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How to Catch and Maintain Your Engagement with Customers Online

How to Catch and Maintain Your Engagement with Customers Online

As a business owner, you naturally want to be able to catch and maintain the attention of customers. Whether it’s in person or online, this principle holds true. However, when it comes to engaging with customers online, the one universal question that everyone has is, “How do I increase traffic and engagement to my website?” After all, the World Wide Web is such a huge place and it can be challenging to build community engagement.
So, how do you hook, maintain, and foster an active online community? How do you become successful in online marketing? How do you effectively engage with your customers online? To help you out, Proweaver has listed down these 6 sure-fire ways to attract and engage with your customers online:
1. Cultivate an emotional connection. Make sure that your audience is able to connect and relate with you and your company. Cultivate an emotional connection, and let your customers know that they are dealing with an actual person. It is important for your customers to understand that you are not just a faceless, nameless corporation. So, how do you engage your customers professionally, while showing your human side as well?

  1. Introduce yourself and the company. When possible, dedicate a page where you can introduce yourself, the business owner, and the company. If you have years of history, summarize it and don’t be afraid to tell it to your customers– after all, customers are always interested in seeing how far your company has grown over the years.
  2. Use company member pictures on your blog and social media platforms. When a customer has a concern or question, they are more likely to contact a team member from your company when they have an accompanying picture. Customers will be hesitant to address a faceless corporate logo.
  3. Identify a brand ambassador. Select someone from your team to become the face of your brand. It could be you, the business owner, or some other trusted member on your team. This shows your customers that they are indeed dealing with an actual person, not just an automated machine.

2. Share timely, relevant, and compelling content. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and really think about what information they need. What do they need to know about your products and/or services? What are some common questions that can arise? How can you organize your information so that your customers can easily navigate through the data? Make sure that all content you post on your website are relevant and compelling. Additionally, make sure that your content is appropriate and timely as well. For example, with Valentine’s Day coming up, posting content in relation to the occasion is more likely to attract your customers as well.

3. Make sure your website design is user-friendly. If your website design is too messy and difficult to navigate, there is a very big chance that your customers will immediately exit it. While you may have gotten them to visit your website, it is equally as important for them to stay long enough to browse through your products and services. If you have no idea how to improve your website design on your own, you can easily reach out to companies like Proweaver who offers user-friendly, custom web design services.

4. Provide exclusive content. One way to make sure that your customers consistently come back to your website is by sharing exclusive content. Provide them with content that they can’t get or find anywhere else.

5. Use social media. Social media marketing is a very big thing these days. Whether you are using social media to drive sales or to simply build awareness for your brand, it is important for business owners to be familiar with all of the social media platforms available today. Here are some of the biggest social media platforms that will help you network with a larger audience: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Periscope, Tumblr, WordPress, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Scribd, and many, many more! Using these platforms effectively will allow you to connect to customers worldwide.

6. Crowd-Source. Another way to effectively engage with customers online is to crowd-source. For instance, if your company has been dealing with a particular issue, you may post the question online and see what your customers have to say. They can provide their insights, share their ideas, and they can weigh-in on what they would like to see from your products and/or services. This is an exceptional way to truly capture the attention of your audience and to engage them in interactions.

The World Wide Web is a vast place, but keep the above mentioned tips in mind and you will surely stand out from the rest of your competition!

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