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How To Choose The Perfect Look for Your Company’s Website

How To Choose The Perfect Look for Your Company’s Website

Companies and organizations nowadays choose to hire agencies like Proweaver which could help them create their own custom web design. They decide to pursue this path because of the higher success rates of these companies with hired website experts. Besides, having another person to worry about this specific type of marketing method would be convenient and cheaper for them.

Despite this, every website owner shall never be uneducated about maintaining a website. When you own a site or at least are planning to own one in the near future, you should have a background of what your website should look like. You should know the basics of creating and maintaining a website.

Among the fundamental pieces of information you shall learn about websites is website layout. Your website layout would be a big factor which would dictate the success of your site like for instance, in your social media marketing campaign. Before even contacting website creators, you should be able to imagine how your site would look like. It doesn’t take a genius to imagine the desired appearance of your website; besides, it is up to the design specialists to make your imagination happen.

To help you craft this imagination in your mind, here are some helpful tips:

Tip 1: Decide which content width you should use.

Successful website designs offer two types of content width: the full-width and the boxed-width.
The first type of content width, the full-width, is one when the background image of your website stretches throughout the whole width of your computer screen- from the left edge, all the way to the right. This type would give the feeling of freedom, independence and limitless contents.

Meanwhile, the boxed-width type of content width provides a visible frame to the left and right side of your screen. This would often make users feel formality and a little amount of constraint about your website.

Full-width works well for graphic-heavy websites and mobile-responsive drafts. On the other hand, boxed-width works best when you want your content display to be consistent and more predictable.

Nonetheless, you should bear in mind that your ultimate purpose for creating your website should still be the basis in choosing your content width. The first type could also work well for a business website and vice versa depending on the holistic appearance of your website.

Tip 2: Pick the Home Page Header Layout which works for you.

Home page header is the section towards the top of your homepage which is usually the first thing that users see and notice. This makes choosing the suitable home page header layout crucial; it somehow affects the first impression which your website would have on your visitors. Choosing the perfect design is more than just a design decision, it is also a strategy.

Some of the common headers which present website owners use are:

A. Slideshow Header with Content

For companies with a broad market and which offer a wide array of products or services, this type of header layout would be the best choice.

B.Video Background Header

Using unique and contextual videos wherein each video carries a message, you could easily explain the mission of your business and explain your business process in an engaging manner.

C.Static Header Image WITHOUT Content

Companies which rely heavily on images and pictures for online marketing and for attracting their clients like hotels, restaurants and portfolio, they should opt to use this type as this could readily entice their target market.

D.Static Header Image WITH Content

This is the safest option because this type of header layout could very well work for any type of company or organization.

Tip 3: Choose the Menu Bar Design wisely.

A lot of website creators commit the mistake of undervaluing the impact of menu bar designs on websites. The type, positioning and layout of the menu bar should be suitable for the company because it is the primary tool which your users will use to navigate through your website.

When choosing the right position for your menu bar, take note of these:

  • Fixed Position Menu Bar (works well for websites with long pages)
  • Side Vertical Menu Bar (best for graphic-intensive websites with numerous menu tabs)
  • Top Horizontal Menu Bar (safe option for those who haven’t thought of a compatible type yet)
  • Bottom Horizontal Menu Bar (good choice for graphic intensive websites which want to focus on immediate content)

At this moment, you might already have a picture of the website you want to have. Probably, you could already imagine how the final look of every page in your site would look like.

Nonetheless, you should take note of these trends during the past years which websites need to consider during the planning stage of crafting their own website design.

  1. Layouts should shift the focus on the contents.
  2. Teamwork between the website owner, the custom web design agency and the team of designers is necessary.
  3. Big and bold statements in websites make them concise and powerful.
  4. Pages should be suitable for any screen- desktop, laptop or mobile.
  5. Blogs building the brand, humanizing the company and conveying the help which the company can offer should be posted.
  6. Bold and brighter colors have helped websites maintain aesthetics despite simpler designs.
  7. Unique layouts depicting the company or organization it presents are very effective.
  8. Deviation into concentrating to one goal- making conversions for the company.
  9. Making website experience more personal through encouraging conversations.
  10. Featured blogs which true and fact-based are in.

Now, your knowledge must be sufficient. The next step is for you to choose the most reliable and creative website design team. Would you want to pick a team from Proweaver?

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