Free albums or track downloads for fans to get a hold of
  • A unique and customized web layout that speaks your musical originality and personality
  • A private nook where you can review, brain-storm and mix tracks for eventual recording
  • A newsletter for listeners and interests to keep up-to-date on your music

And a lot more!

So take part with a custom web design brought to you by Proweaver today! We offer affordable costs for your music-aspirant needs.

Nurture Your Talent with a Unique Nook on the Web!

Custom Web Design for Music

Woudn’t it be fabulous to make a name in the music industry? All your hopes, your dreams, your childhood aspirations come true when people look up to you on stage with starry eyes? While fame isn’t built over night, Proweaver wants to support your career, building your dreams so you can get there one small step at a time.

With your very own website to promote your talent to a big number of audiences and listeners, you’ll be well on your way to achieving fame in only a matter of time. Proweaver is here to help you with that. A custom web design will showcase your originality, setting you apart your competitor artists. If you are a pianist, a dj, into beatboxing, play classical guitar or have that amazing, angelic voice, Proweaver will give your rare feature its place on the web. Because we consider you a very dear client, your website will be a custom web design based entirely on your preferences. Unlike many competing custom web design agencies who think they can make all the decisions, leave you out of the creative picture, and rob you of all your money, we on the other hand emphasize on that sparkle, that raw talent you want others to perceive. From personalized music players, embedded track lists, an online recording studio, sneak peek behind the scenes, a musical diary, fan mailing lists or shopping pages full of merch, tell us you need it all and we do our best to entertain every one of those special requests. Looking for a glittery presentation? A spectral view? A groovier vibe? Or how about a more reserved outlook for your image? Proweaver works to be able to give all that to you.

Our custom web design services create pieces of fine web art in line with your vision of sharing music, a fresh contribution to the world. Starting at a very pocket-friendly rate, because we understand you are in your thriving career, in a position where you start from scratch, Proweaver will turn your space into an inviting aura for web viewers. We want to work on your dreams without focusing on what’s in it for us. Everything is about you in a custom web design. From the introduction to the closing features, you will always be the celebrant.

Proweaver has made hundreds of more than pleased clients for 8 years now who were willing to embark their journey and entrust their future in music with us. Doesn’t that make you want to do the same? Collaborate with us, and we can honestly say it is going to be a fruitful one.

Customizing Your Talent To The Web – Custom Web Design Your Place of Music with Proweaver

Custom Web Design for Music

Whether you’re a new singer or wish to tell your prevailing artistry on the net, Proweaver shares your talents to a sea of audiences! If you’ve always wanted to make a scene with your contributing blend of musical abilities, we’ll help you rise to the star podium. With technology fast-developing, backing us in the age, we take it to full advantage by setting you a custom web design that will promote you online big time!

You can expect to receive the following features to your custom-made web page:

1.) Complete list of music in a personalized embedded playlist
Your fans love to get a load of songs they can get their hands on for free. Let people be familiarized of your music’s originality. Deliver your message song after song and have it play endlessly! Your playlist is kept running 24/7.

2.) Artistically designed background and banner
Show your style and personality. Once your visitors hope onto your page, the first thing that catches their eyes is your theme. We’ll help you use this feature wisely.

3.) Products and gear
We can equip your custom web design with its own shopping cart so your fans can purchase a boat load of merchandise! From singles, albums, belts, bags to more accessories, they can acquire some of the best materials about you on your exclusive products.

4.) Community
Keep your fans close. Keep their interactions and gossip on a spike. With a community section on your website, fans can meet new fans and share their praises, opinions (or fantasies) of you as an artist.

5.) Discography/ background
This page will inform your listeners on how you spent your “getting there” journey. From the first traces of song writing, musical collaborations, explosive performances, to the compilation of extended plays, this segment tells all.

6.) Reviews
The reviews portion of your custom web design will be a reflective factor to gaining newer fans. Whether you just began your career, got commended by a local radio station, or received a streak of star compliments from Alternative Press or the Rolling Stone, music lovers can get a sip of what to expect from you as an artist.

7.) News, Events and Projects
Are you cooperating on a charity for breast cancer awareness? Maybe you attended last night’s Emmys. All the FYIs your fans look out for are decked out on this page. The latest piece of news can give it all away.

8.) Compositions
Offer your fans a free taste of what’s to come or the greatest musical pieces you have arranged. They will love you for this and can revel on your best hits.

9.) Tour
Inform your fanbase where you’re heading next. Where is your concert event planned? Whether you’re performing in a small venue or a wide arena, avid followers come together to witness your music as you perform across state or globally.

