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Custom Web Design for Writers and Publishers

Write Your Story, Publish Your Success

Custom Web Design for Writers and Publishers

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One of the oldest but still very in-demand services in the world is writing and publishing. Of course, almost everything around us involves letters and words. It is through writing and publishing that people are able to gain various information that are now used in everyday lives. Writing and publishing has helped out a lot of individuals and organizations in numerous ways like the following:

  • Promotion of businesses

    Business owners usually hire writers and publishers in order to promote their business and let people know about their products and services.

  • Dissemination of information

    Writers and publishers help a lot of organization to disseminate or spread out information regarding certain things. It is through writing and publishing that people are able to get information about a lot of things.

  • Expression of thought

    Of course, writers and publishers help people in expressing their thoughts in a constructive way so as to make the thought more effective and appealing to the crowd.

  • Involving people

    In a society where almost everyone has their own lives, writing and publishing breaks the borders and involves people by providing them a lot of information regarding the society or the world. This makes the people feel more involve within the society.

There are a lot of ways wherein writing and publishing helps people that’s why writers and publishers are being hired by various individuals and organization in order to spread information and awareness. There are companies that offer writing and publishing. Some of them might be effective but there are also those who are less effective which is why each company takes a lot of time in deciding which company to hire because the job can either make or break a company’s reputation.

Of course, with the amount of people offering writing and publishing services, it is important to market yourself to stand out from the rest. A custom web design by Proweaver will help you achieve that goal. Proweaver specializes in custom web design for writers and publishers which will help you gain more clients. With our highly skilled designers and workers, we assure you the following result:

  • A professional custom web design

    Being a writer and publisher is a professional job. Therefore, we will create a web site that looks professional. This will reflect not only you but also the services you provide to people.

  • Contents that promotes your services

    We make sure to include contents that will promote your services. This can include pictures, business overview and a brief description of the services that you provide.

  • Original contents

    Being a writer and publisher, copyright is a very big issue. In Proweaver, we make sure that the contents on your web site are original and we do this by reviewing everything that we include in your custom web design.

  • A user-friendly web site

    Who wouldn’t want a web site that is easy to navigate? This is usually one thing that your clients evaluate because a web site that is easy to use will mean that the company that owns it is also a company that is easy to conduct business with.

  • A design that is pleasing to the eyes

    A custom web design for writers and publishers that has a design pleasing to the eyes will allow people who visit your web site to visit again and this also creates a huge impact because once your web site is well-made, it creates the impression that you work very well.

  • Be ahead of others

    Having a custom web design for writers and publishers will be able to help you be in the lead. In a world where technology plays a vital role, a custom web design will be a great help along the way. Proweaver has professional designers and workers that will work together in creating a perfect web site for your company. This will help you overcome competition and in no time, be ahead of other companies.

Attitudes of the 21st Century Bookworms

Custom Web Design for Writers & Publishers

Mobile Web Design

Once upon a time, books pile up on the floor around the house of a bookworm. Let the 21st century bookworms be different because aside from their mini-library at home, they have a universe of books in one iPad. Oh yes, the present generation of bookworms have a different style of gathering their books especially with the constant upgrade of technology, here’s what writers and publishers need to know about the 21st century bookworms:

  1. They love online libraries

    Whether Kindle or any smartphone that has terabytes of memory can already hold their surreally-loved online libraries. Publishers should provide tons of digitized books that they can add on quickly to their library. Publishers having a website would be an advantage since some bookworms can’t contain the cloud nine and would rather insist a hard copy; at least you’ve got some information to give easily.

  2. They make book reviews

    Legit bookworms usually have websites of their own and make book reviews. This would call out to writers being in their lists of book reviews. If you’re in, it means they love your book and sometimes they love to spoil other readers who long to read your book. This can make or break you as a writer too. These book reviews also are advertising outlets you can benefit from. Nevertheless, they just make comments on your book/s that surely you can take insights for your next book.

  3. They keep in touch

    They keep in touch with other bookworms and share reviews and discussions about a book or a library. They also post a book or a site which they really like on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. These bookworms really know how to spread the word among bookworms and non-readers. They can spark some fire into your book and can give different ways to make your book as interesting as ever.

So how do I get in touch with these bookworms?

