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7 Reasons Why Your School May Not Be Getting The Online Traffic You Want

Are you worried that your school’s website is not generating a lot of traffic online? There are a lot of reasons why this is so. Knowing the reason will help you identify a solution to the issue. Here are 7 factors that may be causing low traffic to your website.

1 – Keywords

The keywords you use play a crucial role in driving traffic to your school website. Remember, when potential clients look for a particular school, they usually enter keywords in search engine pages. Search engines use keywords as basis for providing results to visitors looking for something.

If you are not using keywords relevant to what you do, potential enrollees cannot find your website. In this case, identify which keywords best fit your school. Include these keywords on the title or headline as well as the content. Be careful about crowding your content with keywords, though, as your content might be tagged as spam.

Furthermore, the words you use should be specific, not general keywords. Most of the time, general keywords such as “best school” or “quality school” have high competition. When these keywords are searched for, only those that are already established schools can come up at the top of the list. If your school is new, it can really be a challenge. For this, try to use specific words such as “quality school in ”.

2 – Content

Content drives online traffic. No matter how awesome you think your custom web design for schools is, it won’t generate a lot of traffic if it has low-quality content. Think about the content you want to post beforehand.

Write a content that provides information to potential enrollees or their parents. The content must answer most, if not all, of the questions they have about your programs, your environment, etc. It should also be up to date.

Most importantly, make sure your content is free from grammar errors and typographical mistakes. The idea presented should be organized. While you might want to use common and easily understood words, exude a certain level of professionalism expected from a school.

3 – Content Promotion

Publishing your content along with your custom web design is not enough. You need to advertise it. Promotion is an important stage to letting potential enrollees know about your school and your programs.

You can promote the content in various ways. You can create back links. You can use social media to share your website. Take advantage of available resources to advertise your content. It might be a good idea to use paid aids for content promotion.

4 – Page Load Times

If your website is not getting a lot of online traffic, it might have to do with your website itself. Have you ever experienced exiting a website just because it took more than 10 seconds to load? Imagine what your online guests will do. Surely, they will do the same. People get too impatient at times. They want answers in an instant.

Keep your page load times as short as possible. Maximize the photos used in each page. Probably the most overlooked factor that affects page load time is the coding. See to it that the codes are clean and correct. Remove unnecessary codes.

5 – Visuals

As a school, you want your custom web design to reflect what you are as an educational institution. You want it to be professional. A website will help convey your school’s professionalism as well as that the faculty and management.

Since this is the case, you have to focus on the visuals. Choose colors that complement each other. Limit the colors to two or three hues. Do not be afraid of white space.

Consider visual hierarchy, as well. Make sure that the most important details are put in prominent places. Potential enrollees or their parents should be able to see these details easily. Guide them through visuals.

6 – User Experience

Another reason why your website may not be gaining traffic is bad user experience. Your visitors might be having a hard time navigating through the different links and pages of the website. When users have bad experience in this situation, they will most likely close the page out and not visit it again. Worse, they might not recommend it at all to their friends or acquaintances.

You have to make sure that your website provides good user experience. Limit the number of links that your users have to click just to locate the details they need. Use buttons with clear fonts and labels so users can easily read them.

7 – Social Media

Social media is popular nowadays. Its popularity won’t probably wane for the next years. If your website is not on social media, you might be missing out on an opportunity to direct traffic to your website.

The first thing you should do is create social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the most popular platforms that you can sign up for. Creation of accounts is free. Using them is free. If you’d like a promotional boost, you can pay for ads such as Facebook Ads. Do not forget to post regularly on your accounts and interact with your faculty, students, and parents.

At Proweaver, we always strive hard to create custom web design for schools reflecting their school spirit and values. Let us help you with yours by contacting us today!