10.) Video and multimedia
A two or three minute clip will keep your viewers at the edge of their seats. Give them a sneak peak behind the studio, maybe even a dose of a special interview. What about some high definition photos? This particular section to your website will undoubtedly be one of the most visited.

If that isn’t not enough, tell us more unique aspects of a webpage you’re interested in. Call for a custom web design from Proweaver today.

Entertainment Web Design: The Importance of Harmony in a Website

Custom Web Design for Music

Music adds color to our lives, it is more than just the harmony, the tune and the lyrics – it is so much more. Life is so dynamic just like music, they are both mysterious and surprising that you’ll never know what to expect.

Music is embedded in different ways and it is best shared to people who understands you and even to people who has a different perspective from you. Proweaver understands that we are all unique individuals and they will help bring out the very best in you.

We can create an entertainment custom web design according to your taste and preferences, a website that truly reflects who you really are. A place where you can just be you and introduce your style of music to people. Proweaver listens to you and we want the world to hear you, we want them to know you and tell them how talented you are.

Proweaver believes in giving harmony to your very own website, a consistent look and information telling them this is who you truly are. You can captivate them through your own compositions and astounding arrangements of various songs. When you are more visible online you will be recognized quickly and you will be more approachable to people who supports you.

A custom web designed lets you do more with the talent that you have, you can promote your music, inform people your events, feature your musical merchandise, give any updates and many more. Your website is you, an extension of yourself so we would want them to see you at your best. A custom web design by Proweaver works just like magic.

Be a Professional Music Artist with Proweaver

Custom Web Design for Music

Are you an indie band or an indie singer who just simply loves to make music and get into the heart directly with your fans and reveal what you really are and what your music is really all about without the media hypocrisy? Then you should be promoting your own music!

With millions of people who now rely and spontaneously browse on computers and mobile gadgets using the internet, there is no way you won’t get noticed with your talent from web browsing. With bloggers on the rise porously looking for something new, indies have always captured their attention for them to be the very first to spot the musician. With your own custom web design page, it will be much easier for them to share the link about you and your music from their written articles, thereby leading readers and music enthusiasts to discover and maintain that contact with you.

So how do you promote yourself?

Posting your band on campus? All students can do that. Posting your music sample on YouTube? Even your neighbor who’s afraid of the sun can do that. Promoting yourself on Facebook? I bet your mother is already doing that on her new iPhone too. So what separates you from them and even other local artists? Be as creative as your music and how you’ve always been, be a pro! Have your own customized web design. Express your mission, and let others be a part of it.

It’s what separates you from the regular students on campus who’s main goal is vanity, but can’t play music. It’s what separates you from your heliophobic (afraid of the sun) neighbor who wants the world to know that fear, but can’t play music. It’s what separates you from your mom who wants to…oh just please ask her, but can’t play music.

Don’t let those potential music notes and heart-captivating lyrics settle just somewhere on the web, make your very first custom web design and globally fuel your music promotion!

Here’s what you get for having your own custom web design for your web site:

  • Express yourself with your design and lead your music fans to capture your style and signature.
  • Promote your music effortlessly all over the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
  • Let your fans know where you are and where you’re heading by posting your gig and concert schedules on your site.
  • Sell your CD’s, downloadable mp3′s, t-shirts, concert tickets, and promotional souvenirs directly without any corporate interventions taking advantage of your flair.
  • Earn from other relevant industries or other artists wanting to advertise on your site, with high ranks and page visits, those recording companies will likely tap on your shoulder to get on the bandwagon.
  • YouTube is for amateurs, YOU are not! That’s why you need to have a website.
  • Transcend from local bands while constantly getting in touch with your fans from your custom web design page.

Get a captivating custom web design with Proweaver! Create a cost-efficient, yet professional and artistic website as a start up plan that will make you look and feel, just like the other famous artists.

You and Your Music on the Line, Online

Custom Web Design for Music

In the 21st century, the world-wide web revolutionized people’s way of living. From the means of communication to acquiring news and information, it even reached to the way of doing business, and so it did not neglect to touch the entertainment. Every day, thousands of people get hooked to the world wide web. They surf and browse various social networking sites and websites. The websites that they are viewing range from health, education, business, travel, fashion and style, food, games, arts, information technology, religion and music.

Since almost every living human being in this world are wired to the world wide web, it might be a great advantage for you to have an online presence as well. Still not convinced? Let me present to you some logical reasons why. First, it is a fact that the Apple’s iTunes store sells 21 million songs on the average a day and there is an average of 230 million songs that is illegally downloaded a day. Another fact, 12 of the top 25 most popular Facebook page are music artists and bands. It is also a fact that the music artists and bands dominate the top 10 most searched person on google in the US.