Custom web design offers a new touch on your library. Custom web design can launch a world of your own masterpieces that booklovers can drool over. Custom web design can connect you to other famous writers you can gladly share ideas with.

Which custom web design provider again?

Proweaver can make your site a page-turner! Proweaver can enhance customer satisfaction by its professional logo design, custom lay-out, website maintenance and support etc. Proweaver can also make a mobile web design for mobile users who want to get in touch with you. Proweaver provides greater choices for you and your readers. Contact Proweaver today and bring that imagination to life!

You can genuinely express yourself with a custom website.

Mobile Web Design

Every writer has their signature style, something only they have. It could be in the way that they write or what they write about. This is why a custom website is perfect for writers and publishers. Being unique is very important to them because they all seek to be distinctive. And having a custom website will mean that all you writers and publishers can reach out to your clients while also letting them learn more about you.

Writing and publishing are two occupations that truly require the use of the internet. It is indeed a very useful way to communicate with others. Most writers nowadays choose to have their own websites in order for them to express themselves better. Publishers, on the other hand, have websites for their companies so that they can get in touch with their clients and reach out to more writers. It is how these things normally work. Hence, if you happen to be a writer or a publisher, you should come to us at Proweaver for the most professional and suitable custom web designs for your job.

As writers and publishers, you need to be very accessible online. You heavily rely on the internet to reach all of your clients, which is why you should have a website. However, a typical website will not do, especially in the case of writers. Your website should have its own custom web design so that it can exceptionally represent you and your work. Custom web design for writers and publishers will give you the opportunity to let everyone know who you are and what you do. Individuality is essential to being a good writer or publisher, that being so, you should definitely consider a custom website.

Proweaver‘s custom web design services are unquestionably first rate. We specialize in designing custom websites for any type of business. Our web developers and designers are very proficient, which means you can count on them to expertly construct your custom website for you. Furthermore, our services are very affordable. You can get so much from us at the least cost. We can also finish your website in only a few days. Therefore, with us at Proweaver, there will be nothing to worry about. These are just a few reasons why you should decide on having a website with our custom web designs. We can certainly provide you with excellence.

Our custom web design services will also help your business improve. We can bring you a lot closer to the people and you can make them your clients. Plus, if you regularly write, you can post your work on your custom website and more of us can be able to read it. As a result, you can get better recognition for your writing. So, choose to let us help you today. You can accomplish so much more with a website that completely stands for you. It can also be what carries you to greater things. With custom web design for writers and publishers, you can truly let your voice be heard.

So come to Proweaver today for high quality custom web design services for writers and publishers. We are available to you 24/7! You can contact us through our website or simply call us at 949-864-6021. Have a great day!

Custom Web Design for Authors, Writers and Publishers

Mobile Web Design

You must have wondered how so many articles circulate so quickly when they barely even make sense. You must have questioned the generation’s depth when what you see shared multiple times on your social networking accounts are badly written blogs, and posts which lack reliable facts and sources. You might be shocked how books with awful plots and poor characters are best sellers now offline or online.

“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them,” said Jobs. So the answer to these queries above is that online citizens are half thinking and that great author’s are half known.

Don’t let your talent go to waste. Share it to the world! Whether you are a writer of humorous scripts, satirical articles, or young adult books, you should be known. You deserve it for writing so excellently. You must have done your part by posting yours up on sites, or free blog sites. But most likely you barely had any readers. And just how much you would love it to hear more feedback from more people!

You shouldn’t be posting on websites that barely have traffic. You should have all credits of your writing. And for that – you definitely need your own website! You do the writing, and we’ll do the designing. How much you must have been trying to think how your genre would look like if it was a picture! Proweaver, the best custom web designer, would gladly create the website that your writing so deserves. If you are a fantasy writer, then we could build you a more out-of-this-world website. If you were into funny stuff – then we certainly could create you a bright and cheerful website. If you are a travel writer, we could show you what a citizen of the world’s website looks like. And of course, on a more serious side, we could design you the professional website you wished for.

With your own website, people will get more what are you are writing about. Your brilliant ideas will sink in more to the reader’s mind. Whether we like it or not, people are more visual these days than the past. With everything having an image equivalent of it like memes and screenshots of text messages, it pays off to have a literal picture of your big idea. Give your abstract thoughts a tangible body. You’ll be glad you did.

