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How To Target Social Media Influencers To Build Engagement For Your Brand

How To Target Social Media Influencers To Build Engagement For Your Brand

In the field of online marketing, we have a thing called influencer marketing that is going up the scales so fast in efficiently building awareness for any brand. Influencer marketing refers to utilizing a key individual’s credibility and influence in a given field to increase brand awareness and sales by tapping on the influencer’s following as possible prospects for the business. Influencer marketing is seen to be rather effective and less costly compared to social media marketing efforts and running search and display ads.

A number of businesses are already incorporating influencer marketing in their marketing efforts – consciously or unconsciously. A startup business owner might already have connections in the chosen field and these connections, with numerous friends and followers in social media, spread the word about the brand to show their support or because you asked them to, thereby increasing the number of searches, shares and mentions about your brand online. On the other hand, a random individual, who has a million followers in Twitter, may have tweeted about a newly opened café’s great customer service resulting to an influx of customers to that cafe the following day. These are just some of the ways on how influencer marketing works wonders.

6 Steps to Targeting Social Media Influencers to Help You Build Awareness for your Brand

1. Identify the social media influencers you wish to target.

You can’t just randomly choose someone just because they have the most followers online. Among all the influencers you could tap, look for those who are talking to or about your target market. Tap an influencer who loves to talk about the kinds of products and services that you offer.

2. Establish your goals before reaching out to these influencers.

If your goal is to increase the number of searches made in Facebook about your brand, or the number of likes in your fan page, then tap influencers who have a huge following on Facebook or Twitter. If your goal is to provide a credible testimonial about your products and services to prospects, then work with an influencer who has experience with your brand or who has switched to your brand from a competitor brand. It is an SOP to come up with your goals first before doing any move.

3. Give these influencers a great website and marketing campaigns to share on their personal accounts.

If you want influencers to willingly talk about your brand and recommend it to people, then make sure you provide them with a great website and awesome campaigns to share. If you need help with these two, work with Proweaver, to help you create a great website design. Proweaver is an authority in custom web design, as well as online marketing and social media marketing.

4. Attend events that cater to your market and meet these influencers in the events.

Be active and always be in the scene. Attend events to let people know you exist. Events are the best places where you can meet and interact with social media influencers. What better way is it to talk about your brand to people who might make a huge difference for you and your business, right?

5. See them in action and assess their fit to your brand.

Stalk their personal accounts and pages and see if they are the right persons to talk about your brand. As stated in #1, don’t just randomly choose someone just because they have a huge fan base or millions of followers.

6. Give them something in return and don’t just piggyback on their follower base.

Even if they do not ask something in return, make sure to return the favor. Mention them in your events or acknowledge their efforts whenever you can in public or in your ads and pages. In a way, you are also marketing them and their cause. It should be a give and take relationship. Recognize their efforts in your campaigns for their continued support through plugging via their personal accounts.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective means to build your brand especially if you are a startup or a small business. For as long as you have a top notch brand and a great customer service, you can rely on social media influencers to do marketing for you!

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