On the Inner-Workings of the Industry: 13 Years of Exceptional Web Design Experience

On the Inner-Workings of the Industry: 13 Years of Exceptional Web Design Experience


The world has come a long way from the dawn of the printing press and newspapers. It has become nearly obsolete that we deliver information about events that have transpired within and outside a particular area, county, or state, through personalized messages and even ads from companies or businesses who can pay the fee required to secure a spot in the newspaper columns.

Today, the world is much more advanced, with smart televisions capable of delivering news from various networks in real-time directly from the Internet and social media platforms that allow people from all over the world to communicate with each other through text, call, or even video. With the power of the Internet, acquiring information, getting in touch with family and friends from different parts of the globe, purchasing and selling items, working for different employers, hiring employees, and even advertising a business can all be done without even having to leave one’s seat. All of these are made possible because of the ever-growing development of various applications and websites intended for the purpose of making our lives easier than ever.

Businesses—small and medium enterprises and large corporations alike—have always been adjusting to the times since way back. That is because it is the only way for them to stay relevant and to be able to connect and reach a large audience. A large reach means more chances and opportunities to gain new customers and clientele.

Long ago, it wasn’t difficult for businesses to thrive within a community or society. There was little to no competition—especially when it came to specialty goods—and the products and services offered were usually limited to the very essential and basic needs of the people. Advertising was usually done by shouting the products and services offered in marketplaces and stands located in the town square, and marketing was often done by satisfied customers through word of mouth.

As time went by, people had more complicated lifestyles; hence the need for more kinds of products and services. As the demand continued to increase, others have found it appealing to engage in businesses as well, increasing the competition. Because of this, business owners have found the need to let more and more people know about them and the products or services they offer. During these times, various media have emerged through the invention of different devices, such as the printing press, radio, and television. Owners of printing presses and broadcasting networks, recognizing businesses and companies’ need for advertising, then devised ways in which they could use the newspaper, radio, and television media to spread word about their products and services. Ad columns and radio ads, followed by commercials on television, soon became very popular as various businesses and companies strived to create catchy jingles, comical skits, or memorable quotes just so people would know they exist.

Technology and innovation seem to never end, though, and just when everyone thought they were living the life, along came computers and, of course, the Internet. When it started, many didn’t think that the Internet, or cyberspace, would change much of how individuals lived their lives. As the times progressed and more and more people have started to use the Internet’s global network power, nearly everyone began to recognize it as the beginning of an era of globalization: the world becoming much smaller.

Slowly, various corporations have given rise to innovative websites—or locations within the World Wide Web that contain one or more pages—which work on different scales and purposes. Social media websites have become platforms where individuals from all over the world can interact and communicate with each other through various means such as text, call, or even live video. Online shopping websites made it possible for people to browse through a wide collection of products from different stores and brands, and for their orders to be delivered right to their doorstep. Streaming websites allowed people to enjoy their favorite television shows and even movies online.

The power of the Internet has made it possible for everyone to see content from all over the world, communicate with other people easily without even having to worry about long-distance charges, obtain information about almost anything, and even purchase or sell items from and to any part of the globe. The World Wide Web is also for everyone, which means that for as long as you are connected to the Internet, you can experience what cyberspace has to offer. On top of that, you can even use the World Wide Web to gather an audience for something that you would like to showcase, offer, or sell, and if you own and manage a business, you would, of course, want to use the Internet’s power to gain attention and pique the interest of potential customers and clientele.

Although social media websites offer options for businesses to create pages within their platform, others may find this too limiting and would prefer to have their own website. This can be done by purchasing your own domain name so that your website will be a part of the World Wide Web and can be tracked using a browser. A domain name is an identification string—usually composed of various alphanumeric characters—that defines authority over a specific realm within the Internet. Once your domain name is fully functional, users on the Internet can simply type it in the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in a web browser, and they will automatically be directed to your website.

Having your own domain name, though, is only the first step in creating your own website. After all, the purpose of a website for a business is to draw the attention of an audience so they will be aware of your existence and, of course, to give them information about the products and services you offer, and how they can take advantage of these if interested. Hence, it is important to input good and relevant content on the website, with the right and necessary information about your products or services, and, of course, address or contact details.

