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Custom Web Design for Make-Up Artists

I am a Make Up Artist and My Art is My Brand


With a custom-designed website, there are more opportunities for you to make a name for yourself online. As a make-up artist, you need to be aware of all the things that make you different from others with the same occupation. In other words, you have to stand out in order for you to succeed. This way, it won’t be hard for people to choose your services when they require it. Once anyone gets the chance to view your website, they will be able to know all that they need about you and have access to your contact information. And if your website is eye-catching and easy to use, more people will definitely bank on your business.

3 benefits of having a custom website:

  • More people can get to know your brand.

    Custom web design will provide you with a very unique presence on the internet. Its style, color scheme, font, and the rest of its components will be highly reflective of your work and personality. The main purpose of having a custom website after all is to have an identity online, something that can relay your services to the world. So, with one that is well-designed, you can express yourself and let people know more about what you do.

  • You can reach your clients and customers more conveniently.

    By being more active on the web, contact and communication with your clients will be so much easier. They just have to use your custom website and they will be granted complete access to your work. Through this, you can reach them a lot better than you did before and they can get in touch with you whenever it is necessary.

  • The business you run will surely improve.

    Everything about custom web design will represent you as a make-up artist and as a business person, which gives you the chance to be very distinctive. People will want to turn to you for your services because of all that you can offer. As a result of reaching more people, your business will be more profitable.

5 reasons why Proweaver can provide you with leading custom web design for make-up artists:

  • Our custom web design services are fast.
  • We can provide you with very affordable websites.
  • With us, your custom website will be easy to find on the web.
  • We will create a custom website that is suitable to mobile devices.
  • Our web designers, graphic artists, and custom care representatives are the best in the industry.
  • We are accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Come to Proweaver now for our exceptional services! We can cater to all of your website needs which is why we are the web design company you can rely on. We can also provide you with a custom web design for make-up artists in only three days. It will be user-friendly and affordable. You can absolutely count on Proweaver for anything.

To receive the finest custom web design for make-up artists, feel free to send us your website layout request. Call us today!



Being a make-up artist is more than just perfecting those brush strokes, deciding which eye shadow color suits best, winging that eye liner flawlessly or refining the best contour in town. As a makeup artist, reputation is everything. The before-after output should always be excellent. Reputation marks quality, professionalism and talent. And this is the nuclear detail on how most clients came to decide in whom, among a sea of make-up artist, deserves to be chosen. In today’s technologically-driven era, a powerful online portfolio is one of the most essential investments you need to consider in your business. When a potential client lands on your website, she should be obliged to click further and book you for her next photo shoot or event.

Now let’s say there are a great number of professional make-up artist websites that exist anywhere on the World Wide Web. But could your website stand out? Will it bring an edge to your career? Having a bare-bones website that only features a grid of your work photos and an email address won’t do miracles for your benefit. But with Proweaver, your website will be your benchmark of success as we’ll highlight your reputation online, gather traffic to your site, entice more clients to your service and bring an edge from your competitors – our custom web design for make-up artists could do all of that!

Of course, creating your own website is a tough job, most especially if you need to start from scratch. You may be very good in beautifying people, but you lack certain technical skills and knowledge in web designing and developing. This could make you feel more challenged and intimidated by such prospect. Luckily, Proweaver is always ready to be on your service. With us, you can immediately focus in beautifying people as we beautify your website too. Our custom web design for make-up artists will always be a good reflection of your reputation. Just like how you decide which eye shadow color suits best for your client, we will also choose the perfect aesthetics for your website. We will choose the right colors, hues, textures, patterns, backgrounds, etc. – just to make your website look and feel more reliable and professional. As a make-up artist, you get to design almost everything. The alpha in you will still be reflected on your website since our custom web designs are tailor-fitted according to your taste, desires and necessities. You have the power to decide which features will be displayed on your site. And since we are building your online portfolio, we can help you create a website that can really stand out online such as:

INCLUSION OF PROFESSIONAL SHOTS. This maybe a no-brainer, but sometimes it can be really tricky. Most make-up artists are simply displaying pictures of full-body and full-face shots of their models. While posting the best shots of a model you’ve recently work with is a nice idea, you will stand out more by enhancing these photos with more technical, professional shots. Close-up pictures can go a long way! You may consider posting close-ups of an eye make-up, eyebrow, lipstick, highlighting and cheek contouring. If you already have a compilation of such professional shots, then the next thing you should do is to display them on your site. But having a photo gallery isn’t going to cut it. In an efficient website portfolio, your displayed works should be staged in an obvious and strategic location. Our team of staffs is creative enough in making sure that your professional shots get to receive an equal amount of attention from all of your viewers.

