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Custom Web Design for Polyclinics in UK

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A health care facility that is primarily devoted to the care of outpatients is called a polyclinic. It can be publicly or privately operated. Unlike hospitals which offer specialized treatments and admit inpatients, a polyclinic covers primary health care needs of the people. There are also some clinics that are associated with larger hospitals, there are also those that are owned by general practitioners.

The role of polyclinics in the community is unquestionably significant. Polyclinic is a significant part of the health care industry in providing quality healthcare.

One crucial component of being a successful health care company is the ability to provide quality health care. Making networks within the community is a key to help the business grow. You may present your services and highlight the assets of your clinics to the public through advertising.

The question is how can your polyclinic be known? Is there a way your polyclinic can stand out? How can you make your business be well-known by your customers? You can do it manually by giving out flyers and leaflets. But those leaflets will eventually end up in the next trash can they see. Undeniably, change is here. You can always complain about it but there’s nothing you can do but to adapt or else you will be left behind. The health care industry will improve and will adapt the changes and so should you. There’s no better time to start adapting change than now. We now live in a world of computer.
Technological advancement is always available. People love the internet. Because the internet lets you see what you want to see. In just one click of a button you can find contact numbers, people, shops and whatever you want to find. Even a specific health care company like you can be found in the internet, if you want to.

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It is important to get yourself medically screened, even if you feel perfectly healthy. There are a lot of emerging medical facilities offered by UK healthcare. Hospitals are still the most common, direct and immediate choice of healthcare establishments to most patients. However, because of the growing patient population per day, hospitals have become too limited to accommodate everyone. Lack of space, equipment, time and medical attention may ultimately lead patients to more stress.

But this should not hinder patients from getting the right care that they need most. Seeking for a proper medical attention is not always accompanied by burden, inconvenience and too much expense. Because of today’s radical need for a better and more healthcare facility to serve the growing population’s medical demands, UK healthcare offers the British populace polyclinics. Polyclinics are another innovation by the global healthcare sector which aims to provide almost every medical service that they could find in any hospital, with less burden, inconvenience and expense. It is considered as a one-stop healthcare clinic covering all medical facilities and healthcare services that people opt to achieve as walk-in patients or outpatient customers. Almost all outpatient services are offered, from a simple blood test, investigations down to a more complicated medical service. The emergence of polyclinics in UK healthcare sector has opened a lot of opportunities for medical practitioners to rise against the challenge brought by locals and private hospitals. They can now use their own resources to build a clinic and combat against the tough competition from the more established healthcare facilities.

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Because polyclinics are considered as a one-stop clinic, it encompasses a wide array of medical services to all patients. These may include the following:

  • Medical Care
    • Acute conditions
    • Chronic conditions
    • Family planning
    • Antenatal and postnatal
  • Vaccination
    • Travel vaccination
    • Childhood immunization
  • Pharmaceutical Services
  • Medical Examination and/or Screening
    • Breast cancer screening
    • Cervical cancer screening
    • Child health surveillance
    • Eye and foot screening for diabetic patients
    • Hepatitis screening
    • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) screening
    • Medical examination for driving license application or renewal
  • Laboratory and Radiology
  • Dental Care
    • Examination and diagnosis
    • Restorative dentistry
    • Periodontics
    • Teeth extraction under local anesthesia and curettage of infected socket
    • Preventive dentistry
    • Oral health education
  • Special Services
    • Minor surgical procedure
    • Referral and medical assessments
    • Case conference and discussions
    • Health talks
    • Nutrition demonstration
    • Support group
  • Other Services
    • Smoking cessation program
    • Health education and health workshops
    • Community wellness centers
    • Occupational health clinic

Proweaver understands that not all polyclinics offer the same extent of service. Our custom web design for polyclinics is scalable to your firm’s goals, objectives and operations. We match any of your unique and specific demands carefully through our tailored services. You name it, we’ll make it. Part of our goal is to make your website a helping medium to your cause. Our custom web designs will give you security of a solid market experience between you and your pool of patients. Our custom web designs will offer your patients a great customer experience as their needs will relatively be just a click away.

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UK Health Care Web Design Patient’s Expectations for Polyclinics

More often than not, people that come to medical facilities have more than one healthcare need. Consequently, UK’s National Health Services made it available to its people various medical services at one clinic. This is very convenient for many British people. To make it even better for patient’s to find the services they need, create your healthcare clinic a custom web design by Proweaver. It maximizes your customer services, establishes your trustworthiness, and expands the reach of your reputation.

