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Custom Web Design for Healthcare in Armagh

Healthcare Web Design for UK: Medical and Health Care in Armagh

County Armagh, a medium-sized town, is the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland. It is the least-populated city in both Northern Ireland and on the island of Ireland, and the fourth smallest in the United Kingdom.

Armagh being part of the Republic of Ireland, has a healthcare that currently centres on a centrally-administered national health service financed mostly from general taxation, now known as the Health Service Executive (HSE).The HSE is responsible for providing health and personal social services to everyone not just those living in Armagh but in Ireland. Health care in Ireland is two-tier: public and private sectors exist. The public health care system is governed by the Health Act 2004,which established a new body to be responsible for providing health and personal social services to everyone living in Ireland – the Health Service Executive. Ireland’s health care system is modern and reasonably efficient. It is also free, if you don’t count the taxes that pay for it all. Everyone resident in Ireland is entitled to free public health coverage. The level of free coverage depends on your economic health – the poorer it is, the higher your level of coverage. There are two categories of public health coverage. Once you are resident in Ireland, you are automatically entitled to one or the other.

The Irish government’s Citizens Information website explains that there are three types of hospital in Ireland. These are the HSE hospitals that are fully owned by the state as part of the HSE and funded from general taxation, voluntary public hospitals that are funded mostly by the government from general taxation, but are either run by private bodies (usually Roman Catholic orders) or are “incorporated by charter or statute and are run by boards often appointed by the Minister for Health” and private hospitals which are fully private, for-profit and not funded from general taxation (though the private hospital sector has been indirectly subsidized with some tax incentives since 2001).

Citizens Information adds that “there is very little difference in practice between the first two types, both of which provide public services”. Further, it also notes that both HSE and public voluntary hospitals often “also provide private health care but they must clearly distinguish between public and private beds” (much as how some British NHS trusts can earn some income from treating private patients). Health insurance firms in Ireland sometimes categorise all voluntary hospitals as ‘public’ along with the HSE hospitals in their directories, with the fully private hospitals categorised separately. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, healthcare arrangements in Ireland were often provided non-governmentally by Catholic charities, while the state mainly focused on basic services for the very poor and public health measures such as the regulation of clean water. The Irish health system is huge – the nation’s biggest single budget expenditure and employer. Keeping up with all the myriad options, forms, services and offices available would take a team of people. Alternatively, the Health Service Executive – the body which runs Ireland’s health service – has an excellent site with the same information and some more specific ways to access individual hospitals, services and forms.

We at Proweaver recognize the quality medical and health care service being offered to the entire Armagh community, and salute to the individuals who have continuously and tirelessly offered their medical advices and health supports to the public, in order to maintain a healthy way of living for the Irish household.

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We love nothing but help provide awareness to the citizens of Armagh and help those in the medical industry pursue their passion of helping people.