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Dos and Don’ts for Businesses Upon Using Social Media Marketing

Dos and Don’ts for Businesses upon using Social Media Marketing

Registering for a social media account is as easy as one-two-three. There is not much you need – just a valid business email address, a few clicks here and there and you are good to go. This makes social media marketing in a way a very powerful tool for businesses yet easily accessible and manageable. As it has become businesses’ strongest ally in online marketing strategies, more and more digital marketers are pushing for more marketing campaigns via social media. Like everything else in the world of marketing, business ethics should strictly be observed in social media marketing. Here are the dos and don’ts of using social media as a marketing strategy:


1. Do the 80/20 Rule

Make sure 80% of you posts are relevant and useful information for your target audience while 20% are posts about your products and services.

2. Check Analytics regularly

Each of the social media platforms we use have options to view account analytics. Use this feature to understand your audiences’ behaviors and preferences and to know the demographics of your traffic.

3. Make a checklist

Check for the following: grammar, links, schedule, and tagging. Make sure grammar is on point – you do not want your audience to make fun of your grammar don’t you? Check the validity of your links as well – make sure they route to the correct site when clicked. Also, finalize all your tags and what time and day you will post.

4. Be original and unique

The purpose of a social media marketing is to make your brand known and show people how different you are from other brands in the same market.

5. Choose the best platform

Not all social media platforms are for your brand. When you bank on images then Instagram and Pinterest are the sure ways to go. For regular brand status updates and promotions and if you wish to communicate with your consumers, then Facebook, Twitter and the like are the better options for you.

6. Use visuals

Majority of those who are in social media are visual-people. Whenever they browse through the platforms, they always stop and check posts that are visually enticing. Make sure to make your images and posts attractive enough to lure audience to check them.

7. Interact with your audience

Use social media to get your customers’ observation and rating for a particular event you just hosted or their views on the product you just launched. Social media could be another tool you can use for customer service.

8. Complete your social profile

This is very important. This is where your target audience will get the gist about your products and services and who you are as a company. When you leave blank information such as the ‘About us’ section, then the chances to convert a potential follower is decreased.

9. Be consistent

Though being too predictable is not good at all times, make sure you are consistent with your social media postings. If you have been posting ‘feel-good’ quotes every Monday to start of the week, then make sure you post every Monday for the weeks or months to come. Your customers might be waiting for this to derive inspiration for a busy week ahead.

10. Post mobile-friendly content

Majority of the world’s population is on mobile so when you are posting a link to a website or a landing page in social media, make sure you insist on your web development team the need for a custom web design that is mobile-friendly.


1. Spammy posts

Do not overwhelm your audience with so many posts a day. Your audience might consider you a Spam and filter out your posts.

2. Liking own posts

You want to boost your page and post likes but please do not like your own posts. This will come off as funny and weird especially when your audience will find out.

3. Deleting negative comments

Never delete negative posts or comments by consumers. Whenever there is a negative comment regarding your products and services, or a recent event you had, address such comment properly by apologizing and making up for the mistake. Try to reach out on a more personal level by asking the person if you can meet with him or her.

4. Pixelated images

You will never be visually appealing if your images are pixelated. Invest on your graphics team and check the resolution of every image content before publishing.

5. Irrelevant content

In connection to the 80/20 rule, make sure the post you make for your consumers are relevant to them or your expertise. If you are a pet store or clinic, then post about tips like caring for a new born puppy and not what is the latest gadget out for grabs in the state.

6. All CAPS post

WHAT DOES AN ALL CAPS POST SIGNIFY? You get what I mean right?

7. Abusing hashtags

Do not overload your posts with so many hashtags. Limit your hashtags to 3 or 5. It does not look good for posts to have 10 or more hashtags. Use only relevant ones for your posts.

8. Plagiarism

If you want to be original and unique as a brand, then never plagiarize content and ideas from other businesses. If there is plagiarism in writing, there is in social media marketing too.

9. Not responding to comments or posts

Respond to all comments, suggestions, complaints and questions directed at you. Do not neglect any of these. When you address your customers’ concerns, you are improving your brand’s reputation.

10. Auto-responders
‘Humanize’ your interaction with your audience. There may be options for auto-responders like in twitter but it is always better to come up with personal responses. They connect you to your audience on a much personal level.

Make these dos and don’ts your bible for social media marketing. If you make sure to stick to this list, you will surely come a long way in the field of online marketing. Empower your strategists and share this list to them today!

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