Polyclinics, as what these medical facilities are called with multiple healthcares available, come in handy for many British citizens. More than one treatment is available at a polyclinic. There are general practitioners and specialists present. There already are health laboratories and pharmacies. Other healthcare services a polyclinic has include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ophthalmology
  • Podiatry
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing services
  • Outpatient care
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Social care
  • Mental health services
  • Minor surgeries
  • Urgent care

Many people have polyclinics confused for hospitals. These healthcares are in fact two different things. To have a better understanding about what polyclinics are and why it is not a hospital, here are a few points.

  • Location
    • Urban – hospitals are usually found in places with large populations, or in the middle of communities and urban areas. There are many polyclinics at big cities and other urbanized towns. Polyclinics could also be a part of certain hospitals.
    • Rural – there barely are hospitals in rural areas. What are rampant there are polyclinics. Polyclinics could refer patients for hospitalization at nearest or preferred hospitals.
  • Care type
    • Outpatient – polyclinics administer immediate care to illnesses, injuries, and other healthcare needs that are not chronic. They may perform minor medical procedures like stitching up cuts, wound dressing, and the like. People simply walk in on set appointments and leave the polyclinic the same day.
    • Inpatient – hospitals typically have patients stay overnight or for longer days, weeks, months, and even years for continuous medical attention, and recovery from illness or injuries.
  • Services
    • Intensive – hospitals are where patients are rushed off for serious medical attention. Patients would need round the clock supervision and scheduled medication intake. They may have surgical operations and had to be monitored by a healthcare professional.
    • Less medical – polyclinics are where patients come for a tooth extraction, or to have their colds checked, where they buy flu medicines, or have their minor injuries taken care of.

Every polyclinic differs from the healthcare services it provides. Check out your local polyclinic to know what services are available. As for polyclinics in the different towns and cities in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, create your healthcare organization a website that the patients near you are aware of the medical services that are accessible in your own area. Proweaver can build you a custom web design that presents your polyclinic services effectively. Spare your neighbors the long trip to London and other city centers. Let them know, through Proweaver‘s custom web design, that the healthcare services they need are already available at your polyclinic.

Polyclinics and their Services

Kevin Durant once said “With a versatile player, there is no spot on the court you cannot pass him the ball. You can do anything.” This American professional basketball player who plays with the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA) made his point that versatility is the key to achieve success in the field of his expertise. Human in nature is adaptive, be it in work, family, friends, or simply in the environment we belong. We tend to find answers to every question. Look for solutions to every problem. And innovate ways to lighten up our burdens. Global health went through the same process. New discoveries and inventions were introduced to the world to cure the previously deadly and incurable diseases. While on the sustainable pace of demand, various private and government research facilities around the globe conduct continuous and progressive research and developments to meet current standards of global health advancement.

Consistent with the evolution of global health, healthcare service providers around the world develop a yet another innovative service by introducing polyclinics, a one-stop clinic for all medical facilities and healthcare services that members of the community may opt to visit as walk-in or outpatient customers for a simply blood tests, investigations, and other outpatient services that they may avail rather than visiting an inner-city hospital which would entail greater medical costs and demand longer waiting time. In addition, the setting up of polyclinics opens a new door of opportunity for general practitioners to step up and combat for resources with local and private hospitals.

Services offered by polyclinics includes but not limited to general medical services, dental services, diagnostic services, pharmaceutical services and other medical services like health and mind clinics, vaccination clinics and family medicine.

General medical services generally outline primary care services similar to acute primary care, advance practice nurse services, child health services, chronic diseases care, diabetic foot screening, diabetic retinal photography, dietetic services, medical social services, any minor procedures, physiotherapy services, podiatry services, psychology services, smoking cessation programme, tonometry, ailment treatment procedures, and women health services.

Dental services includepreventive or diagnostic, basic and major dental services. Preventive or diagnostic dental services consist of examinations, cleanings (prophylaxis), periapical x-rays, full-mouth panorex x-rays, tooth sealants, space maintainers, and bitewing x-rays. Basic dental services typically are those treatments and procedures that are straightforward in nature and do not involve major laboratory expenses. It involves, among others, amalgam fillings, sedative fillings, root canal treatment, periodontal scaling and root planning, periodontal surgery, emergency care for pain relief, re-cementing dental crowns, stainless steel, and composite fillings. And lastly, major dental services category includes treatments and procedures that are more complex than a basic dental service. It also often involves dental laboratory expenses thus tends to be more costly than basic dental services. Some of its services include, bridgework, inlays and on lays, removable partial dentures, complete dentures, denture relines and rebases, denture repair orthodontic treatment, and crowns.

