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How Good Web Design Impacts Your Business

How Good Web Design Impacts Your Business

At this day in age, we have witnessed how technology has changed the lives of people. Online buying and selling, online promotions, online humanitarian campaigns – you see, everything is online! Faster transactions often mean it is done with the help of the web.

If you’re running a business and would want more clients and customers, you would for sure consider setting up your own website to keep up with the pace of today’s world. Not only technology savvy people who would like to engage in your services are very particular when it comes to the look of your site’s custom web design. Almost everyone today is mindful of the way your website is presented because the impression your website creates affects the entirety of your business, the quality of your products or whatever commodity/advocacy you are trying to promote.

So how can good web design really impact your business?

1. Good web design creates the element of trust.

Imagine a mom who’s looking for kindergarten services. Upon checking your website, she is disappointed with the way it looks because the design does not fit the service you are trying to promote. It can be because of poor graphics or the use of overly bright or dull colors. So she surfs the net for other websites offering similar services until she is able to chance upon a catchy page. The colors and the way the graphics are presented are very pleasing to her eyes. She is also easily able to scan through and check for the tabs because of proper arrangement. Until then she considers to sign up for your services because she was convinced with the credibility of your site.

In a study entitled Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites, when customers were asked why they mistrusted a website, 94% revealed that it was related to the website’s design, while only 6 percent mentioned about content.

2. Good web design enforces good content.

Studies show that good content often comes alongside good custom web design. Good content with poor web design does not sell enough because web viewers first notice the look of the site they are visiting. Visuals tend to be noticed first while reading your content comes as a close second. These two always come hand in hand.

3. Good web design attracts more customers.

Not everyone who visits your websites would like to engage your services. Others are just passers-by. But wouldn’t it be more amazing if because of good web design, you are able to turn web visitors into potential customers? The degree of ease when it comes to readability of content because of good web design invites more customers because from the look of your website alone, they are already informed of your identity as a service provider.

4. Good web design establishes familiarity and identity.

If your design reflects your identity as a product or service provider, customers will easily remember you and this is your stepping stone to being known for what you are and what you have!

5. Good web design leads to better SEO.

SEO is directly related to your website’s design. For example, if you have a mobile-friendly web design, you will have better site performance in search rankings in Google.

Everything mentioned above can convince you that you have to have a good custom web design that can help in boosting your business. You have to professionally design the look of your website if you want your business to excel in the field. Go for it!

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