How to Get Website Traffic and Improve My Stuck Rankings?

How to Get Website Traffic and Improve My Stuck Rankings

Increasing your page rankings takes time and patience. It is not possible to get organic traffic and rise in the search engine results pages overnight unless you do things that may ultimately lead your website to getting banned by search engines. Aside from time and patience, there are also many strategies and activities you will have to do to be able to achieve your desired results. Here are some of the best tips to help you get more traffic to your website, as well as increase your page rank.


Unique content is essential when it comes to establishing your presence online. Moreover, the content you produce for your website must be relevant and can attract the attention of your target audience. Create content that readers will want to share with the people they know.


In search engine optimization, one of the custom web development services one will mostly request from a web design company is keyword research. The results of the keyword research are relevant to how a website can be optimized. Remember, your website must be optimized for your keywords – be it in the content, title description, page titles, or meta tags.


Nowadays, Google pays more attention to the mobile-friendliness of a website. In fact, this search engine prioritizes crawling the mobile version of a site instead of the desktop version. As long as you make sure with the custom website design company that the site is mobile-friendly, you can earn brownie points with Google.


Pick a website that has a good page rank which is in the same niche as your business. Check if they offer guest posting. This is when you post on their blog and get a few high-quality backlinks in return. The best result you can get out of guest posting is driving more traffic to your website.


When it comes to link building, what matters most is quality and not quantity. No matter how many links you build, if it is placed in the wrong niche or in low authority sites, you won’t be able to get the results you desire. It is imperative to pick out sites that are well-known in your niche. Build quality content to use for link building. As long as you are building quality links, you will see positive results.


Google, as well as other search engines, prefer a website that keeps their content fresh. It is highly recommended that you post at least two new content on your website once a week. Search engines will crawl your site more when you update your content regularly. This, in turn, increases your chance of rising in the page rankings.


It is vital that you become socially active. What this means is that you should take advantage of social media to establish your presence online. You can use your corporate twitter account to re-tweet relevant news or use your Google account to comment on blog posts. Your presence in social media allows you to reach out to more potential clients.


Pay attention to your website’s accessibility. If your website is down, have your professional web designers work on bringing it back up online as soon as possible. The longer your website is down, the higher the chances of Google reducing your website’s page ranks. Always keep the site accessible.


Internal linking is creating links in one of your website’s pages to go to another page within your website. This type of linking allows users to have an easier time navigating through your website. You should be able to take advantage of internal linking if you have multiple website pages.


When there are good techniques to use for increasing your page ranks, there are techniques that are considered illegal, too. These techniques, sometimes called as blackhat techniques, can cause your website to be blocked or ignored by search engines. In the worst case scenario, you might end up with criminal liabilities. With all these consequences, it is only natural that you avoid using illegal techniques.

There are many other tips and techniques you can do to ensure that your website’s page rank increases. You can also trust Proweaver to give you the positive results that you are looking forward to. Give us a call so we can start working on your page ranking.

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