Diagnostic services process the provision of timely, cost-effective, and high quality diagnostic care in safe and secure environments. It mainly involves clinical services of pathology and laboratory medicine, nuclear medicine and radiology. On another hand, polyclinics provide pharmaceutical services like quit smoking clinics, minor ailments and self-medication advice, anti-coagulation clinics, hypertension, diabetes and lipids clinics, travel health advice, and medication dispensing & counselling.

Polyclinics indeed brought various minor to major medical needs into a single venue, resulting to higher turnover of outpatient services and more affordable medical services than private hospitals.

The Trend of Polyclinics

In the United Kingdom, healthcare is one of the topmost priorities. The government places most of the taxes that they collect on healthcare. Furthermore, academies and institutions have very good and intensive programs when it comes to the medical arts. This is why the United Kingdom has been the leading state in the world when it comes to healthcare because it continuously devotes itself to research and more developments. Perhaps, one of the most obvious proofs of the developments of healthcare in the UK is the presence of polyclinics.

Polyclinics are different from your typical kind of clinics. For instance, they offer a greater range of services as compared to the services provided by general practitioners or other health centers. Polyclinics offer the same services that the general practitioners or health centers do. For example, polyclinics can offer extended care, most of them urgent. Other services also include social care, community mental health services and other services for healthy living. People also benefit from polyclinics in a sense that they also similar services with hospitals, but that these polyclinics are much more accessible compared to hospitals. There are various kinds of polyclinics with different models proposed by different people and health practitioners.

The rise of polyclinics can be traced back to the early years of the National Health Services (NHS) wherein health centers provided services that a general practitioner would offer and would also offer specialist care like ophthalmology and podiatry. These health centers clearly offered services that were given by General Practitioners and hospitals, but with little less regularizations and costs than hospitals. The history of polyclinics can also be attributed to various health trusts who wanted to combine more services in clinics. For example: the Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health. It is a polyclinic which offers different services that include GP services, outpatient care, social care, dentistry, mental health services and even a rehabilitative area for children. The downside for that polyclinic though is that it offers limited diagnostics and does not even offer urgent care.

According to the Department of Health, polyclinics really offer a lot of benefits. First and foremost, it provides a way of providing more services that are of proximity to the community which makes it more convenient to the community as well. This is especially helpful for antenatal and postnatal care, community care, and social care as well as specialist advice). Second, it also provides another avenue where general practitioners and other health care professionals can work together to achieve one single goal which is to be of aid to the community. Third, polyclinics provide better care for people who have very complex and chronic diseases. Lastly, it is also a way of easing out the congestion of hospitals in a way that urgent care is to be provided by the polyclinics instead of the hospitals. This is also to shift the focus of hospitals to other pressing matters as well. However, there are some criticisms as well on the implementation of polyclinics.

There are various opinions, though, on the implementation of polyclinics especially considering the rise of much more complex diseases which arises the need of complex and urgent care, as well as more health centers to cater to these patients suffering from such diseases. Most people have sought the need that there should be more institutions such as polyclinics who could cater to them as soon as possible because structures such as hospitals could not fully focus on them and their conditions.

To quote, the Policy Director of the NHS Confederation says:

“Polyclinics are based on long term trends of what works best in healthcare, and in fact there are many practices successfully operating under a similar model already. As such we have been genuinely surprised to see the level of concern surrounding these proposals among the health community and patient groups. What we need now is a calm and balanced debate about how to bring out the best in our primary care services. The name may pose a problem. Polyclinics may be associated with the previous soviet system of healthcare, however what is proposed here has no real connection to this at all. While it may sound like the polyclinic system will not resemble the service currently provided by family doctors, in reality it should build on what is best in general practice. Of course this is not something that will work in every circumstance, but delivering better organised care focused on the patient is surely a good thing. This is why it is crucial that politicians and health professionals fully engage with the benefits that polyclinics can bring. Knee jerk reactions focusing on possible problems based on pre-existing agendas rather than potential solutions could seriously jeopardise progress for patients.”

