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How to Turn prospects into Customers Using your Landing Page

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Indeed, it takes courage and investment for a business owner to take the risk of introducing his/her industry in the internet. Once your business goes online, there isn’t a 100% assurance that you’ll thrive. You still have to hurdle various challenges to have your first, second and thousandth sale.

First, you have to be one of their first options. And how will you do that? You need to contact and partner with custom web design experts to create your website, then apply search engine optimization or SEO strategies that can help you be on the top or even just in the first page of the choices among all your competitors

Second, you have to make these searchers click on the link which would lead them to your website or any social media account. Using the right keywords and terms they are looking for would be your best tool to make them click on it.

But it doesn’t end there. At this point, you don’t have a guarantee that these people who would visit your page will choose to buy your products or services yet. Will they like what they see on your page? Will they just ignore whatever information is in it?

You still have to convert these website visitors into SALES! Here are some important tips you need to bear in mind when creating your website.

1. Looks- it always catches the eye.

Admit it, you usually judge a person basing on his/her appearance. You can never go by the lesson: “Don’t judge a book by its cover. ” Can you?

And that same mechanics play in the minds of your readers. Whatever they see on your website would be their basis of how they judge you.

But, what is the first factor that a consumer would look for a provider? In a statistics, at least 85 among 100 online buyers have said that they will only buy in an online establishment which is-TRUSTWORTHY.

Now, how will you make your website trustworthy? The following are some website sections that can capture your future customers’ eyes in the first glance:

  • Logo. Visitors spend at least 6.5 seconds on this section, so make it count.
  • Navigation menu. Users would only look at this section for just 6 seconds, so be sure that it’s complete.
  • Search box. They look at it for at least 5 seconds, be sure to make it useful.
  • Social media links. Sometimes, it’s more convenient for them to look into some other social media accounts where they are more comfortable of, so be sure to have this in your website.
  • Content. They spend least time focusing here. So show-off your most significant articles.

2. Cues- direct visitors to salient and interesting details.

Product searchers have a hundreds or even thousands of options, and you are just one of them. Hence, you have to provide them as much valuable information as possible, to convert them into clients.

Usually, every visitor would only spend a few seconds in your website. Once he/she doesn’t find what he/she has been looking for instantly, they’d close the page at once. Why would they bother spending one more minute in your website when they have many other options?

For this very reason, you shall use figures, pictures, font styles or sizes, which would serve as a cue to where your visitor is supposed to go. Since birth, humans have already been trained to follow arrows directing them where to go and it has been a natural instinct to look to a direction where another person’s gaze is.

To make your visuals more helpful, use them to direct your users as cues for where they should look next.

3. F- an important pattern you should follow.

Have you heard of the F-pattern?

According to a study, people in the US who surf and read online, browse in an F-shaped pattern unconsciously. Users would read through two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe.

However, this is only true to English speaking people, or to those who have been used to read from left to right. So if your target market are one of these types of users, it is strongly recommended that you put salient details in the left side of the screen, because the F-pattern favors the left side of the screen.

Since these users would only spend little time in one site and would often read less than 1/3 of the texts, be strategic in which spaces you should input favorable marketing banners.

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