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How To Increase Brand Awareness with Social Media

How To Increase Brand Awareness with Social Media

Everybody knows and is on social media. If one isn’t, then he would be so behind the time. We see and hear social media everywhere that it has become a very essential part of our every waking moment. And since everyone is all eyes on social media, it has become a very good and affordable advertising avenue for most business entities and companies – whether big or small, new or mature, local or international. Why wouldn’t companies be in social media? When it gives access to such wide reach, breaking barriers and crossing oceans without spending too much. And when social media is used effectively, it will surely yield positive results for the company and its brands.

So there have been a lot of ways social media has been used for advertising and brand awareness. Brand awareness is the level of familiarity consumers have towards a brand whether a product or service. Brand awareness is important because what is not seen or heard will never be bought, moreover preferred. With its great influence, social media has affected a large number of people – mostly consumers. This is why most companies would resort to social media to make its brands known to a lot of audience. But social media can only be as effective as we make it to be. So here are some tips on how to increase brand awareness with social media.

1. Choose the right platform.
There are a lot of social media platforms out there. Name it, almost everyone has it. Now, it will be very taxing for our companies to be in all these social media sites and be fully effective in each, That is not just possible. The best thing to do is to narrow down to a few platforms and maintain them well. Though an essential part of brand awareness is reach, it is also not good for a company to be spreading itself too thin. Though reach is important in brand awareness, we must remember that it is most important to penetrate on the more targeted audience.

2. Talk your market’s tongue.
Social media allows even the most formal businesses to be humanized. Since most social media users are normal people, we must then make sure that when we reach them, they get to understand our message and not sound too sophisticated or technical. Social media is a very effective tool to widen a brand’s reach but it can only be effective when coupled with the right message in the appropriate language.

3. Excite your audience.
Once we get to have our audience’ attention, it is now our job to glue them in. Adding value to their mundane browsing sessions make them look forward to our posts. We can excite them by holding promotions, contests, using visuals, or even adding humor to our posts. Every now and then, we can also hold forums and debates to tickle the mind of the more intellectual minds. Exciting our audience need no hard and fast rules, it really depends on our market and what keeps them up at night.

4. Maximize influencers.
There are a lot of people who get persuaded by words of mouth. Before the advent of modern advertising methods, the recommendations of other people were the only way a brand gets promoted. With social media, the word-of-mouth advertising has taken on a new meaning. To increase brand awareness, we can maximize influencers or endorsers with a good audience base. This way, we don’t only increase our reach, we have better chances of penetration through the good words of these influencers.

5. Encourage two-way conversations.
Though most of the time, we are the ones who start conversations or post statuses, tweets, and pictures, it is also important that we get to hear out our audiences. This is not only a good way to engage with them but this is also an avenue to know about their insights. Remember, that the best product advises come from those who are actual consumers of the product. So we must not miss the chance to make use of this resource.

6. Strike a good balance between promotion and information.
To be interesting to our followers, we must not just keep on feeding promotions after promotions. We must also strike a good balance between promotional and informational posts. This way, we can avoid being judged as being too biased towards our brands and to make them feel that we are also sincerely concerned about them and the everyday shopping choices they make.

7. Leverage trends and campaigns.
A good way to create a buzz is to ride on with trends and campaigns. There will always be something that people are talking about, whether it is an event, a shocking or trivial news, or a local movement. If there is a good and relevant angle that we can ride on, then let us make the most out of it. Let us also make sure that we create the buzz on the right time and not be outdated. It is always best to strike while the iron is hot.

8. Be accessible and shareable.
As much as possible, let us try to make our messages as accessible and shareable as possible. No one would bother going through a post that would take forever to load, more so to share. And what good is a good post that is difficult to access. So as much as we would want it to be exciting, let us also make it easy to our audience.

9. Constantly and directly engage.
Being constantly present is a good way of expressing sincerity and reliability. There are even times that people will end up liking or following us because of our persistence. And there is nothing wrong with being persistent. Aside from our strong and constant presence, we should also be conversing directly with our audience: asking them their thoughts, answering their questions, or hearing their concerns. When we engage with our audience and market base, it will come easy for us to close when the time comes.

10. Call them to action.
All efforts would be in vain if we cannot call our audience to action. Calling to action, in the light of brand awareness, would have them actually buying or availing of the brand. So it is important that when we post, we should be able to close our audience into not just being familiar of us but to choosing us – whether subtly or boldly.

These are just a few tips on how to fully maximize the immense power of social media to our advantage. Other companies may be aware of this and others may not be. The important thing is now that we are aware, we must mindfully put them into action, tweaking one or two if need be, to get optimum results for our brands and for our companies as a whole.

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