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How to make a compelling home page to increase website clicks

How to make a compelling home page to increase website clicks

Have you been on a blind date before? Do you still remember how you started scouting for the new person whom you will be dating with? Were you laying standards? Can you still recall how much you wished for the person whom you will be meeting to be the right one for you?

Every website visitor’s first experience is like a blind date. An individual, your prospective client, will type whatever they need at the moment and search it over the internet. After a few clicks, this same individual would be seeing numerous options- websites which offers the product, service or information the prospective client needs. The individual will then open each website hoping to find the particular data one needs.

As observed through experience, the individual will most likely open the first few websites on the list and would spend at least two seconds to view the website interface and contents; and if one is pleased, he or she will continue to search for the information on your website.

These two seconds is too critical for every website owner who wishes to capture sales through online marketing. Nobody would know what these visitors are actually looking for in opening your website and no one has any hint of what they desire to see.
Hence, every custom web design professional just make use of the general and collective attitude of website owner’s target audience to create a website which would compel more people to get hooked with the whole website experience.

For creative professionals from Proweaver, the things listed below should be the ones you should keep in mind when making your Homepage.

Level Up your Website Content

Indeed, your website contents will make or break you. Thus, you have to study the flow of your target audience’s attitude towards the information you can offer and feed their desires with what you can.

1. Traffic Statistics. Once your website starts to go live, you should take note of the website traffic through recording essential metrics like unique visitors, page views, pages per visit, average time on site, traffic sources and exit pages.

2. Content Marketing Strategy. If you want to have a successful website design, your content marketing strategy shall include a mix of all of these- videos, Podcasts, infographics, eBooks and blogs.

3. Blog Headlines. Remarkable and eye-catching headlines sell the contents of your site and the key is to find the right key words to trigger the emotion of readers, as well as the perfect length for users to click on them.

4. Internal Linking. You cannot lay out everything you can offer in just one page; hence, internal linking is necessary. It is the term for adding links from a page on your website to other pages within the same website to read more contents about you.

5. Content Audit. Posting all the necessary information on your website is not enough because you need to catch the specific desire of your target audience by content audit- all you would need to do is to track down successful blogs or posts, retain the successful ones and discard the others.

Note the Impact of Visual Appeal

First impressions do matter. If you fail to look astounding in the first two seconds that your website visitors spend on your Homepage, your efforts of putting up the whole website will be unfruitful. The fact that you get rejected after only just a few seconds will stick with you forever, unless you decide to revamp it.

The enumerated items are the factors which will affect your website’s holistic visual appeal:

  1. Web Layout
  2. Choice of Colors
  3. Pop-ups
  4. Page Bars
  5. Text Styles and Sizes
  6. Navigation Aids

Reinforce it with Social Media

Who would have thought that a simple post in your social media account can reach nations which you have never even bothered to know of?

Social media marketing does not just get its fame from nothing, but from its effectiveness in guiding prospective clients to the Homepage of website owners. The tasks you or your hired website manager need to accomplish is simple.

1. Content Sharing. Whatever salient features or headlines you have in your website should likewise be posted in any social media outlet you have, right after you have made these contents available on your website.

2. Strong Stories. Today, everyone who has a social media account is informed of new trends and this makes it even more challenging for content writers or creators to engage visitors in their stories. Nonetheless, one thing is certain- if your stories on your Homepage are tempting and electrifying, visitors won’t have an excuse to not read it.

Never fail to recognize these mentioned tips. Make the first two seconds of your website visitors be memorable, persuasive and compelling.

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