Now, why do you really need to have an online presence? Simply because everyone is in there and everyone is snooping around on the internet.

The question that might first pop up on your mind might be “How?”. How will I make an online presence? Where can I start? Whom can I turn on to for help?

At this very moment you need not to worry because you have landed at the perfect spot. Proweaver is here to come to your rescue. If you want to go live online and you don’t know where or how to start, we will do the work for you. At Proweaver, we offer you fast, reliable and guaranteed custom web design services. We do custom web design that tailors your own style and taste. We take pride in offering you custom web design services that crafts from your imagination.

So what else may stop you from getting a website that speaks about you and your music? Could it be the cost for the custom web design services? Well, worry no more. At Proweaver, we offer you 2 custom web layouts to choose from for free. Yes, we will offer it to you at absolutely no cost at all. All you have to do is just fill out the free layout form, give us some important details about you, then give us an idea about how you want your website be fashioned and styled. At Proweaver, we will give you a chance to engineer the website that plays on your imagination at no cost in no time.

Website has a Soul

Custom Web Design for Music

Imagine a world without music – boring isn’t it? Without music, life becomes dull and gray. Music is a mystery that we don’t care to find out because we enjoy it as it is. Since the world began, human beings are so attached to music because it makes us feel different kind of emotions. It can either uplift us or depress us.

Music Industry
In the musical industry, music is highly encouraged to be pursued by every individual. Everyone knows that embracing the music world would not make much money nor does it guarantee a stable income, yet a lot of free-spirited individuals follow their hearts and pursue music. Music agencies, schools, undergraduate programs, workshops, are persisting to widen the world of soulful music.

Music Web Design
It is a fact that music is all about expressing that we do have a soul. Well, little has it been known that web designing also has a soul. Web designing is now plunging into the colorful nature of music. A creative and impressive web design doesn’t need to be extravagant. It just have to show enthusiasm for it to be identified together with music.

Proweaver, Inc. creates web designs for people. And by people, we do not mean robots or aliens, because people do have a life, and people do have a soul. A soulful web design is how we preach. Who says websites should be boring and plain? We do have a soul too! Help us inspire people and we will help you spread the love for music through the internet.

Websites are not for robots – they are for real people at Proweaver, Inc.

Music Web Design: Your Music Space Online

Custom Web Design for Music

Claim your music spot online together with your custom web design, skillfully created and designed by Proweaver. The world wide web has an unlimited space for established and famous musicians, as well as there is more than enough space for budding singers and bands.

Bring to life your very own music and introduce your style. Launch your music career and get noticed with the help of the online platform. Create and share who you really are and post it on the world’s most powerful channel, that is the internet. Be visible online and hook up all your listeners into one place-your website, where everything about you and your music is rocking out loud.

With the help of your compelling, visually appealing and interactive personalized music website, you’ve got it all in one place. Spike up in the music scene and give music lovers a whole new taste and experience in the arena, where creativity and originality is the name of the game. Proweaver is a fast and dependable web development company, creating efficient and dynamic customized websites. Our web developers work hand-in-hand with the artist to create a website that will surely reflect the artist’s personality. We will build it just how you imagined it to be.

Build your concert stadium online and be able to reach hundreds to millions of people, and let them enjoy your melody. Accentuate your flair in creating exquisite sound with the help of your customized website that features your artistic side.

Music Web Design: Come For The Show, Stay For The Rhythm

Custom Web Design for Music

Venturing into business, nowadays, can be quite expensive. A lot of resources, not to mention the effort, have to be put into it to make sure that things are properly done and executed perfectly. The music industry, just like any other business, is crowded and packed with individuals who each has their own formula of rising above the others.

Whether or not you are still starting out, you need an instrument that can help you break through the boundaries that bridges you to your target market. You need an interactive website that engages the interest of your clients and audience. A website that can retain their attention to support you and help you soar in the music scene- a website that Proweaver can do fantastically.

Over the years of developing websites, we are able to come up with a method that will surely attract music lovers all over the world. Give them an appealing website, one that will make them a supporter of your music. With Proweaver, your website can serve as your act that persuades them to stay.

You need as many followers as you can to remain in the industry longer. Since everyone are spending much of their time online, you have a better chance of acquiring enthusiasts of your music. Websites transmit information in a 24/7 basis, which is ideal for people who are not in the same time zone as you. With it, anyone can know details about you and your shows anytime, anywhere.