INCLUSION OF TESTIMONIALS. Your reputation isn’t always perceived by your audiences just through browsing on your professional shots. Because even with an excellent make-up artist template, sometimes your potential clients won’t be convinced enough to book you. A validation from your past clients is a great way to convince them in calling you for an appointment. Proweaver can build you a testimonial page for your past clients to share their happy and satisfying experiences with you. Our custom web designs will ensure that such page will be fully functional and highly responsive to their usage. When other people brag about your skills, it empowers potential clients to surrender themselves to your service. With us, we can let you play around with modules.

MARKET YOUR SERVICE. You’re a freelance makeup artist. And as a freelancer, your career is directed upon your marketing efforts. Having regular bookings would mean more food on your table. Start marketing your freelance makeup artistry service more aggressively by choosing the best web designer that can create an engaging, responsive and professional caliber brochure of your work. And who could that be? Proweaver! Our service is not only limited on our first-class custom web designs. We have a wide array of outstanding services that you can enjoy. We can include a logo, service menu, contact information, powerful content and even a rate sheet. You name it, we’ll build it!

NETWORK. Building a fan base is easier with networking. The more you move out from your shell, the more you meet artist representatives, photographers, producers and modeling agents. This means a greater chance for you to gather more work opportunities. From your website to any other social media, we’ll make it possible for your portfolio to reach several places on the internet through our custom web design for make-up artists.

So start building your online reputation with Proweaver today! Call us now for more information.

Custom Web Design for professionals: I am a Make-Up Artist


What does a make-up artist do? Basically, they are the people who apply make-up to human body, more specifically to the face. Every make-up artist has their own style. They are creative and they are use different techniques. Make-up artists are the ones who will make sure you will look good to whatever place or occasion you’re going to go to. Some of them also do the hairstyling. Some of them work for a film, television, theatre, concerts, photographic sessions or fashion shows.


As a make-up artist, your job is to create the look that the client wants. Most of the time, you work irregular hours depending on the number of clients and most especially, the schedule of clients. You mostly work as freelance for films and TV but some owns their own shop or studio. Most of their clients come from referral also. You have your own physical portfolio that you show to your clients to give them an idea of what look they may want and also to show your previous works.

Competition is stiff in the make-up industry. Sometimes, a make-up artist’s income depends on the people they know. The more people they know, the more people will come to them for a service and the more referral they get. But it shouldn’t stay like that. Proweaver has a way for you to reach out to more people without doing extra effort by travelling. Proweaver will help you show off your talent and skills.

Proweaver offers a custom web design for professional make-up artists like you. We sure will be getting along so well. Like you, Proweaver also has its own portfolio that has hundreds of designs that you can choose from. I’m sure you know how portfolio works. It has all the best but it’s not everything. We at Proweaver offer a wild selection of custom web designs. We understand that make-up artist like you has a lot of artistic side and we sure know that you want your website to have only the best design that will show off that creative side.

Proweaver is your best companion for creativity. We have a team that will satisfy your inventive mind. We have professional web developers and web content writers that will cater everything you need in your customized website. We will also put in a free logo designing for you. Yes, free because everybody loves freebies. We know that time is gold that’s why our team has a zero-delay scheme. Tell us what you want and how you want your custom web design to look and we’ll have it ready for review in just a matter of three days. NO OBLIGATIONS. NO COMMITMENT. NO COST at all.

Proweaver will give you two professionally designed website that you can choose from. If you don’t like what we’ve come up with, you have nothing to worry. Yes, seriously. But we’re sure you’ll love it. We work with efficiency. Quality is our favorite word.

A custom web design for make-up artists is the best way to market what you can do, what you can offer. An online portfolio will reach people that you never thought reachable. You will be searchable. People will find you. Proweaver is your partner in reaching these goals. Even if you have your own website, we will redesign it for you the way you want it to.

Proweaver‘s custom web design for Make-Up Artists is very affordable. There’s no other web design company as low as ours. And not just that, you won’t have to worry for recurring fee because there’s none. The objective of a custom web design is to capitalize on marketing opportunities online. Online market is the widest market there is. It’s an opportunity you cannot just ignore. And Proweaver is offering it you in a very low price.

Proweaver has been in the industry for 8 years and our custom web design services have helped businesses to grow and reach their goals. Be one of those businesses and partner with us. Our customer service representatives are always ready to answer your call and start a custom web design for make-up artist like you. First impressions last. Make an impression to your future clients. Partner with us now. Pick up your phone now. Choose the quality. Choose Proweaver.