How Will Digital Marketing Be Like in 10 Years?

How Will Digital Marketing Be Like in 10 Years?

How Will Digital Marketing Be Like in 10 Years?

Technology is advancing at a breakneck speed, and there is no sign of slowing down. Ten years from now, digital marketing will be completely different from what we know today. In 1991, when the World Wide Web first became public, many of us did not realize how large of an impact it will have on our everyday lives. What started out as an oddity in the tech world is now something many of us simply cannot live without.

Digital marketing has definitely gone a long way from when we first started trying it out. Now we have the ability to tailor make ads to the unique needs of every single person on the internet and when you think about it, that was merely science fiction not too long ago. The future of technology and digital marketing is exciting and bright, full of new technologies and methods to reach your clients and audience on a more personal and engaging level, which plays a key role in custom website design.

The technologies currently in development for digital marketing that will be available in ten years from now seem ripped straight out of a science fiction film and that is what makes it so exciting! Here are a few digital marketing technologies that will change the way we advertise our services and products a decade from now:

  • Digital Displays

    There are many different companies currently developing an assortment of different kinds of digital displays that can be used for digital marketing. A technology that will likely see a widespread use ten years from now is something called geofencing and NFC. This is an exciting technology that displays ads personalized to you. Now, this does not seem groundbreaking but the fact that these are displays that will show you personalized ads as you walk by it is amazing. For example, this could be a screen at a mall and when you walk by it, it will play an ad just for you!

  • Omni-Channel

    Omni-channel is creating a user experience that is seamless across multiple platforms. This means users are able to purchase products online and shop at a brick-and-mortar store completely seamlessly. We are currently seeing this with many companies who offer apps and other digital means to purchase or use their services, even when you are at their actual store locations. Such as using a tablet to order a meal or the exact product you need. However, this technology is definitely going to be expanded and improved on within ten years creating an amazing and convenient experience. This is also important for digital marketing because many people get turned off with an inconsistent message or experience when dealing with businesses. Many professional web designers will be focusing heavily on this.

  • Block-Chain Technology

    Basically, a block-chain is a secure digital ledger of economic transactions. These transactions are not just limited to financial transactions but it covers everything that has value. This technology could change the way digital marketing is done as it could provide accurate data that can be used to personalize ads for unique users. This will definitely play a large role in custom web design.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence will definitely play a key role in digital marketing ten years from now. Many companies are already developing their own AI that can be used for numerous purposes from providing information to even selling products. This can provide marketers with an invaluable tool that has nearly limitless possibilities.

  • Return on Investment

    The main objective for any marketer is their return on investment. However, the problem with this is that it can be difficult to determine the ROI after an ad campaign. This is data that takes years to accumulate, in order to find out if the campaign was effective or not. This will not be a problem in a decade. There are already technologies being developed that can calculate the return on investment. This will allow companies to adjust their marketing campaigns and strategies on the fly for much more effective advertisements.

  • Those are just a few of the many exciting changes that we will see in the near future. What seems like science fiction today will become a part of our everyday lives before we even realize it. The digital marketing that companies are doing now will seem outdated and primitive compared to the technology that is looming on the horizon. We’ve definitely got a lot to look forward to!

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