A striking online presence, made by Proweaver’s team of professionals, is your ticket to stardom. Talk to us today.

Sharing Music On Your Website

Custom Web Design for Music

No doubt, music is a great part for most people’s lives. It adds emotion to films, sets the mood at social gatherings, influences one’s day, and determines culture. People’s taste in music changes from time to time. Genres may branch off endlessly and trends may alter from one decade to another, but music remains constantly played in evolving music players. Which is why if you play music, write songs, or sing, you should share your talent out to the world through a custom web design by Proweaver.

Proweaver helps musicians gain more audience. Even when your music is something new and unheard of, Proweaver’s custom web design aids you set the trend. For all you know, your music is what the people have been waiting for to hear but just didn’t know what. We offer custom web design services to all kinds of music artists including but not limited to the following:

  • Singer
  • Rapper
  • Conductor
  • Composer
  • Record Producer
  • Orchestra
  • Band
  • Instrumentalist such as pianist, organist, accordionist, cellist, electronic musician, guitarist, saxophonist, violinist, violist, harpist, drummer
  • Disc Jockey (DJ)

Having a website adds to the professionalism of one’s musical abilities. It secures the musician’s copyrights as well. With your music originally uploaded on your website, you’d grow more listeners and probably would profit from it. Proweaver creates custom web design that fits well with your music genre whether pop music, rock, jazz, instrumental, covers, and the like. We write your web content that exhibits your excellence and uniqueness.

The sky is the limit to the creativity Proweaver builds your custom web design with. You can have your signature homepage, special icons, and themes. We could include useful tools in your custom web design that help you and your music become more popular and idolized. Here are some of them and why they are serviceable:

  • Latest news or updates – keeping your fans posted about your band’s events, gigs, and other activities make people want to attend those occasions, and would either come to see you or request for you to perform at their place
  • Blog – give your fans a glimpse of your personal life. Show them your fun side, or how loving you are to your family. This way, people could connect more to you and recommend you to their friends as not just a great musician but an awesome person as well
  • Feedbacks and comments – allocate a space in your custom web design where fans can air their adoration to you
  • Newsletters – make your fans feel closer and committed to you by allowing them to subscribe to your website for any updates
  • Social networks – create your own official social media accounts that your fans can follow and like. One tweet can drive fans crazy, gets retweeted multiple times, thus gains you more fans

With these and many others great elements your custom web design has, your music will reach beyond the potentials you imagined before. Proweaver uses visuals that create such magnetic charisma among your fans, and which could turn a casual web surfer to a new devotee of your music. In no time, you will be among the most famous musicians of today. Your custom web design by Proweaver is your history in the making.

A Music Website that Promotes your Artistic Work Online

  • Made to Order Website Layouts
  • Professional Content Writing
  • Email Address or Email Account Hosting
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Personal Blog Integration
  • HTTPS or SSL Certificate
  • Website Redesign
  • Web Hosting Service
  • Mobile Website (Compact Counterpart to Desktop Website)
  • Website Maintenance for Launched Website
  • Design Services for Hand-outs / Flyers

3 Major Advantages for Rising Recording Artists to Have a Website

Custom Web Design for Music

Gone are the days of the record store. The music industry has drastically changed over the years. The digital era has changed the fate of every aspiring artist. In this digital age, recording artists market their music in a totally revolutionary way.

For new recording artists, it is very important that at the early stage of your career, you have to build a solid foundation. This can be achieved through online presence. We have narrowed down the importance of creating a website for rising recording artist like you.

Here are the top 3 reasons why should have one:

1. Opportunity

As rising recording artist, it is very important that you establish your brand to your audience and what better platform to do this than making a professional music website for yourself. People in this modern era are always on the internet, looking for information. Having a website is an opportunity for you to build your brand and credibility. In your website, you can showcase your own music, your own music style and explain to people who you are, what you can offer and why you are the next big thing in the music industry.

With your website, people from all over the world can look you up. Established record labels in UK and even in Hollywood are actively seeking for new artists that could potentially dominate the music industry. Huge stars like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Adele were only few of the many music artists today that were only discovered online before they all rose to fame. Website serves as a place for potential reputable labels like Sony, Universal and Warner Bros which are scouting for new talents to discover you and help you make your dreams come true.

2. Accessibility

People need to know that you exist in order to build a strong fan base. And because you are still starting your own career, you need to be available day and night to your fans. Having a website will allow you to do that. It will be easier and faster for your fans to be updated of your activities. You can post your tour dates and your gigs when you have a website. You can also link your personal social network accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to your own site and have your fans subscribe to your email list. You can upload your recorded music and even music videos.

