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The Soul of Web Design

HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the universal markup language that gives life to all websites; it is a computer language that doesn’t require any programming skills for anyone to be able to use it; it is also an easy way that allows website designers to present a website in a structured and orderly manner.

HTML coding enables formatting of texts and embedding of photos, videos, music, and all other contents necessary in a web page. It lets you to connect multiple pages in the internet with the use of hyperlinks. When it comes to customized web designing, HTML can be your basic tool.

Cascaded Style Sheets or CSS has been the commonly used scripting language when it comes to custom web design. One single CSS file can be a powerful tool to revamp the design of your website. It is used to give details to the presentation enabling you to convey more “attitudeā€ to your target online viewers.

With CSS, you have much control over the layout of your web pages. You can specify how big a font should be, exactly where an image should be on a page, how the page looks like when loaded to a browser, and much more. CSS is indeed empowering. It allows you to control the appearance of hundreds or even thousands of web pages simply by editing a single CSS file.