Another very essential aspect of creating a website is its design. The web design of a particular website dictates its overall look and feel. Web design is composed of different visual elements which work hand in hand to create an appealing and functional website. These visual elements—layout, graphics, color, and fonts—must also, of course, showcase the personality of the business or company and be a reflection of the kinds of products or services it has to offer.

Content and design should work hand in hand to produce a website that will serve as the business or company’s presence or virtual office within the World Wide Web. That being said, much care must be taken to ensure that the content is accurate and informative, and the design functional, aesthetic, and appealing enough to catch the attention of the viewer. While content is mostly produced by the business owners themselves—especially for small and medium enterprises— the design is usually done by expert web designers whose job is to work on the step-by-step process, from conceptualizing to implementation and arrangement using the different visual elements as a guide.

Proweaver, experts in custom web design, provides small and medium businesses with just the web design services you need to have a fully functional, aesthetic, and overall appealing website that is sure to bring in visitors and potential customers and clientele.

We have been in the industry of web design for 13 years now and, thus, have mastered the art and process of web design. Our custom web designs are done with artistic finesse and the right IT know-how for perfect functionality. We have managed to thrive and grow through the many years we have been in the web design industry by continuously researching, understanding, and adapting to the fast-changing inner workings of the Internet or World Wide Web. Through our ceaseless efforts in finding ways to further improve and develop our services, we are able to provide small-to-medium businesses and establishments with the help they need in terms of digital marketing and advertising.

Experience, observation, and research have given us the key to creating good websites, which is to integrate an informative design or communication design into them, and not just purely graphic design. This means that we realize the value of the information and content embedded in each website and, therefore, enhance these to help visitors understand and appreciate the website better.

Besides our main specialty, which is custom web design, we at Proweaver also offer an array of other services and solutions to suit your web needs:

  • Custom Web Design
    We can build your online presence by creating and designing a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing interactive website, which will contain the information your potential customers and clients would need. We make sure that visitors of the website will immediately get a grasp of the products and services you offer while creating a web design that will allow visitors to fully explore each part of the website in order to know more about your business or establishment.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    After having your own stunning and informative interactive website created and put up on the World Wide Web, the next step in reaching a wider scope of people to have more potential customers and clients would be to create a way for people to easily find you. With that, we provide valuable content containing keywords and phrases, which are in line with the products and services you offer in your particular location that you determine would be commonly searched by people looking for that type of product or service. This way, we can help you rank your website for better search results.
  • Social Media Management
    Social media has provided a great avenue not only for loved ones to connect and communicate with one another but also for businesses and establishments to reach and appeal more to a wider scope of people, while also giving interested users the opportunity to interact with the establishment. Hence, we offer social media management services in order to help your business not just in the static, one-way communication provided by a website, but also in the more dynamic, two-way communication in social media sites.
  • Video Production
    In order to draw more people to your brand or business, we also offer services in video production. We create eye-catching videos that can be included in your website’s landing page and can be shared through various social media channels.

Throughout our 13 years of thriving in the industry and constantly adapting to the changes in the cyberspace environment, we have built thousands upon thousands of websites and web pages. Because of this, we have already learned the ways to a profitable and user-friendly web design. You can trust that the various online services we offer are efficient and effective enough to build your business credibility and to have potential customers and clients contact you to experience your products and services firsthand.

At Proweaver, we do not only create quick, efficient, interactive, and aesthetic websites, but we also make sure to closely work with you so that we can achieve your goal together. With that, you can expect only fast and reliable web design and development (your website can be ready in as short of a time as three days), efficient website design consultation, customer care agents to cater to your questions and needs, and daily updates via email from us. With us, you can be assured that you are well-informed of the work done on your business website in each step of the process.

Thriving in the industry for more than a decade now, we still find ways to improve our services in order to provide only the best online web solutions. 13 years and counting, Proweaver redefines success by revolutionizing digital marketing.

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