Be a Writer with a Website

Custom Web Design for Writers and Publishers

Writing is your passion and being famous for it is a great goal to work for. However, even if your book is already displayed in bookstore shelves in physical stores, how do you get them sold to readers? God forbid your book will simply gather dust before it is removed from the shelves and then stored in the back office.

For writers who hope to get famous for writing, Proweaver offers custom web design that will promote a following. Let your would-be readers know that you are your product and more than just the book you publish. You are a real person that your readers can interact with via your own website.

If you have a social media page on Facebook or Twitter, all the better! You can put social media links on your website making your followers find you online with ease.

Web Design Advantages for Writers and Publishers

  • Cost-Friendly Hosting Fees
  • Non-Recurring Fee for Web Design Services
  • No down payment required for Free Layouts
  • Website Ready to launch in just a few work days
  • Advertising Opportunities for your Book on your Website
  • Affordable Maintenance Fees
  • Website Up and Running 24/7

Having a website for yourself as an author is definitely a Worthwhile Marketing Investment. Let Proweaver create a custom web design for you that gives your readers Online Accessibility to your Professional Information and Book Titles. Your websites will never gather dust, being the writer that you are, you can surely fill your website with blogs to promote your published titles and get your readers excited with manuscripts in the making.

Making a Mark in History with Your Published Works

Custom Web Design for Writers and Publishers

When you were a child, did you remember someone asking you this question, “What do you want to be when you grow up”? You said you wanted to become this and that. You wanted to soar high and search the world. You wanted to be your biggest dream-come-true. But as when that time came, were you able to answer the question or still, the question remained?

Unanswered! It’s maybe yes, maybe no, or just a plain maybe. Because you think that right now you are already at the end of the rainbow and did not find the pot of gold you were actually looking for. Or at the point of realizing that you haven’t found that rainbow yet. Or the worst, it wasn’t the rainbow that could outshine the storm you were been. It’s a matter really of perspective, as they say it. Only you can give the final answer.

Only you can make a period to every sentence you make. Only you can make it hang and make it incomprehensible. Only you have the power to change what has yet to come. But you and I can’t make a single strand of past to bend. It’s history. Everything that we had dreamed before are all history of today. Whether we achieved them or not, they were all gone footprints. Sometimes haunting, yet sometimes these are the ones that keep us moving; bearing in mind that once we passed the “now”, it will just be a memory.

You want it fresh. You want that memory new. You want it a history you can call your own – a history of you being the pioneer, a history of victory, a history spared from feared oblivion, a history which you wish to leave as a legacy. You wish to write upon it. Or, you wish to put it into something tangible or even intangible for it to be passed down to the next. Something you will be working upon and it’s something you will sooner publish. But they said, oftentimes, it’s the other way around. You worked upon something, published it and left the mark of history which people never forget.

Most people mistake art as only being exclusive to paintings, sculptures, and drawings. What people forget about art is that it also encompasses a lot of things and that includes our write-ups or the things we write about to vent out our feelings may it be in a form of a poem or a lengthy book. Some of these write-ups have become part of our history as well, and they have been carefully included in studies and courses. Scholars have even exhausted a plenty amount of time in dissecting these artworks and even study the author as well. These authors and write-ups had definitely made their mark in history.

There are different kinds of write-ups that have made their mark in history. You have Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth by William Shakespeare. You have Iliad, and Odyssey by Homer. These are write-ups that have stood the test of time, and have immortalized themselves as classical readings. These write-ups have been studied by a lot of students, and they have been considered as one of the greatest write-ups of all time. A lot of films and stories were inspired by these write-ups as well.

Modern age write-ups have become very popular as well especially on how the film industry converts these books into box office films. There have been write-ups such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and even Game of Thrones that have inspired a lot of people to follow such stories and recreate them into films bringing them to life. Further, these write-ups have accumulated a large gathering in which it has continuously made a mark in the lives of people as well as become part of their childhood or some portion of their lives.

