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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Online Marketing

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Online Marketing

The advent of online marketing was a fascination for people then. It was something really new and phenomenal that almost everyone wanted in. The first ever internet was sold in 1993 while the first banner ad was bought by AT&T in 1994. In 1995, the world’s internet users and online marketers increased to a whopping 16 million. At present, there are more or less 4 billion people who are active online. As more and more people are surfing the World Wide Web, more and more entrepreneurs and digital marketers are taking advantage of the situation by putting all efforts of marketing on online campaigns. We may be in the digital age but as the world’s online population grows every year, numerous online marketing problems surface as well. What are these and how can we solve them?

1. Diversity of Online Users
The online community is consists of people of various age, interests, preferences, gender, etc. hailing from various locations in the planet. As the world’s online users become more diverse, how can you come up with effective online marketing strategies which will satisfy varying online needs?

No worries! One advantage you will get with online and social media campaigns is that you get to target the audience that you like. It’s as easy as 1, 2 and 3. All you need to do is setup the parameters such as the age range, gender, location and so on to improve the reach of your campaigns. When you do, placement of all your ads and campaigns are optimized for the appropriate audience.

2. Increasing Competition
Out of the 3 billion online users, you definitely have a competition out there. Businesses have tapped into the potentials of the internet that marketing efforts nowadays are focused on online campaigns. How will you stand out among tens and hundreds of businesses selling the same products and services you are promoting?

Research about your market and the industry you are in. Review your marketing strategies and pin point the areas which you think may be a glitch in your campaign. Actively promote your stuff online. Make sure to show people that you are visible and engage with your audience every now and then. Personalize your ads and appeal to your audience’s emotions and needs. You will only standout if you refrain from doing whatever the rest are doing and if you customize the way you treat your patrons and customers. Be unique to stand out!

3. Maintaining High Quality Content
Having a website means making sure its content is updated on a daily basis – from write-ups and ads to pictures and videos. This is not a problem when your website is at its infancy, but what if you are on your 5th or 10th year? How will you be able to maintain high quality content?

Learn what is in and what is not. Make sure of your contents’ relevance. Continuously push yourself and develop your content writing skills by making more and more content. Refrain from copying other works or comparing your work to others. Make your previous works the benchmark of your new content.

4. Online Marketer Burnout
Let’s face it, we all have our bad days. As online marketers, we experience what writers refer to as ‘writer’s block’. Nowadays, marketers often experience a burnout. With so many ads to setup, campaigns to run, and content to write, online marketers end up exhausting all new and fresh ideas. How will you be able to avoid a burnout?

The only solution to a burnout is being realistic about how much you can deliver in a certain span of time. Make your goals and deadlines reasonable so as not to be all over the place. Be honest about what you are able to do. A burnout might be passing but it can be a very serious situation too.

5. Multi-device Usage
Think of when you were riding the bus or walking along the street. Notice the people you meet engrossed with their gadgets right up their noses. In the past, the internet can only be accessed through personal computers or desktops. Nowadays, the World Wide Web can now be accessed via smart phones, tablets, and phablets and so on. With multi-device usage, how can you ensure an optimized online marketing or social media marketing campaign regardless of device used?

In making your landing pages, websites, ads and social media campaigns, make use of tools that will give you a preview of how they look on various mobiles and tablets. Come up with designs that will not interfere with the ads’ overall optimization. For websites, it helps to have a custom web design which will fit the goals that you have mapped out for your website.

As the online marketing world is a changing world, the best thing you could do in order to ride the change is to be open to new learning’s, collaborations and technological advancements. Do not refuse a change that is bound to happen. When you keep abreast with what is new, you will be able to take on online and digital marketing at a higher level.

Remember, there is no problem in the online marketing industry that cannot be solved. Keep an open mind and learn with the best of your abilities!

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