Phases of Website Development

Phases of Website Development

Phases of Website Development

Many businesses make use of custom designed websites to improve their presence on the Internet. These websites are, in most cases, the first things that online users access if they are interested in the products or the services the companies are offering. Online users expect to find the information they need, as well as contact details on these websites.

But, before the websites are launched, they usually go through various phases to ensure that every little detail is covered. For a successful launch, the web page needs to be developed. Find out more about these different phases of website development.

Phase 1: Gathering of Pertinent Information

During this particular phase, professional web designers will need to gather information about what clients want for their websites. At this stage, you will have to identify the main goals and objectives that you wish to achieve for your online marketing. You have to know which target market you want to reach out to, as well as other requirements you want to appear on the website.

At the same time, website developers will have to take note of these goals and preferences. They need to know more about what your business does and what your company can offer to the clients. This information will help them a lot in designing and developing your page.

Phase 2: Planning Stage

The planning stage is a crucial phase. This is where the developer will make use of the information gathered in phase 1 to know how they will go about creating your website. In most cases, they will create a sitemap which provides a general overview as to what the flow of the website will be. The developer will be communicating such plan with you.

Phase 3: Creating the Design

At this stage, the developer will start creating the custom website design. They will create the visual elements of the page including the interface. You will get to take a look at the initial layout of your website, as well as a general guide as to how each of the pages and links will function. This will also be a great time to create the content you want for each page.

Before proceeding with the next step, the developer will present the layout to you first. They will have to get your approval beforehand. This is also the best stage to discuss changes that you want to make. Your satisfaction with the design is important so you and your developer will have to closely communicate modifications several times.

Phase 4: Developing the Website

To develop the website, coding will have to take place. In this manner, the design, content, and functions of the website can be implemented. Typically, the developer will code the homepage first followed by other pages. Editing of the design or content will also be done during this stage.

Phase 5: Testing the Website

You want your website to work properly the way you want it to. You also want your online visitors to have a smooth user experience when navigating your page. As such, testing the entire site is essential before the launch. In this manner, the developer will be able to pinpoint non-functional items, review their codes, and make them work.

You have to take note that testing is not only done in phase 5. Continuous testing of the page even after the launch will have to be done in order to get the best out of your online marketing strategy.

Phase 6: Website Launching

Finally, your website is ready to be launched! During this stage, the website will go live. People will be able to see and navigate through the different pages.

Although it is exciting to have your website work on a live server, errors may still appear. Some of these errors include broken links and browser compatibilities, among others. These errors will be addressed in the next stage.

Phase 7: Monitoring

In phase 7, all the errors found in the previous phase will need to be validated and corrected. Monitoring the website constantly is essential to ensure that other errors will be found and acted upon immediately.

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