Published works allow you to place your stamp in this world. Publishing your work means making it available for the world to see or read. It is a way of legitimizing yourself as an author. People like J.K. Rowling, William Shakespeare, and J.R.R. Tolkien were only able to make their marks in history by publishing their works for everyone to read and enjoy. They were able to accumulate a lot of wealth from it as well. Most importantly, they were able to change the way write-ups should be written because they themselves set the standard for what a write-up should be, and how it has become acceptable for what were once taboos in writing.

Writing is an art as it has always been. It is most ironic that people live in order to leave behind the legacy which they call art. In order to make your mark in history, you have to be brave enough to accept whatever may come – may it be in the form of praise or criticism. It is important to satisfy your audience while giving them your own dose of medicine so that they may accept your published work as well as understand that there is another method albeit unconventional that is as pleasing as it gets.

Proweaver understands that published material is a way of telling people that you are in the market just as how websites are a form of legitimizing the things you have to offer. Proweaver has been present in the industry of web designing for years specializing in custom web designs curtailed to the needs of the user and of the best interest of every potential viewer. One of the web designs most commonly designed by Proweaver is a custom web design for writers and publishers. A Proweaver web design is a design that is well-researched and informative enough for the viewers to know more, and for the client to gain more followers who understand their product well.

Your Website, Your Online Bookstore

Do you know that the world’s oldest bookstore is found at the capital city of Portugal?

Holding the title of being the oldest bookstore in the globe, the Bertrand Bookshop (“livraria”, in Portuguese) was founded in the year 1732, more than a century before the genius Albert Einstein was born (Einstein was born on March 14, 1879). It is situated in the middle of Lisbon’s chic Chiado neighborhood, just next to the Opera and the famous coffee shop “A Brasileira” (The Brazilian), notable for a bronze statue of Portugal’s best-known modern poet, Fernando Pessoa. The bookstore had a rough time moving through time and making history, from its destruction due to the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755 and it’s moving to its present-day area on Rua Garrett 73-75, in the historical part of Lisbon, in the year 1773. To date, Bertrand is a nationwide book-chain, operating all over the country of Portugal. If one happens to visit the Bertrand, the original bookstore is still on that same street, with beautiful wood-paneled walls and a wide assortment of all types of books.

However, websites now are quite different than before. Compared to Bertrand and to some of the traditional bookstores who have been up and running for centuries, bookstores now can get away from earthquakes and some other natural disasters that may be the reason for the bookstores’ demise. Also, finding a great niche to build a bookstore won’t be that big problem now as it would be possible to place it on a virtual world.

With the advent of technology and as the world becomes a global village thru the worldwide web, bookstores don’t necessarily have to be a four walled structure filled with towering shelves and books, and need not be in a specific spot where readers and buyers might be interested of visiting.

Almost everyone now is available online, from buying your bulky home furniture to looking for your phone accessories. This was once a dream of our ancestors of the past generations, where we won’t be going out of the comfort of our homes just to buy a pen that our kid wants or to buy that toilet cleaner we forgot to put on our grocery list. Now, the time has come when the internet has become a portal where we can determine a solution to our problems, find answers to our questions and supply things for our needs. Browsing the internet to look for our sought after authors and the latest release of our awaited books has been a normal thing for a lot of people. Book lovers or not, a number of people from all ages has been checking out on various online bookstores up and running over the web.

If you are someone who is interested in putting up your own bookstore but does not have a huge sum of capital to open a bookstore by the street corner or does not have the time to be in the bookstore and manage its daily operations, then you might be interested in opening your first bookstore online.

William Shakespeare expressed his thoughts in his famous book Romeo and Juliet, “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.” Indeed, there is power in a name, and it applies not only to people but also to websites. After all, even Facebook might have not gotten its success right now if not for a change of its original name “The Facebook”. So first up, you need a URL name for your web site, these can be bought at a number of places on the web. You have to understand that it is not only you who loves to have his/her own online bookstore so you have to be fully aware that your first, sometimes second, third, and so on choices may already be taken. In the web, there are various “forms” of addresses; you may notice some of them – .com, .net, .biz, and many others. Before setting up your website, you should keep in mind that once you come up with the name, it will be the name you will be marketing to gain a solid base of clients for your online bookstore. And at this point, you can be paying anywhere from about $9 a year to $30 a year or even much. So what is the reason for the varying fees? In most instances, it is not just the name that you are buying. Other times, you get some storage space and possibly some bandwidth and maybe a few other perks that gives you an advantage over others. But always remember that unless you really like to use the extras then do not pay for these extras.