Every opportunity you have to increase your visibility is very valuable. Your website is a channel for your presence. It simultaneously makes you easier and more accessible for new fans, and makes you more familiar and recognizable for existing fans. An online site can be visited anytime of the day or night. You just have to make sure to post enough information about yourself to make it worthwhile.

Your own website can also be an avenue for your fans to make friends with other fans. Creating a solid fan base is difficult. But having a website can build better relationships with your fans. You can send them messages using the email subscription feature of your website. Your fans can also interact with you by leaving comments or feedbacks in your site.

3. Inexpensive form of Advertisement

Any moment in your music career can change without proper advertisement. Investing in advertising is necessary for one’s music career but this takes a lot of money. There are many forms of advertisement for music artists. You can go knocking on each radio station in your area, pay them to play your music or pay millions in television channels for just a single minute airtime. One advantage of having a website is that it can provide a wider presence of audience. It does not limit your visibility locally but can capture audience worldwide. Having a website will make promoting your gigs and tours less expensive. Many affordable web designs like Proweaver can help you achieve your greatest potential.

Every success starts with a single step. A website is one for aspiring artists like you who want to make it big in the Hollywood or worldwide. If you want your music to be heard by the entire world, you should build your own website and think of it as an investment. Remember how Justin Bieber was discovered before making it big in the music industry? What about Nicki Minaj who began working as a back-up singer and decided to put up her own music online and eventually picked up by New York record label who subsequently signed her?

Do not limit your dreams. Dream big and make it worldwide.

CUSTOM WEB DESIGN FOR MUSIC: Present to Your Online Audience

Custom Web Design for Music

What genre do you play? Country? Ballad? Pop? Classical?

Since the beginning of human’s cultural explosion, music has been deemed “food for the soul”. So whatever menu you want to serve to the people is up to you! May it be an original composition or a revived version or be it a love song or a song of pure self expression, the mass wants to hear it. The music industry today grows by the day! YouTubers’ songs are already being played in the radio.

There’s a myriad ways to try and get to the top and the ways are all up to you. So how do you get your very own stream online audience?

Clear Recording and Leveling

No fizz and fuzz on the background… the music does not overpower the singer or vice versa. Recording must be done at an actual studio or at least a quiet room so that no or minimal edits will be done for the raw audio file.

Hitting the Right Notes

May the note be bass low or soprano high, you must hit it right. The audience is a very strict and sensitive critic after having to listen to music since they weren’t even born. If it is too high or too low for you, adjust the instrumentals.

Songs Giving a Message

Your songs should portray a message. Whether it is about your passion with romance or your nationalistic views, it should be able to touch the minds and hearts of your chosen audience. But then if your kind of music has no words, play your instrument with the right tone and the rights pace for you to express the kind of feeling you are suppose to give off to your listeners. If you are singing a different language from your chosen audience, let them feel the message; as Lou Rawls said, “Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.”

Now that you are set with your rightful audience, the only thing left is to get to them! Get a website and fill it with your high quality content and show the world the work of your genius. With the help of the trusted professionals from Proweaver you will be able to showcase your work with our custom web design for music. What can you get from us for signing up for our custom web design?

A Logo and 2 Free Layouts

We guarantee you that your free layout is uniquely yours! We won’t give you templates… our designs are customization at its finest from the highly trained and experienced web designers to you. With them working round the clock for your dream custom web design and logo, you will be more than satisfied. Your website will is unique on its own. And if you consider revising the layouts we have for you, feel free to contact us and we will gladly hear your ideas out and put it to page!

Highly Trained and Experienced Web Designers

Do you want your site to play gifs? Is it going to contain videos? Would you like the music to play on the background while browsing? No problem! Just ask and the functions that you’d want would be present in your website. Where do you place masterpieces? Of course you’d want it displayed in a unique and responsive site with top notch functionalities and aesthetics.

Fast and Daily Updates

After your request for revisions, Proweaver will update you daily with the status of your custom web design we let your ideas sink in to it. Your design will be realized ideally by 48 hours! And if not, you will be informed on how we are doing to make your website better and eye pleasing.

Low Cost at No Recurring Charges; The Design is Yours

Proweaver will help you code up and beautify your dream custom web design for music while you do your best pleasing everybody with your amazing music outputs to share to your audience. High quality custom web design with reasonable price; what more can you ask? Well of course the design you will be getting will be yours without additional payments.

Just sign up and be eligible for our service. Present to world your music online with the help of Proweaver!