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Custom Web Design For Fashion and Merchandising

Fashion And Merchandising: 9 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Website

A website helps you set your fashion company up online. With the Internet being made easily accessible to most people worldwide, you can’t not take advantage of it.

When creating your company’s website, make sure to avoid these 9 mistakes.

  • #1 – Inconsistent visual flow

    An eye-catching custom web design for fashion and merchandising entails a consistent visual flow. Online guests and potential buyers should have a smooth transition from one area of the page to another. Otherwise, they might get confused. As a result, they may end up going to your competitor rather than buy fashion products from you.

    For consistency in visual flow, try to plan the layout ahead. As much as possible, the flow should already show consistency in the website’s visual flow even during the planning stage. Use appropriate spacing as borders to separate one area to another. Use the same style for every page in the website.

  • #2 – Overwhelming custom web design

    Sure, you want your website to be eye-catching and enticing. In relation to #1, it is extremely important for your website not to be too overwhelming. Otherwise, you risk getting your customers confused with the different things that are going on within the page.

    Choose colors that are complementary to each other. As much as possible, utilize the hues found in your logo or your fashion and merchandising company’s brand. You want your customers to recognize your business whenever they see your website. Furthermore, avoid putting too many colors.

  • #3 – Poor user navigability

    Have you ever experienced visiting a webpage that does not contain any info that you need? It’s a waste of your time, right? You don’t want that similar experience for your customers.

    Poor user navigability can hurt your sales. If your customers cannot get to the details they need at the less time and effort possible, they will most likely abandon the page.

    A good custom design for fashion and merchandising enables users to navigate through the entire page effortlessly. It also aims to give users important info with the least clicks and redirected pages. Make sure to keep these in mind when creating your company’s website.

  • #4 – Low quality images
    Images play an important role in the fashion and merchandising industry. After all, fashion is meant to be seen. Images allow customers to take a look at what your company can offer to them.

    But, the quality of your images can make or break the decision-making of potential buyers. Low quality images do not give justice to your items, no matter how fashionable and trendy your items are in actuality. As much as possible, use high quality images. This is crucial if you are into fashion e-commerce as most users browsing through your catalog rely on images in making their choice.

  • #5 – Lack of item description

    Customers would want to know certain things about the fashion merchandise you are offering. They want to know if the items are available in certain sizes or colors. They want to know what materials are the items made of.

    Not putting the description of the item you are selling can be considered a mistake in custom web design. Item description helps potential buyers decide whether to make the purchase or look for another similar item. You have to see to it that every item is described. You really don’t have to go into detail on the description. Making sure that pertinent details are included will suffice.

  • #6 – Incomplete information

    There are some websites that post incomplete information on their pages. For instance, an online fashion shop may advertise the offer of free delivery. But, when the customers proceed with the purchase, they find out that the free delivery service does not extend to their current locations.

    This incompleteness can turn potential buyers off. It is much better to provide the most crucial info or restrictions about your product or service. This way, customers won’t likely get frustrated with the time they spent on trying to place an order.

  • #7 – Non secure online payment system

    A customer who wants convenience when shopping may opt to shop online. If the customer finds your website, it is expected that your page should give off a certain security and confidence to them.

    Ensure the tight security of the online payment system that you will employ. Customers who can’t trust a website with just one look will most likely not place an order with you again. Additionally, make shopping for fashion and merchandising online convenient by offering different payment methods.

  • #8 – Lack of customer support

    At times, customers may still need help in placing their orders. They might want to track, modify, or cancel their purchases. They might need assistance in understanding the return policy.

    A mistake that you should try to avoid is not having customer support service readily available. It can be quite frustrating for customers to wait for business hours the next day if they made a mistake with their purchases the night before.

    Having customer support service features online, such as a FAQ page, Help page or even a live chat option can help.

  • #9 – Incompatibility with other devices

    Probably one of the most serious mistakes you can do when designing your website is not making it compatible with other devices. Laptops are not the only devices that can access the Internet. There are phones, tablets, and laptops. Make sure that the site is compatible with any user’s device.

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