To help you startup with your own online bookstore business, we actually have a great deal for you. With Proweaver, you can have your customized website where you can sell various books ranging from a wide array of genres and written by various authors. Proweaver has a great team of professional web builders you can be sure of giving you the best ideas on how to set up your online bookstore and all the needed support in order to make it operational. With Proweaver’s vast experience of building up websites, we can guarantee you of quality service and customer support in making your online bookstore a success.

Once Proweaver has set up your desired online bookstore, your business acumen will now be put to a test. Here are some advices that may help your online bookstore become the best go to of bookworms, scholastics, book lovers and every person who loves to own a book:

1. Make your online bookstore stand out among the crowd.

So now you finally have an established online bookstore up and running on the web, so all you need to do is upload your inventory, make sure that it is up to date, take orders from customers and ship the ordered items, and collect all those money! Well, it’s not that easy and the work doesn’t end up on that. You have to stand out! Among thousands of other online bookstores in the web, your store has to make it on top of the list whenever it is searched on the web.

2. Value your customers.

So now that you’ve got it all checked, and you are already “visible” to the market, the next question is, how do you keep customers once you get them? Just the same way you do in an open store. Newsletters make good reminders that you exist, especially if there are some “specials” advertised. But, remember this is the worldwide web, and the truth is it’s really quite difficult to get your name spread to all. Perhaps, a focus on social media network ads would be great.

3. Make payments easy and fast.

Moreover, credit card processing can help your bottom line go up, but setting up a merchant account and signing up with a gateway service can be quite expensive, so it is up to you if you’ll opt to have the service. Just make sure you are able to weight the costs and benefits of having such before you dive into it.

4. Work hard. Simple as that.

Indeed, you can make your website your own online bookstore. But it takes a hefty work to come up with a profitable bookstore that would cater to the big global customer base present in the web. Yes, no pain, no gain.

Custom Website Design to Host Blogs for Writers

Custom Web Design for Writers and Publishers

By definition, a blog is an individual’s personal website. It is a way for people to connect themselves to the world and be recognized. Online networks are growing vastly nowadays and if you want to be a part of the virtual society that is the internet then you should allow people to reach you through it. For writers, journalists, and also authors, it is not as easy to go to writing and publishing companies as it was before because we all have the chance to write and make our work known online. Other than that, if you choose the option of joining an already established website, there is no guarantee that you will get the acknowledgment you wish to get. However, if you choose to run things your way and control your writing career then there would be greater opportunities for you out there. Having your own website for your writing and your compositions is a great decision for you.

Writers are people who create stories, relay information, and interpret situations through the use of pens, papers, and now typewriters. They are the reason why we read and why we aspire to write. We want to express ourselves and our experiences in whatever way we can, and we do this by letting others listen to us. Creating a website for your written work will give it the chance to be appreciated by more people. Proweaver is a web designer that you can count on to develop your website for you in great quality. You can’t go wrong with choosing to run things yourself and manage your own website. With the assistance of Proweaver, your website could be your path to success.

Proweaver will design to your preference. Your website will reflect the work you do and the person you are. You will have the choice as well as the power to create something that represents you. Many of us choose to create online profiles to participate in businesses. This means that we look for jobs, look for people to hire, and look for people who might be interested in listening to us. All of these show that we are all trying to make a living.

Your Writer’s Blog Website Designed by Proweaver will feature:

  • Professional Logo Design
  • Custom Layouts
  • Website Maintenance and Support
  • Professional Stock Photos for Commercial Use
  • Easy-to-Use Website Online Forms
  • Mobile Web Design (plug-in or customized)
  • Website Hosting Services
  • Website Banner and Flashing Images

If you want to take the next step in your writing career, a good choice is to make yourself distinguished and independent of others. Your writing is your work and you will always want to make the best decisions when it comes to it. For some writing may be their passion but for others it is also their profession. Whatever the case, it is an enormous leap to have your own website. Therefore it is only logical to choose the best. With ease, you can use Proweaver. Greater choices will lead to a great career.