Further, the Chief Executive of Age Concern London, Samantha Meager also says:

“We welcome the intention of providing an integrated local health centre delivering a wide range of services in a joined-up approach. If this is done with care it could benefit many older people. While older people may be worried about possible changes to the services they currently use, many suffer at present from lack of coordination between different health and social care services. The NHS needs to work with and listen to local people’s views about the services to be provided. We need improved, responsive services and easy access for Londoners of all ages from all communities.”

Proweaver recognizes the fact that people have to be informed on the different developments of the field of healthcare thus we aim to inform people of such developments via our custom web designs. We in Proweaver offer custom web designs that are directly accessible and very informative. In addition to that, our custom web designs are also appealing to the eyes so that readers would be much more enticed to read for their enjoyment. We know what readers want, and we know how to make them want things. Here, in Proweaver, you are assured that your web design is for the benefit of your own company.


In the advancement and steady development of UK healthcare, polyclinics have been mutually evolving through time. The growth of polyclinics in the industry have provided another medical progress to the healthcare community as they stand as a one-stop clinic for all medical services and facilities. Patients may now opt to seek for health attention as an outpatient for simple medical examinations and further work-ups, rather than visiting to hospitals which can ultimately stress medical costs and time. But with the developing grounds on polyclinics, it has opened doors for several general practitioners and other allied healthcare providers for independence from hospital support.

As of today, a lot of polyclinics have been sprouting in UK producing a stiffer competition in its sector. To be able to float among your sea of competitors, you need to take the initiative in bringing your healthcare platforms online.

Why should you use the internet?

The birth of the internet has balanced the playing field for small businesses in competing with major corporations. It has allowed new businesses increase both its visibility and revenue, expanding on a dramatic scale of potential customers. By having and effectively using an online presence, you get to feast on a primary channel for connections between you as the healthcare provider and your patients. It is the fundamental medium even for the newly empowered healthcare consumer to find and act upon authentic information. Below are some of the many general benefits proving the capability of the internet as your business best friend:

  • Establish patient and potential patient connection
  • Interact with your target audience and cultivate professional relationships
  • Connect with individuals with common healthcare interests and issues
  • Promote your professional reputation and brand
  • Offer a friendly, laidback environment for convenient interaction
  • Demonstrate healthcare advocacy and professional opinion
  • Run interference for several services
  • Solicit and exchange ideas and information
  • Exhibit your professional achievements in healthcare industry
  • Provide health awareness and education with respect to specialty and experience
  • Grow your networks of professional colleagues
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and management
  • Influence and enhance your online presence for greater involvement and visibility
  • Use success stories to show your professional healthcare capabilities

In addition to all of these, embracing the power of websites can help most healthcare providers in reducing their workloads by moving some patient interaction that are currently, traditionally done by phone or in the office. Thus, the World Wide Web can help create faster and more convenient online UK healthcare polyclinic platforms.

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  • Fully-customized, fully-functional web designs
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How can our custom web design for polyclinic serve you?

You take care of your business and we take care of your website. Our team of experts knows exactly the best way in building and illustrating your services online. We will work with your respected healthcare company in figuring out the best and effective way in staging your platforms on the web. With Proweaver, we can help you grow your marketing career to its operating limit!

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To which UK healthcare providers can Proweaver‘s custom web design for polyclinics cater for?

All of our quality custom web designs are available to all possible healthcare services in polyclinics. So whether you are promoting an outpatient care or social care, our adaptability in a wide array of industry can match and exceed your expectations. To be able to come up with a perfectly designed interface for the realizations of your business goals and missions is our skilled asset. Our custom web design for polyclinics are equipped to bring you a satisfying website on your specific services, such as:

  • General Medical Services
    • Acute Primary Care
    • Advanced Practice Nurse Services
    • Care Management
    • Child Health Services
    • Chronic Care
    • Diabetic Foot Screening
    • Diabetic Retinal Photography
    • Dietetic Services
    • Medical Social Services
    • Minor Procedures
    • Physiotherapy Services
    • Podiatry Services
    • Psychology Services
    • Tele-Ophthalmology
    • Treatment Procedures
    • Women Health Services
  • Dental Services
    • Examination and Diagnosis
    • Restorative Dentistry
    • Periodontics
    • Teeth Extraction
    • Preventive Dentistry and Oral Health Education
  • Laboratory and Diagnostic Services
  • Pharmaceutical Services
  • Other Services
    • Health and Mind Clinic
    • Vaccination Clinic
    • Family Medicine Academy

Like polyclinics, Proweaver serves to a greater extent online. We can mutually agree in extending your cause with reliability and efficiency. Call us now.